My Quick Review on GetResponse

Updated: Feb 10, 2017 / Article by: Jerry Low

By now, pretty much every corporation in America (and most developed countries) has placed email marketing at the cornerstone of the marketing strategy. As technology has evolved for conducting these email campaigns, the options have opened up to marketers in the form of countless programs, making the decision making and evaluation process difficult.

I recently tried GetResponse, an email marketing program that – per the company’s website – is “the World’s Easiest Email Marketing Platform.”

I say that I’ll be the judge of that…

GetResponse Features Review

GetResponse does have a great collection of features – the roster boasts a visual email editor (a must-have for most marketing folks to design on the front end), Web form creator, landing page creator, and free images library. Marketing professionals will be drawn to the landing page creator and free image library which is powered by iStock photo, while the tech folks will appreciate the Web form creator (no more marketing requests to the tech department!).

Additional features include an autoresponder, RSS-to-email functionality, social media metrics, and more.

GetResponse Features List

On paper, it sounds like the perfect platform – there’s something for everyone. In reality, there isn't too much to shout about – I’d rank my overall experience as fairly good.

My Overall Experience: Not Bad, But Could be Better

More than not, the features worked just fine, but I found the Web form creator to be pretty buggy and user-unfriendly. I mean, I may not be Bill Gates, but I know my way around an email marketing program… and this Web form creator just didn’t do the trick. Considering that this is one of the top-billed features, I found it a bit disappointing (you might also want to read David's view in this Aweber vs GetResponse vs MailChimp comparison).

Good thing is that the company is launching new features regularly hence the situation is probably going to be fixed soon.

That said, there were a handful of things that I did like about the program.

Features I like #1: Pricing

Compared to other competitive programs, such as Aweber or Mail Chimp, the pricing was quite reasonable. See table below for reference.

Services< 500 Subscribers501 – 1,000 Subscribers1,001 – 1,050 Subscribers1,051-1,150 Subscribers
* Price based on sending unlimited emails per month, one-year subscription.

GetResponse Time Travel Feature

Features I like #2Time Travel Feature

I also like the Time Travel feature which ensures that your scheduled message reaches the recipients at the right time – wherever they are located in the world.

For example, many email programs will allow you to set your send time – but it sends based on your time zone. This means that while your local recipient will receive your message at 9 a.m. as intended, your international recipient receives it at 3 a.m… and that your message is already buried by the time they get to the office in the morning.

GetResponse’s Time Travel feature remedies this issue so that your recipients receive the message at the time you intended – no matter where they are located.

Features I like #3Analytics

GetResponse’s email analytics were also rather impressive (see image below). The built-in analytics is quite in-depth, allowing users to conduct their own A/B testing to find out which version of an email generates better results.

GetResponse Statistics

Conclusion: Is GetResponse A Go?

The bottom line? The positives definitely outweigh the negatives for this program.

The price is right and there are some great features that truly help to improve the campaign. For additional information about GetResponse, check out

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