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signNow Review


Company: signNow

Background: signNow is an electronic signature tool that utilizes legally-binding digital signatures on electronic documents while enforcing authenticity, non-repudiation, and data integrity. It cuts down the time of manually handling signature-related documents.

Starting Price: $8/mo

Currency: USD

Visit Online: https://www.signnow.com/

Review Summary & Ratings


I have used signNow, and it is easily one of them. The great thing about signNow is that the digital signatures created are legally binding, and the digital signing process is seamless. You get to specify the recipients for whom you need their signatures and customize messages for each. signNow also tracks each document. So, if your tasks involve a lot of signing and sending documents to others for their signatures, signNow could help speed up your work. Manually doing everything can be draining and time-consuming. Your time is better elsewhere.


  • Easy onboarding
  • Clear interface
  • Greater flexibility in creating your signature
  • Easy digital signing process
  • Supports multiple signers
  • Cloud-based
  • Supports mobile devices
  • Free trial (no credit card required)
  • Email notifications


  • Occasionally slow
  • Advanced features are more costly
  • Limited support options
  • No pre-existing templates

What is signNow

signNow is a tool that facilitates individuals and businesses to sign documents digitally; this replaces the cumbersome physical printing, signing of documents, and manually managing them.

However, many shy away from digitally signing documents. They not only find the technology frightening and complicated, but they also feel that the whole process and the legal aspects are in question. 

Fret not, as technological advancement has made things easier and safer. More e-signature tools are readily available now, easy to use, and effective in reducing the workload.

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Pros: What I Liked About signNow

1. Easy Onboarding

Signnow - Onboarding is easy.
Onboarding is easy.

I tried signNow's 7-days free trial and found the steps straightforward. Just click the ‘Free Trial’ on their website and create a free account. Input your email address, password, and name; no need for your credit card information. Then, you have to verify your account by activating it via the link sent in your provided email. You are all set!

2. Clear and Clean User Interface

signNow Dashboard
signNow Dashboard

The dashboard sports a clean feel with an overview of everything in one place, including all the documents in play. You can filter them by status, type, and time. All relevant functions fit well into visible menu bars. At the top of the left panel, you will find the button to upload or create a new document to sign. You can also import documents from the cloud or choose to upload templates.  

The left panel also contains your inbox (you can find any documents pending your action) and your outbox (documents waiting on others to sign). If you find yourself stuck anywhere, there is a built-in chat box where you can access their ‘Help Centre'. 

The other features are also easily accessible. signNow supports web, iOS, and Android devices. 

3. Great Flexibility in Creating Your Signature

‘Draw’ out your signature
‘Draw’ out your signature

You will need to create your signature. Once done, you can reuse this anytime. The instructions are easy to understand, and I found no hassle creating my signature and initials. Once you have typed your name, signNow helps create your initials and handwriting-style signature for you. You have the option to change the style. 

However, if you’re feeling creative, you can manually ‘draw’ your signature via the mouse and save it. I opted for this, and although not perfect, the results were acceptable. This feature is supported by web and mobile devices too. If you need help, there are pop-up tips that guide you along the way. Once you have created your signature and initials, you can get into action. 

4. Straightforward Digital Signing Process

Uploading a document to sign
Uploading a document to sign

Perhaps the most important feature you'd be interested in would be signing a document. An educational tutorial will guide you when you sign your first document. Upload a pre-prepared file ready to sign, then click the “Prepare and Send’ button. signNow will prompt you to add recipients for whom you need their signatures.

Then, you place custom fields in the document via drag and drop (signature, initials, time-stamp, and others); this is where you start creating your template for future use. You also can customise your email messages to the respective recipients. Save and send your invite. It is that simple.

The recipient will receive an email notification inviting them to sign the document by simply clicking the link in the email (your recipients do not need signNow to sign documents on any desktop or mobile devices). You can check the document signing progress via the dashboard. 

I found the overall signing process pleasant and easy. However, I encountered slight delays when waiting for signNow to respond for several steps. A minor setback, but because it occurred often, this annoyed me.

Other features such as zooming in and out of the document, perusing through the document page by page, undoing any signatures, and downloading documents are pretty nifty.

Easy Document Editing

Adding multiple recipients to sign on the document
Adding multiple recipients to sign the document

Once you have uploaded and opened a document, you will find a feast of options you can use. The ‘Edit Recipients’ allows you to invite several signers who need to view, fill or sign the document. The added emails can also be saved as part of this invite’s template later. Also, you get to set the recipient order via the Review and Send page later.

