Why SSL(Secure Sockets Layer)?

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  • Jun 05, 2015

What’s SSL?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) in web hosting concern is a type of website hosting on certified secure servers which can be defined in simple words as a “safer online business” sites.

Encrypted data in SSL server

Is SSL necessary for my website?

SSL is of great concern for hosting an E commerce, shopping, banking portals, i.e. wherever an online transaction is involved, especially credit cards. There’re specific SSL certificate providers, which Ecommerce sites display on their sites. Browser checks the certificate and makes sure that site users are connecting to is a real one.

SSL secure servers make a business site safer, as the data is encrypted when it is sent over the Internet. SSL is basically a program that makes it more difficult for third party involvement in a transaction between a user and site. In easy words, it reduces the credit card theft chances and or other risks involved in online transactions. Netscape Communications were the first ones to make online business safer by SSL.

When information is transmitted over the internet it’s very possible for a third party to read this information, but in case of SSL secure servers, the communication remains in between only the receiver and sender.

An SSL secure server is always indicated by a URL beginning with https:// instead of http://. So keep this in mind while making any online transaction. If you want to host an SSL site, you need to have:

  • A dedicated/additional IP address
  • An SSL certificate

And, hosting companies definitely charge additional amount for this. If you’ve an Ecommerce sites to be hosted, you must consider the above discussed criteria.

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