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  • Jun 04, 2015

While knowledge in PERL is not that critical for normal web owners, PERL is great tools for more advanced computer experts. In fact, PERL stands as the most widely used programming language in web hosting industry; that almost all hosting companies from anywhere in the world support PERL features in their hosting plans.

 So, what is PERL exactly?

PERL, short form of Practical Extraction and Reporting Language, is a programming language with a huge number of uses, libraries and resources.  It was first developed to process mail on Unix-based systems, but nowadays as we knew, PERL performs much more tasks than that and these services include system administration, website development, and network development.

When was PERL created?

Perl was first brought into being by Larry Wall circa 1987 as a general purpose Unix scripting language to make his programming work simpler. Although it has far surpassed his original creation, Larry Wall still oversees development of the core language, and the newest version, Perl 6.

PERL: If you’re planning to host an e-commerce website

Perl has many and varied applications, compounded by the availability of many standard and third-party modules. I bet you had already been long utilising the technology (directly or indirectly) even if you had never heard about it. Think of IMDb.com, BBC.co.uk, Amazon.com, LiveJournal.com and TickectMaster.com – these are some of the well known websites that use PERL extensively.

If you’re planning to run a complex e-commerce website, like Amazon.com, you should leverage the power of PERL. The programming function is handy, straight-forward, and best of all, there’re plenty of PERL expert in the market and you can always ask them to build what you want online.

As I said, PERL is for you, even if you knew nothing about it.

Article by Jerry Low

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