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Outgrow: Boost Conversion Rates by up to 40%

Outgrow was founded by Pratham Mittal and Randy Rayess. It is essentially a marketing toolkit that specializes in designing customized and interactive content pieces for your online presence. Today, Outgrow caters to businesses across the board, ranging from finance, healthcare, real estate, insurance, marketing agencies, fitness, health and others.

Mittal founded Newsance, a Wharton VIP company, organized the inaugural Hack the Change Hackathon and worked at the Host Committee. Rayess has always been passionate about remote work, outsourcing and software development. He worked in technology, investing in SilverLake Partners, in machine learning as well as in payments. 

Screenshot of Outgrow.co Homepage (visit here).

Interactive vs Static Content

Static content aka passive content, is when the content does not change and is not updated often. Whereas interactive content is when the intended audience interacts with the content itself.

Interactive content is powerful and is the way of the future as it establishes a meaningful connection with the audience. This engages them to stay longer and increases the probability of the audience reaching the results page.

Unlike Ads, interactive content helps to build trust with the audience, thus adding real value to the sales cycle. It makes your audience feel important and valuable, leading to higher conversion rates. Inherently, this can be viral with minimal effort. In addition to this, it can also provide you with more social proof, adding to your online presence authority. Using interactive content is a great way to boost your SEO rankings and at the same time, you get better data collection.

What You Can do With Outgrow

Build interactive content (quiz, calculator, assessment form) easily using Outgrow's pre-built templates and web-base editor. For review and testing purposes, we created this choose a host quiz using Outgrow.

Outgrow helps you to obtain, qualify and engage leads by their easy-to-build personalized quizzes, calculators, assessments, recommendations, polls, even chatbots. You may not need developers or designers. 

It already has a host of design templates which are fully optimized for mobile, desktop, and tablet. They are easily embeddable into your advertising, websites, mobile apps, social media, SMS, existing Sales and Marketing tools and email communications as well.

The development studio solution focuses on the following key areas:

Content Marketing

  • Audience targeting, 
  • Brand Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Categorization/Grouping
  • Conversion tracking
  • Distribution management
  • Multichannel Publishing
  • SEO Management
  • Video Management

Lead Generation

  • Lead Capture 
  • Lead Database Integration
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Lead Scoring
  • Lead Segmentation
  • Prospecting Tools

The Smart Builder tool helps accelerate the whole development cycle to within minutes. You can easily and quickly craft the questions and options you want with this user-friendly intuitive interface. 

Templates and layouts have been optimized for better conversion rates. The look and feel can be customized to bring out your brand. Users can create customizable lead forms and call to action for websites too. 

Outgrow also deploys powerful Analytics and Users Funnel to help identify patterns and drop-off points to help increase your conversion rates. You can build in your required logic, to craft different paths for your respondents, based on their responses. 

By building in Conditional Messaging, you can show result-specific messages to make your calculators and quizzes more personalized and thus more meaningful. With the Graphs and Charts functionality, you can build dynamic charts based on user input. This is useful for you to better understand your audience. 

Outgrow widgets allow users to calculate their return on investment (ROI), savings, percentages and discounts can be embedded into users’ websites, blogs even in popups. Users can also choose to send personalized marketing emails through Outgrow. 

Key Benefits

The challenge has always been to get your audience to engage with your content and then successfully convert it to a qualified lead. Outgrow helps you with this. There are more than 300 pre-made content pieces and funnels that help improve conversions. 

With their many tools, Outgrow provides easy-to-analyse insights into the rich customer data, so you can easily track visits, conversions and traffic from across all channels.

Outgrow analytics
Demo: We created a 7-step quiz to help WHSR users choose a web host using Outgrow. Screenshots show the user engagement metrics.

1. Increase Conversions and Improve Your ROI

Outgrow is a tool that helps to better attract, engage and acquire leads by giving personalized solutions that could melt even the cold leads. It is proven to bring in, on average, a 30-40% conversion rate, compared to the 8-10% for landing pages and 2-3% for website forms.

Various pre-made templates suitable for a range of industries have been rigorously tested and optimized for higher conversion rate. All you need to do is change the questions, make tweaks here and there to sync with your brand and goals. Your interactive content can be ready in minutes and can be published with no hassles.

2. Improve Audience Engagement

Quizzes, calculators and assessments help engage your audience in a more targeted manner. These add real value as such personalized solutions tend to do and empower users with information they need to make necessary decisions.

3. Gain Greater Customer Insights

When Outgrow receives a response, it saves this data to help you analyse better and segment your customers into different categories. This information is particularly useful when you want to do smart retargeting and effective conversions.

4. Fully Optimized for Mobile, Desktop and Tablet 

Outgrow can easily be embedded into anywhere, namely websites, Ads, pop-ups, chatbots, mobile apps, social media and emails. The integration into Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin is also easy and seamless. They offer integrations with over 1000+ sales, marketing, and analytics tools too.