As you go down the list of features, you’ll find many things you can customize your document with, including a ‘Request Attachment' field.

5. Create Teams

Easily create your team for better work collaboration
Easily create your team for better work collaboration

You will find signNow’s ‘Create Team’ helpful, especially if the project you’re working on has many team members. You can create several teams, invite them to share, and sign documents/templates as a team; this helps streamline the relevant workflows for better collaboration.  

6. Saved Templates

Save templates for future use.
Save templates for future use.

You can save templates of documents you have created for use in the future; this saves time and makes the whole signing process more efficient. With signNow, you can reuse these templates as many times as you want.

7. Legally-binding and Secure

The biggest obstacle to using e-signatures is the legal aspect of it. Rest easy as signNow digital signatures are legally binding as they meet the requirements of the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN) Act and Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) in terms of security and authentication. Hence, you are empowered to manage and sign your documents electronically.

Also, signNow utilizes 256-bit encryption for all their data at rest and transfer. There is also a detailed audit trail that captures all document activities. You can opt for the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) method as an additional protection layer for the signer.

signNow complies with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), SOC 2 Type II certification, California Consumers Protection Act of 2018 (CCPA), and others. I am impressed. 

Cons: What I Disliked About signNow

1. Occasional Delays

Although the steps are simple, the loading can sometimes be slow; this throws a hammer your way, especially when in a rush. Overall this is not a deal-breaker as security processes tend to slow things down, but if the software operations could speed up, signNow would be perfect.

2. Limited Support Options

While signNow has live chat support, a quick web form contact, FAQ, and a comprehensive resource center on their website, they do not have phone or email support; this could be a bummer for someone like me who prefers to speak with someone over the phone. 

The reviews on Trustpilot were overall good. However, some complained about missing signatures and documents.  

3. No Pre-existing Templates

signNow does not provide templates that you can use immediately. You will have to build your templates library by creating your own; this can be a hassle as it takes time to do so from scratch and use it. It would be more helpful if signNow already had built-in templates. 

signNow Plans and Pricing 

signNow paid plans
signNow paid plans

signNow's plans start from $8/user/month; this is the Business plan that covers the basic features and includes some pretty nifty ones such as multiple language support, unlimited templates, advanced threat protection, and cloud storage integration, and others. Not bad for the price, especially for starters.

However, you’ll find that the higher-tiered plans come with more features such as personalized branding, signing link invites, and more. If you need an advanced e-signature tool, you may consider the airSlate Business Cloud plan with the full suite of tools. All paid plans allow you up to 10 users for an additional fee per user. 

You can opt for their monthly or annual subscription that will automatically renew on the last day of the subscription period. Also, you can cancel your subscription anytime but before the renewal date.

signNow Alternatives

The eSignature market is popular enough to mean many choices for those in need. signNOW may be excellent at its job, but it faces several strong competitors. Some are big-brand names while others are like signNOW – simply a modern-age solution.

Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign
Adobe Sign is easy to use, secure and works with any file format.

Adobe Sign is one of the fastest ways to get your contracts signed. It works with any device and operating system so you can use it in your office or on the go. It integrates with Microsoft Office 365 and Salesforce CRM to make it easy to create, send and track documents within your existing business process.


Eversign is easy to use and free to try.

Eversign allows you to create documents, request signatures, and track signers in one place. If you're looking for a free document signing service, Eversign is the best choice. Paid plans extend features and allow you to work with teams.

Panda Doc

Panda Doc
The overall system of Panda Doc is straightforward to use, thanks to a drag-and-drop interface.

Panda Doc is a document creation platform that enables users to create and edit documents. It also includes an eSignature component, significantly extending its usefulness.

Verdict: Is signNow for Me?

When it comes to e-signing documents, signNow is a reliable tool with all the security and legality features. So, if you need to have forms signed and tracked, signNow is a solid choice. The features are comprehensive enough and can fit into many existing workflows. Also, signNow's pricing is competitive, especially with the range of features offered. 

However, if you only sign documents occasionally, you may want to rethink this if the $8/user/month could be an overkill. That said, there are some who are firm believers in using legally binding e-signatures despite this. If you are one of them, you could find signNow a solid option. After all, it is reasonably priced and packed with features.

Visit signNow to learn more.

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