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11 Alternatives to DocuSign (Free & Paid)

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DocuSign supports more than 1,000,000 paying customers today.

DocuSign’s contribution as a pioneer in eSignature technology is undisputed. The vendor today maintains a solid market share lead of 45%. Yet, no product is perfect, and options abound for those who may prefer an alternative to DocuSign.

The “one size fits all” approach is waning in today's agile economy. It’s become increasingly challenging for individual products to meet the needs of the many new business segments and models.

For those who feel that way when looking at what DocuSign offers, here are some excellent alternatives.

1. signNow

You can now try signNow for free – no credit card required > click here.

Price: From $8 per month

signNow isn’t your run-of-the-mill eSignature service. It's a complete document workflow management system with document templates, eSigning, editing, team collaboration, and API integration.

It targets the business segment and offers a highlight of legally binding signatures. With its ease of use and streamlined workflow, signNow is a strong DocuSign contender. The eSignature part of signNow is called airSlate.

airSlate allows more than simple eSignatures. You can create documents with specific fields (even for formulae), validate field input, plus send them for eSigning from within the system. You can even send documents as a link, a simple feature many competitors ignore. 

signNow Pricing and Plans

signNow starts at a low price of only $8/mo/user for the use of most essential features. Those needing more (like custom fields, formatting, and validation) must consider their upper tier of plans. 

2. Eversign


[tag] Price: Free / From $9.99 per month

Eversign is a cloud-based eSignature tool that helps businesses manage legally binding documents. It can help you prepare, sign, and deliver documentation with minimum fuss. The simple tool includes a document editor, contact management utilities, and in-person signing. 

Simplicity at Eversign starts with its built-in contract and form templates. You can customize these quickly using pre-filled text, drop-down menus, and checkboxes. As you build and sign documents, they can be delivered directly from the platform.

One notable Eversign feature is signature authentication via SMS. This system provides an extra layer of security to ensure that only intended recipients can open documents. It’s ideal for business use.

Eversign is available on multiple devices via the web and comes with extensive app integration. You can use Eversign with popular document storage or management systems like Dropbox and Google Docs. 

Eversign Pricing and Plans

The most basic form of Eversign is free to use and can be considered a lifetime trial. You are limited to five documents per month and 2 SMS credits. Paid plans start at $9.99/mo and are necessary if you need more features like app integration and unlimited document signing. 

3. Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign

[tag] Price: From $9.99/mo

Offering top-notch products, Adobe is a well-known and respected global brand. Adobe's signature tool, Sign, is an extension of Acrobat Reader. While it may not be as comprehensive as DocuSign, Adobe Sign is perfect for those already vested in the Adobe ecosystem.

Adobe’s cloud-based platform safeguards documents by implementing vigorous security measures. These measures are so comprehensive that they provide an entire white paper outlining everything from data flow to vulnerability management.

The tool has an advantage over DocuSign in the context of customization. Adobe Sign’s simple and intuitive menu is a cheaper alternative that allows access to customized branding features. It’s also more easily accessible thanks to robust multi-lingual support.

Adobe Sign Pricing and Plans

Adobe Sign doesn’t offer a free plan. Basic features are available on its Standard DC plan at $12.99/mo and include document signing. Advanced features like document comparison, redacting information, and editable documents are available on Pro DC for $14.99/mo.

4. PandaDoc


[tag] Price: Free / From $19 per month

PandaDoc started in 2011 as a cloud-based document management system for document workflow automation. It was handy for sales and marketing team document management. The product has since come a long way and offers much-extended functionality. 

PandaDoc isn’t all about eSignatures. It helps streamline document creation and editing. Of course, unlimited legally binding eSignatures come as part of the package. Also available document uploads, even on the free version.

One area where PadnaDoc shines is in its analytics. You get in-the-moment information and a dashboard providing performance summaries for your documentation. 

PandaDoc Plans and Pricing

PandaDoc’s free plan is sufficient for users that only require unlimited legally binding eSignatures and document uploads. Paid plans start from $19/mo and include rich media handling, document analytics, and more.

5. HelloSign


[tag] Price: From $15/mo

HelloSign is a web-based electronic signature tool acquired by Dropbox in 2019. Thanks to this acquisition, HelloSign works beyond the scope of simple document signing. It comes with extensive personalization and collaboration tools suitable for all business sizes. 

The eSigning process is simplified thanks to the use of templates. You only need to choose a template to customize, then email it when you are ready to gather signatures. You can also set the chronology of signatures to ensure the order of signatories. 

Despite Dropbox ownership, HelloSign supports multiple third-party integrations. Thankfully, that includes popular options like Gmail and Slack. 

HelloSign Plans and Pricing

HelloSign offers a free 30-day trial for evaluation. Paid plans start from $15, but they all cover an unlimited number of monthly signatures. Paid plans mainly differ in the number of users supported, secure storage, and advanced integration options like Salesforce.

6. Signeasy


[tag] Price: from $10 per month

Signeasy is one of the earliest mobile-friendly eSignature tools. The company emerged in 2010 and has made it easier for businesses to sign contracts promptly on any device. The service mainly caters to small and medium-sized companies.

