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When You Should Not Host Your Website at InMotion Hosting?

When You Should Not Host Your Website at InMotion Hosting?
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InMotion Hosting is one of our favorite brands. Yet while there's so much to love about this great hosting company, it may not always be the most suitable for your needs. No brand is perfect for everyone; that's a simple reality.

Some things that make InMotion Hosting great are its excellent performance, a broad range of services, and the extended 90-day money-back guarantee. If that works for you, I highly recommend them. Yet, it may be better to seek a solution elsewhere in a few scenarios.

1. Most of Your Website Traffic is From Outside the United States

InMotion Hosting data centers - only in United States
InMotion Hosting data centers are located in the East and West Coast of the United States.

InMotion Hosting offers a choice of two data centers located in the continental United States. They cover the East (Ashburn, Virginia) and West coasts (Los Angeles, California), with anyone in between doing fine on either option. 

These data centers are part of what makes InMotion a formidable web hosting service provider. They're state-of-the-art and located within American borders. That helps anyone with a US-centric visitor base run an extremely low-latency website.

Unfortunately, regardless of how powerful their servers are, these US-only data centers can be cripply if you need to serve visitors outside the country. While a good CDN can work wonders, there is no substitution for a solid regional data center nearby your visitor locations.

Inmotion Hosting Alternatives for More Data Center Choices


There are few better choices than Cloudways if you need a specific data center location. It offers a selection of four Cloud infrastructure providers, each offering their own set of worldwide data centers. The catch is that Cloudways is a pure Cloud hosting service provider.

Visit Cloudways for more details.


Scala Hosting is, in some ways, an even better choice than Cloudways. Thanks to a partnership with Digital Ocean, it offers an impressive spread of data centers. However, the data center choices apply across the board, not just to its Cloud hosting plans.

Visit ScalaHosting for more details.

A2 Hosting

One of the strong brands in the industry, A2 Hosting offers many premium services. For all of those services, you can choose a data center in a regional data center. These regions include the US (East and West Coast), Europe (Amsterdam), and Asia (Singapore).

Visit A2 Hosting for more details.

2. You Just Want to Run a Simple Static Website

InMotion Shared Hosting Plans
InMotion Shared Hosting comes in four flavors: Core, Launch, Power, and Pro.

As much as we love InMotion, there's no denying that even with massive price cuts for new users, there are better options than this. The shared hosting plans here cost a mere $2.49/mo on introductory pricing, but even that adds up over time (note that your plan renews at $9.49/mo after the initial term).

Additionally, you need to sign up for their three-year plan to get the best prices. Remember, this is all money that needs to be paid upfront. It can be a bit painful to bear for those who aren't going to run commercial websites and just need something simple.

InMotion also notably charges extra for some features. If these were “extras,” there's no problem, but considering backup and restoring a paid extra is going slightly too far.

Consider These Cheaper InMotion Alternatives

000Webhost and Hostinger

While I usually frown on free service providers, 000Webhost is a brand run by Hostinger. It's a playground that you can use to test hosting services and see if that's what you need. Once you're happy, move on to one of Hostinger's ultra-low-cost plans and save a ton of money.

Visit Hostinger to learn more.


While not as well known as some big brands, Hosten offers a decent service that's available for cheap (host 10 websites on their shared platform at just $0.90/mo). Even better is that they don't skimp on what you get with lots of “unlimited” resources provided.

Visit Hostens to learn more.


If you're looking for excellent quality at a bargain price, Bluehost can be an exciting choice. While it isn't cheaper than InMotion, you pay a reasonable price and only need to sign up for a 12-month contract. That means less money upfront.

Visit BlueHost to learn more.

3. You Need Windows Hosting

LiquidWeb - Great alternative to InMotion if you need Windows Hosting.
Alternatives to InMotion Hosting – LiquidWeb offers highly-customizable Managed Windows Hosting at a reasonable price > visit online.