5. Good Support

Throughout the whole journey in building your interactive content, there are many tips on the dashboard and also multiple short videos to assist you. In addition to that, their service staff is both professional and proactive.

6. User Experience

The hardest thing to face about any new tool is learning curve. This can be very hard for many vendors to overcome. Outgrow has managed its User Experience (UX) admirably thanks to their use of gamification. This makes it more of an adventure to explore rather than a challenge that needs to be overcome.

Outgrow Isn’t Perfect

Although Outgrow has proven itself to be robust and worthy, there are still some areas that could use some improvement.

1. Price

Outgrow's available plans could be deemed as pricey for some, especially smaller business owners. The customized layout option only comes with more expensive plans. Perhaps Outgrow can look into different plans catering to businesses of different business sizes.

Even for those who are willing to buy into their plans, it is likely to cause outrage that an Essentials plan which costs $95/month will still have Outgrow branding. I've seen many other service providers who remove this branding for far less. One example of this is Typeform, which removes its branding at the Premium Plan ($70/month)

Outgrow pricing – entry level package starts at $14 per month and goes all the way up to $600 per month.

2. Support

Although the support system included is great and much explanation was given throughout the journey of creating interactive content, when it came to the more detailed and advanced assistance, things can get quite confusing. 

3. CRM Integration 

The integration process could be complicated especially during the installation. Field mapping could be made a lot clearer and less confusing.

4. Bugs Do Still Exist

While I don't mean this in any major way encountered so far, I have noticed that the Quiz / Form editor could be improved. While trying to use it, errors cropped up from time. Normally errors can be annoying, but these completely wiped out some work and made me have to repeat the entire creation process.

Outgrow has Helped Customer Experience Success

Success Case #1: VenturePact

VenturePact is a software development company that has a valuable marketplace to help businesses find and engage developers and designers. They were able to generate 11,592 qualified leads, 40% conversion rate and increase traffic by 15%, by using an interactive calculator with Outgrow.

VenturePact initially designed an inbound strategy that included blogs, ebooks, search engine optimization and social media, all closely knitted well together. Although these resulted in an increase in engagement over time, the results were not satisfactory as they were not sufficient to help them maintain a high growth rate. 

They opted for interactive content. So they built a mobile App Interactive Calculator where a prospective client could answer 9 questions about their App and then obtain an estimated cost almost instantly. Venturepact used Outgrow to create a simple and attractive landing page for their calculator. The landing page had a really high-conversion rate with a click-through rate of 66%. 

The lead generation form before the results page was displayed, had a built-in virality factor as it not only asked for the user’s email but also those whom the user wished to recommend the calculator to. This led to a conversion rate of a staggering 40%. On top of this, the Results page was clear and concise with real-time results. There was also an onward call to action on this page where around 4% of the users actually went through to the company website.

Since the calculator was a very useful tool to many, people actually shared it on social media and boosted the company’s word-of-mouth traffic. News has it that VenturePact is working with Outgrow to launch 3 new calculators in future, namely to estimate costs for design work, security budgets and WordPress website development effort. 

Success Case #2: Get Paid for Your Pad (GPYP)

GPYP’s business is to help property owners become expert AirBnB hosts. They were able to garner 800+ conversions at a 41% rate with a stellar 60% completion rate by building an interactive assessment with Outgrow to help Airbnb hosts better understand how well their listing was performing. 

GPYP, relied heavily on paid searches and some Facebook advertising to drive traffic to a lead generation form on the website. However, the nature of the AirBnB industry required something more on a personal level to help with sales. So, GPYP turned to something more interactive than just a static form. They needed more insight from the clients into the host’s AirBnB profile, so they could customize the follow up emails to make them more personal and relevant to the prospects.

GPYP then built an interactive Assessment by using Outgrow’s interactive content platform with the available pre-made templates and Codeless Editor. It was ready in a couple of hours with no need of hiring designers and developers. All 9 questions in the Assessment could easily be answered with no typing required, as they were all dropdowns, multiple choice and sliders questions. Majority completed this. 

Just before the results page was displayed, the Assessment displayed a form that required them to fill in necessary information. This form had optimal lead generation as a 40% conversion rate was registered and 60% of people who started the quiz actually completed and reached the last page. GPYP is now looking into building 3 more projects with Outgrow. 


Interactive content offers an opportunity to help differentiate your brand and engage your audience better. Now that you know that interactive content is that powerful and is the way of the future, if you’re a content marketer, won’t you instantly want to jump onto the Outgrow bandwagon and get started? 

Creating interactive content has never been so easy, now that Outgrow is here. If you want to deliver the right content to the right people at the right opportune time, then Outgrow is your answer.

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