The tool offers an offline signature feature in case the internet is unavailable. Besides, Signeasy has helpful and functional features such as reminders and task progress tracking to help companies stay focused on meeting business expectations. 

I like this tool because I can select several signatures or use my signature as the default on all documents. They’ve simplified the overall signature management process. All copies signed utilizing the platform are legally binding.

Signeasy Plans and Pricing

There’s no free lunch on Signeasy, and their plans start at $10/mo. As your plan tier increases, you get more features, including better template access, QR codes, advanced app integration, and more.

7. SignRequest


[tag] Price: From $9 per month

SignRequest provides users with tools to sign legally binding digital signatures on eDocuments within minutes. The eSignature software emerged in 2014 and today brings electronic signature management to over 500,000 users in 26 countries.

There’s no fuss, no muss, and you can quickly eliminate cumbersome (and environmentally damaging) physical documents. Even digital documentation ensures security thanks to Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 256-bit encryption.

With SignRequest, you can set the order of signers to smoothen the eSigning process. SignRequest allows Google connectivity, language support, and auditing with limited usability in the free edition but is fully functional in the premium plans. 

SignRequest Plans and Pricing

The limited free trial allows some leeway, but most features are on their paid plans. These start at around $9/mo (SignRequest charges in euros). The paid plans include custom branding, templates, team use, and greater app integration and language support.

8. Fill


[tag] Price: Free / From $8.33 per month

Fill is more than a regular eSignature tool that you can use anywhere in a secure way. The tool allows users to design and organize templates and online forms that can be used and customized for data collection and contract lifecycle management.

The tool provides another exciting feature that scans or captures documents. All you need is a smartphone camera, and you can scan any documents on hand. 

Regardless of capture mode, Fill handles documentation along its journey within the system. With real-time notifications, documents would not miss the mark in reaching your signers for timely processing.

Fill Plans and Pricing

Fill offers a free plan with barebones basics. That means uploads, filing, and signature requests. For more features, you need a paid plan, and these start at $8.33/mo. Note that you will need their most expensive plan at $24.99/mo if you intend to work with teams or need advanced app integration.

9. DottedSign


[tag] Price: Free / From $8 per month

DottedSign is a simple tool to benefit from the upsides of eSignatures. Users can use DottedSign daily to sign papers in a safe and enforceable manner digitally. It also boasts real-time document tracking, increasing business agility.

eDocument signing with DottedSign is available on almost all devices. Get documents moving on the go regardless of how much you need to travel. The automated workflow process will reduce errors and is excellent for businesses with remote operations.

DottedSign provides an encrypted eSigning method. Advanced security features such as high-level identity checks require signature validation for every document that has to be electronically signed. 

DottedSign Plans and Pricing

DottedSign offers a free version where you can sign unlimited documents at no cost. The premium plans provide additional features such as unlimited document signing for only $8 per month.

10. RightSignature by Citrix


[tag] Price: From $12 per month

The RightSignature platform is a simple cloud-based electronic signature tool designed by Citrix. For companies of any size wishing to streamline processes, reduce paperwork, and faster document signing.

You can use the tool to sign in various forms such as digital, typed, or even hand-scribbled. Once signed, the tracking system allows individual signatory checks. If any are missing, it can send automatic notifications and reminders. 

RightSignature provides helpful integrations by automatically importing files and contacts from Google, ShareFile, SalesForce, and Dropbox so that you can save even more time.

RightSignature Plans and Pricing

RightSignature offers two pricing options at $12/mo and $60/mo. The cheaper plan is suitable for freelancers or small businesses since it only covers 100 signatures each month. The more expensive plans include beefed-up capabilities like Knowledge-based authentication.

11. Yousign


[tag] Price: From $9 per month

One of the top eSignature systems in Europe is Yousign, which offers business teams a simple method to get legally-binding eSignatures on PDF files. The company was founded in 2013 and is now well-recognized across Europe. 

Users of Yousign can create, exchange, and execute contracts and other legal documents with this platform. This platform’s priority is ensuring the security of your signatures. You get safer document processing by applying two-factor authentication and time-stamped proof files.

Document management comes in the form of attachments and an approval system. You can also make an annotation on documents for easy reference and collaboration. It also uses an API system that allows OTP signatures and other more advanced features.

YouSign Plans and Pricing

Prices for Yousign fall into two categories. The eSignature part starts from around $9/mo, while API access plans start from about $75/mo. Note that eSignature plans are pretty barebones, so you get less than much of what’s the industry standard for the price.

Final Thoughts

eSignature tools are a lifesaver as they simplify personal and business dealings without paper usage. Additionally, the market is full of strong service options – not the least of which is DocuSign. Thankfully, its dominance isn’t complete, and those seeking alternatives have a rich environment from which to choose.

Some of the DocuSign alternatives showcased here may be cheaper and offer more features or unique innovations. However, I don’t consider any of them (including DocuSign) perfect. The best document signing app is the one that perfectly fits your needs.

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