Sometimes you simply have no choice (or just want to) to use Windows hosting. That's getting increasingly rare since the default choice now seems to be Linux. The problem is that InMotion is a Linux-only host. Unless you plan to get a dedicated server from them and set up a Windows server, you'll need to look elsewhere.

Many big brands today have gone Linux-only in their shared hosting plans, so you may need to find the right host. Of the hundreds of hosts we've reviewed, only a handful offer Windows hosting and are worth considering.

Consider these hosts for Windows Hosting


If you need a powerful Windows-based hosting service, there are few better than LiquidWeb. This service provider is known for its robust hosting plans that are faster than Speedy Gonzales. Here you can find Managed Windows Hosting highly customizable plans.

Visit LiquidWeb to learn more.


HostGator is known for its well-priced plans, and this extends to its Windows Hosting options. You can get a Windows Server-based shared hosting plan from the gator for less than $5/mo. That includes unmetered resources, a domain name, and free SSL.

Visit Hostgator to learn more.


Kamatera is another brand that focuses on the best of the best. It's a performance Cloud service provider that can support almost any OS you want – including Windows. You can either self-manage your hosting plan or use their fully managed services.

Visit Kamatera to learn more.

4. You're a Hardcore WordPress User

WP Engine Managed WordPress Hosting
WP Engine's Managed WordPress Hosting starts at $20 per month > visit online.

Like most other web hosting companies, InMotion offers a broad range of plans and services. While that's great for most of the world, hardcore WordPress users may find things lacking. That's especially true for those looking forward to specialized WordPress support.

While we have no doubt InMotion offers good (or even excellent technical support), they need to dilute resources to support their entire product scope. Because of this, there will always be a gap between InMotion Hosting and other WordPress-centric services.

If WordPress is your top priority, consider these hosting providers instead:

WP Engine

WP Engine is a newer web hosting service compared to many industry stalwarts. Yet it's one of the few that are brave enough to place their entire business behind a single application – WordPress. You can be sure their customer support team is well-versed in WordPress-related matters.

Visit WP Engine to learn more.


One of the earliest WordPress-only hosts, Kinsta is known for its excellent performance. Part of this is due to their use of Google Cloud. Kinsta is also famous for the in-depth WordPress support that comes with each account.

Visit Kinsta to learn more.

5. You Need Developer Features

A2 Hosting support Node.js in their shared platform > visit online

Developers are a strange breed of users (no offense intended). They need a fair niche set of tools that most users don't. Additionally, extra features like unlimited resources are optional to them.

Because of that, Inmotion is seldom considered an ideal web host for developers. Dev essentials like Git, Python, Ruby, and more aren't available at InMotion unless you're on one of their more expensive plans.

The problem is that InMotion forces devs onto plans with features that might mean little to them – just to get access to essential tools. The point I'll concede is that many other hosts have this attitude as well.

Instead, devs can consider the following web hosts.

A2 Hosting

Not usually thought of as the cheapest, A2 Hosting still offers several advantages. Among them, notably, are extensive dev-centric features even on their most affordable shared hosting 

plan. That gives devs the flexibility they need at reasonable prices.

Visit A2 Hosting for more details.


Devs can take advantage of InterServer's cheap Cloud-based VPS. You get complete control over the hosting environment for a few dollars each month. That means tools galore and the potential to set up a highly customized environment for a pittance.

Visit Interserver to learn more.

Scala Hosting

While Scala's prices have risen slightly, it's an excellent option for devs that need the option to provide services to clients. They offer a cPanel alternative that's cost-effective and, of course, white-label API services.

Visit ScalaHosting for more details.

Final Thoughts: Opportunities Abound

It's crucial to understand that InMotion Hosting is a good choice for many users. It's one of the best hosts in the business, with clear advantages over many other brands. The crux here is finding the best fit for your website.

Choosing the ideal host isn't just a matter of one or two features. If you focus enough on the details, you can build a website on a perfect host. This advantage can make or break your digital presence.

While performance is a top factor, carefully consider what other things you need. Some are pretty basic, like the domain name or free SSL. Read between the lines and identify areas of concern that most marketing materials will try to avoid.

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