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  • Updated: Dec 03, 2009

A new version of Pingdom iPhone app has just released. As expected by many experienced webmasters, the new Pingdom iPhone app 2.0 now comes with push notifications – where you’ll get instant alert on your iPhone when your site goes down.

Push Notifications on Pingdom iPhone app 2.0

Here’s the quick print screen to show how the iPhone app works.

Pingdom iPhone App with Push Notifications

Uptime in graphical view

Also, the new Pingdom iPhone apps added a couple of graphical tweaks. Users (both free and paid accounts) can now examine website uptime and response time trend directly from their iPhones. As you can see from figures below, graphs are shown in various date range.

Pingdom iPhone App with graphical tweak

How much does Pingdom iPhone app cost?

This application is totally free if you have a Pingdom account (which can be created for free as well).

However, the free account allows you to monitor one website only. To go further, you will need to purchase a Basic or Business Account. The Basic membership allows you to monitoring five websites concurrently at the cost of $9.95/mo; while for Business Account, users get to monitor 30 websites and receive up to 200 sms alerts for a price of $39.95/mo.

Sidenote: What exactly Pingdom does?

In layman term, Pingdom is like a watchdog for your website. The service monitors websites and servers from multiple locations on the Internet to make sure that they are working fine. Pingdom are often used to monitor uptime for websites, FTP servers, mail servers, as well as any other kind of services that should be accessible from the Internet.

Do note that I do not receive any credits from Pingdom writing this post. It’s just because that I am very impressed with their service and think you should at least give the free account a try.

Get the Pingdom iPhone app (App Store link).

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