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9 Best Website IP Checker Tools

Check website ip address

Looking for a way to perform a website IP lookup? Good news! This article is going to tell you about the easiest ways to do it. You’ll also learn about the benefits of using website IP checker tools and discover how they can help optimize your portal for search engines.

Sounds interesting? Then, read on.

Website IP Lookup Tools

There are myriads of website IP checker services out there. Each one can easily answer a question: “Who is hosting this portal?”.

However, some services offer some extra insight.

Here is the list of some of the most popular IP checkers services that definitely deserve your attention. Let’s dive in!

1. WHSR Tool


One of the most convenient ways to look up any IP address is to run a domain name through the WHSR Tool. It’ll provide you with precisely that, along with details of the site that could prove a surprising read.

2. WhatIsMyIPAddress


We’re starting this list with a basic (and free) IP lookup tool. Contrary to what the name states,  What Is My IPAddress can check any website.

All you need to do is to enter the hostname (domain address) into the bar and click on “Lookup IP Address.” You’ll get IPv4 and IPv6 information in an instant.

Click on one of the provided addresses to get more detailed stats about a domain. It contains the website’s hostname, ASN, ISP, type of IP (static or dedicated), as well as other geolocation information. There’s even a comment section for each domain.

3. DNS Checker

DNS Checker

DNS Checker is a simple and useful tool for website IP lookup with extra functionality. It also allows you to see DNS and location data collected from various servers all over the world.

Just enter the address of a website you want to check. The tool will show you who is hosting this domain from over 25 DNS servers. It can help you to see if any countries can’t access a particular domain. You can also add custom DNS servers to test specific regions.

Additionally, there is a very hand IP location lookup. It allows you to see the exact geolocation of the domain, as well as provides you with exhaustive info (for example, latitude, longitude, and ISP). 

The best part – DNS Checker is extremely easy to use and absolutely free.

4. Domain IP Lookup

Domain IP Lookup (Small SEO Tools)

Domain IP Lookup Tool is another fantastic free service made by Small SEO Tools. It’s a bulk checker that allows you to quickly check several website’s IP addresses simultaneously.

Enter up to 10 domain addresses and press “Domain IP Lookup” to get access to the necessary info in a moment. The tool shows the exact location, time zone, ISP, and the domain’s owner contact info.

You can make use of this service to help you with search engine optimization as well. How? It can find IP addresses of websites that are linked to your portal by Google’s search engine. Then, you can disavow links to irrelevant or harmful sites, which can improve your search engine ranking.

5. IP Checker

IP Checker

Want to learn about the origin of dangerous or undesirable emails to block them? With IP Checker by Geotek IT-Outsourcing, you can easily find out the location, owner, and provider of any domain, website, or IP address.

This tool shows ARIN and WHOis contact data for any platform (no matter where it’s located). Aside from IP lookup, this site has other useful functionality. It includes a virus scanner, TCP/UDP port checker, and even REST API for geolocation data inquiries. You can check all of these tools at no cost.

6. IP Address

IP Address

IP Address is a reliable and easy-to-use IP tracer. This tool can quickly gather IP information about any website. And no, we didn’t misspell the name.

You can enter the name of the host, website’s address, or IP address to get access to various info about a portal. You’ll get data about the host location, ASN, and ISP info, as well as detailed DNS resource records. We should also mention that this website IP checker is available free of charge. You don’t even need to register an account.

7. SecurityTrails


SecurityTrails is a premium website IP checker tool with limited free functionality. It provides exhaustive data about domain and IP history with records that go many years into the past.

The tool can be used via the web-interface, as well as by API. SecurityTrails provides a full report just a moment after you enter the name of the domain that interests you. There’s also the IP Neighboring feature – a very handy tool for website owners who want to learn about other sites sharing the same IP address.

For a monthly subscription, you can avail of enterprise-level functionality, which includes the OSINT tool. It allows you to check and correlate IP, domain, and DNS data. You can even automate this process using SecurityTrails API.

8. IP Void

IP Void

IP Void is a simple tool for checking the website IP address. However, there’s some extra functionality that you might find worthwhile.

By the way, IP Void offers plenty of other helpful features for website owners. For example, you should try WHOis and Reverse DNS lookup. Some tools can help you boost SEO (like IP backlink checker). It’s worth mentioning that all of these features are free.

9. Who.is


With Who.is, you can access various domain information by performing standard and a reverse IP lookup. Also, you can check information about the portal’s owner, provider, and discover their contact addresses. 

This free service has other useful tools and functions. For example, it allows you to look into the site’s DNS records and perform a ping (network) diagnostics.

Looking to obtain a new domain name? As an icing on the cake, you can use Who.is to see domains that are available for purchase.

Benefits of IP Lookup

As you might know, there’s more than one way to access a website. You can do it either by its domain name or by the IP address. Surprisingly, many Internet marketers underestimate the importance of making sure the portal is equally easy to visit using both ways.

It requires no advanced technical skills to find IP address of a website. And using proper IP checker tools can help you with search engine optimization.

Wondering how basic IP checkers can help you boost SEO? What other benefits can you get out of domain lookup? Let’s see!

They Help to Disavow Irrelevant Sites

Search engines like Google tend to link your portal with related IP addresses. If these sites are fraudulent or irrelevant, it could negatively impact your site’s search engine rankings. With some IP lookup tools, you can find out about harmful or irrelevant platforms linked to your platform. Afterward, all you have to do is disavow these sites and links using one of the available online tools.

IP Canonicalization

IP checkers can help with ensuring that the domain name and IP resolve to the same website address (this process is called “IP canonicalization”). If you don’t make your domain and IP resolve to the same URL, then search engines can split your site’s traffic between multiple pages. In turn, it сould negatively affect your SERP.

Security Boost

You can block fraudulent websites and malware-infested sites, as well as unwanted emails. That way, you can improve your computer’s security.

Access to Information About The Portal’s Owner

Many services offer in-depth data about the website’s owner. That includes his geolocation and contact information. You can use this info to reach them out (for example, to get backlinks or arrange marketing plans).

How to Perform Website IP Lookup

There are numerous ways to perform a website IP check-up. One of the methods is using Command Prompt and another way is using Website IP checker tools

Command Prompt (Windows, Linux, Mac)

Every operating system has a command prompt that you can use to perform a website IP lookup. It requires almost no skills and takes only a couple of steps.

Let’s look at how it works on the most popular OS.

  1. Open the Command Prompt on Windows (“Command Shell” – for Linux; “Network Utility” – on Mac).
  2. Enter the following commands:
    • For Windows: Type in “ping,” the website address, add “-t” (with spaces between each part of the command). It should look like: ping google.com -t. Then, press “Enter.”
    • For Mac: Click on the “Traceroute” section and enter the website address.
    • For Linux: Like on Windows, type “ping” and enter the domain URL to perform a quick website IP lookup.

Website IP Checker Tools

There’s another way to perform standard and reverse IP lookup. To get access to additional information, including DNS info and historical IP records, you can avail of various website IP checker tools and services that are available online.

We think that’s the easiest and fastest way to find out the necessary information about the location and owner of the majority of online platforms. As you can see from the list above, there’s a considerable number of services like this on the Internet, both free and paid.


Website IP checker tools offer the easiest and most practical way to acquire information about any domain. And, as you can see, even the free services can benefit ordinary users and website owners. 

Need to learn about a domain owner, block unwanted sites (emails), or boost your portal’s SEO? Then, make use of the website IP lookup tools we mentioned above.

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