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  • Updated: Jun 29, 2013

Hi guys, this is another "T-shirt post" where I’m going to do a quick writeup on Turnkey Internet in exchange of the company tee shirts. So… here you go, me in the two (very high quality) Turnkey polo T-shirts.

Turnkey Tee Shirt Display

I am sure readers who are familiar with WHSR knew that web hosting solution at enterprise level is one area I don’t cover much in WHSR. But hey, that doesn’t mean you should keep your door closed to this option.

Turnkey Internet, for example, is must-see for those who need a hassle-free e-commerce hosting solutions. I am not telling you this because I got the company’s free shirt. The company provides a wide range of web hosting (VPS, dedicated, cloud) and IT solutions, including an in-house online shopping cart software, enterprise level email solutions, web server monitoring service, Internet faxing, virtual private network, web backup, as well as virtual office services. The company pretty much covers everything an e-commerce website needed.

Now… a little more background on the company.

About Turnkey Internet

Turnkey Internet Official Site

Established in more than a decade ago, Turnkey first started as the consultant for Internet Service Providers and Enhanced Telecommunications Providers. Back then, web hosting was a lot less common to many and there were very little individual business owners who are looking for a hosting solution. In 2001, many of the services TurnKey Internet provided to the large Internet Service Providers became practical solutions for many emerging Internet businesses. TurnKey Internet has since focused heavily on the small- and medium-sized business client that needs reliability, speed, and cost-effective web hosting solutions for their online business.

Today, with four data centers and a fully redundant next generation fiber optic network, TurnKey Internet provides high speed, regional-focused, 100% Network Uptime Guarantee web hosting services. The company services range from Dedicated Server, Virtual Private Server, Colocation, as well as Software as a Service (SaaS) products.

The company is rated A in BBB Business Review (since Sept 17, 2007) and I read quite some good review on the company when I was doing my research. To learn more, Turnkey official blog and Twitter account are the other two spots to visit.

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As usual, this post is more than just about me and my free polo tee. