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16 Document Collaboration Tools for Remote Teams

Document collaboration tools can help your business save money, boost revenue, and improve team productivity.

And I'm not making this up. One Forrester study says collaboration tools add up to $247,500 in productivity benefit to 100-person teams who earn $40 to $60 an hour. In an interview in March 2020 with Javier Soltero, G Suite boss, Google's G Suite which includes Google Docs had reached over 2 billion active monthly users by the end of 2019.

Since document editing takes center stage for teams, I will provide you with 15 document collaboration tools for your remote team in this article. So, you'll always have options.

I've helped you eliminate decision paralysis by sharing the features to look for when deciding on the best document collaboration tool for your team. Come with me.

1. Google Docs

Google Docs

Google Docs is your go-to document collaboration tool if you're big on simplicity. It's easy to use and provides seamless real-time document collaboration from any location.

You can share and work on documents with team members by sending document links to them. 

You can also determine who can access documents and in what capacity—as viewer, editor, or commenter.

Google Docs Key Features

Some standout features you'd love about Google docs:

  • Google Docs works on any device
  • Automatically saves latest edits
  • Offline availability for your remote team
  • In-built assistive features like autocorrects, predictive text, and voice typing.
  • Ability to tag team members to documents and leave comments or suggestions in real-time.
  • Add-on capability. Explore other apps and extensions simultaneously with Google docs.

Google Docs Pricing

The free version of Google Docs is feature-loaded. Also, you enjoy ten other Google Workspace tools. 

But, for more storage space on the cloud, 24/7 customer support, and a significant number of users, upgrade to any of the robust business packages starting at $6 monthly.

2. ClickUp


ClickUp assures users of saving one day weekly by simply using this collaboration tool. Specifically, the tool's document collaboration feature, ClickUp Docs, allows you and your team to create and collaborate on docs or wikis

ClickUp Key Features

  • Unique document formatting features. Add branded bookmarks, nested pages, or styles of your choice to documents.
  • Document tracker for real-time edits.
  • Synchronized workflow. Assign and monitor document projects from one place.
  • Notepad for team members to take notes or create to-do lists.

How Much Does It Cost to Use ClickUp?

Enjoying every free feature on ClickUp and tons of unlimited privileges will cost a small team $5 per member per month. 

The larger your team size, the more expensive ClickUp gets.

3. Confluence


Confluence is knowledge management and project collaboration tool transforming how remote teams work. You can create, distribute, and discuss work with team members from the planning stage to execution.

Confluence Key Features

  • The page tree feature allows you to find and arrange documents easily using labels
  • Over 75 document template options
  •  Built-in document structuring into pages and spaces (containing pages)
  • Interactive functions like in-line comments, GIFs, emojis, and edit highlights
  • Real-time notifications and updates on assigned tasks and tagged members
  • Helpful macros to automatically create tables of content and document highlights

What is The Price of Confluence?

The free version of Confluence supports ten users only. And it's for online use only.

Confluence offers three scalable plans. Standard, premium, and enterprise packages start at $5.50 monthly. 

Confluence lets you onboard up to 20,000 users and access tons of exciting features in its paid version.

4. airSlate


airSlate is an all-in-one document workflow automation solution that allows for efficient remote collaboration between teams. You able to create, manage and automate team workflows remotely using a variety of capabilities – document generation,  no-code automation, third-party integrations, and more.

airSlate Key Features

  • Use airSlate's Flow templates or create new workflows from scratch
  • Offers a secure and compliant enterprise-grade eSignature
  • No-code workflow automation
  • Enjoy built-in integrations with popular productivity apps, CRM and ERP systems, without leaving their workspace.

How Much Does It Cost to Use airSlate?

airSlate offers a Free plan with full access to each Flow that is limited to 30 days after account creation.

The Basic plan costs $30 for Creator/month and offers all the functionality needed to automate business workflows, with no limits for access to airSlate.

The Business Cloud plan costs $50 for Creator/month and gives access to the whole suite of airSlate's digital transformation tools in a single business platform.

5. Quip


Quip's developers built it to solve the needs of sales teams. The tool fosters business growth and enables users to create sales plans and collaborate through the sales process.

Quip Key Features

  • Allows teams to add spreadsheets to documents
  • Editable document templates 
  • Accessible on multiple device types
  • Group chat feature and 1 to 1 messaging to allow interactivity

How Much Does Quip Cost?

Users must opt for a paid version of Quip once the free trial period is over to continue to enjoy basic features.

Quip starter plan costs only $10 monthly per user. And depending on your need, you can upgrade to the advanced option for $100 monthly.

6. Zoho Docs

Zoho Docs

Zoho Docs is a secure collaboration tool and a native component of the Zoho suite of business tools. Users can create, edit, collaborate and save documents online. 

Zoho Docs Key Features

  • Cloud storage makes document retrieval easy and fast
  • Ability to organize documents into folders and subfolders
  • File synchronization on cloud
  • In-app chat feature to communicate while working on a document
  • Password documents  to protect sensitive content
  • Brandable admin control platforms

Zoho Docs Premium Offers and Drawbacks

Zoho docs limits file upload sizes for every plan you choose. 

But the paid version allows you to upload larger file sizes up to 25GB at a time, costing only $6.4 monthly. 

7. Onlyoffice


Onlyoffice is a powerful tool that enables collaborators to work on documents, spreadsheets, forms, and presentations from anywhere. 

Key Features of Onlyoffice

  • Customizable document editors and logos
  • 24/7 professional support
  • Supports multiple file types
  • Cloud and self-hosted versions
  • MS Office compatibility

Onlyoffice Pricing

The community version of Onlyoffice is free. But to gain a lifetime license and enjoy optimized features for enterprises and developers, costs range from $1200 to $7000. 

8. Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is among the most popular document processing tools online. But the latest web version in the Microsoft 365 suite includes features for easy team collaboration.

Microsoft Word Key Features

  • Autosave capabilities.
  • Instant document translation to different languages
  • Live editing
  • Comments
  • mobile-friendly

How Much Does Microsoft Word Cost?

You'll need a full Microsoft 365 subscription to unlock Microsoft Word online version. Its plans start at $6 monthly and afford you 1TB of cloud space.

9. Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper is a free document collaboration tool. And you can edit, share and complete project documents with it. 

Key Features of Dropbox Paper

  • Add meeting notes and assign to-dos to team members
  • Third-party app integration like Pinterest and youtube
  • Annotations 
  • 30+ document templates 
  • Timeline tracking feature

What Is The Cost of Dropbox Paper?

Paper is free and it's only available online and attached to Dropbox. So it's not a standalone tool.

10. Bit.ai

Bit.ai is a feature-rich, intelligent document collaboration platform designed for 21st-century teams.

Bit.ai Key Features

  • Automatic document formating
  • Guest access to a document
  • Customized documents
  • real-time document tracking
  • Internal and external wikis
  • Supports 100+ document types

Bit.ai Pricing

Bit.Ai only allows five users on the free version. After that, upgrade to pro or business plans starting from $8 per user monthly. 

11. Box Collaboration

Document Collaboration Tools Remote Teams

Box Collaboration is a simple document collaboration tool for quickly reviewing, organizing, and sharing documents on the cloud. 

Key Features

  • Whiteboard feature with Box canvas
  • Automated workflow
  • 1500+ apps integrations
  • Expert technical support
  • Cloud-based tool
  • Unlimited e-signatures

How Much Does It Cost to Use Box?

File and team size limitation exists, and no free version. But there's a free trial period before subscribing for at least $15 monthly. 

12. Notion

Notion is a customizable document collaboration tool. You can set up your dashboard to serve peculiar organizational needs.

Notion Key Features

  • Admin control tools  
  • Unlimited team members (for a fee)
  • Document, wikis, and notes collaboration
  • Unique API
  • Guests and advanced permissions

How Much Does It Cost To Use Notion?

Notion's free version doesn't support team collaboration. A special package to cater to your team's needs costs $10 monthly.

13. Document360

Document360 is a knowledge base collaboration software. SaaS teams find Document360 useful. 

Key Features of Document360

  • Autosave previous document versions
  • Supports technical documentation
  • Knowledge base assistant
  • Third-party app integration and extensions

Document360 Pricing

Document360 costs $99 per project for its least subscription plan. Unless your team needs the fantastic features of Document360, you can avoid this expense.

14. Monday Workdocs

Monday Workdocs adds fun to regular document collaboration with an easy-to-use intuitive interface and automated workflow.

Monday Workdocs Key Features

  • Real-time engine for 100+ collaborators 
  • Autosave documents
  • Drag and drop functionality for easy editing
  • Live comments, task assignments, and checklist creation
  • Mobile and desktop versions are available

Monday Workdocs Offers and Drawbacks

Monday Workdocs is a product by Monday.com and requires payment for the entire software to enjoy. 

Only two users are allowed on the free version. Monday.com starts from $24 monthly upwards, depending on the number of team members. 

15. Filecamp

Top global brands like Unilever, Konica Minolta, Kia, Heineken, and BMW Group use Filecamp to edit, manage, and approve files in real-time.

Filecamp Key Features

  • Easy file sharing
  • Archive for older document versions
  • Custom branding feature
  • Top security due to reliable HTTPS technology
  • Controlled access to documents
  • Unlimited users

Filecamp Pricing

Plans start from $29, but you'd have to pay for extra storage separate from your subscription fee if you need more space.

16. Filestage

Filestage is a document collaboration tool that allows you and your team to collaborate, review and comment on documents from a single platform.

Filestage Key Features

  • Annotations and feedback function
  • Ability to share any file format
  • Unlimited guests invitation
  • One-click document approval
  • App integrations

Filestage Pricing

Small teams must pay $95 monthly to utilize Filestage. And can only access 75GB space plus one project template. 

Key Features to Look for In Your Document Collaboration Tool

Live Editor

Your ideal document collaboration tool should enable real-time editing by team members. Everyone can access the document simultaneously and make changes to the same document. The edits, comments, and suggestions are reflected instantly in the document.

Large Cloud Storage Space

Consider the storage space needs of your project before choosing any document collaboration tool. If your project needs a lot of space and the storage space is limited, you need to consider switching to another provider.

Autosave Feature

The autosave function preserves your latest edits and older document history and protects you from the event of a loss. You won't need to save the document manually after making any changes.

Real-time Document Tracker

You should be able to track changes made to documents by any team member in real-time. You may receive a notification to update you about the changes without viewing the document.

Supports Multiple Document Types

Some document collaboration tools do not support specific document formats. It slows down productivity when you need to convert the document to a supported format. You want a collaboration tool that supports as many document formats as possible.

Offline Access

Your chosen document collaboration tool should provide offline functionality. If you have no Internet connection, you can work on the go. You can still edit or view the document even if you are disconnected.


Ensure the document collaboration tool is available on mobile devices for seamless work. You can edit the document on your laptop and send it over to the team members who view it on their mobile devices.

Version History

Documents that support version history enable you to track who made changes even when you're away and restore any document versions if necessary. Versioning also ensures you can revert the document to any previous versions after new changes.

Final Words

All the document collaboration tools mentioned above can help you meet your team's needs. You can improve unit communication and increase team productivity while saving time and resources with the help of these document collaboration tools. 

Consider investing in paid versions of your preferred tool to get the best offerings. Your team will thank you for it. 

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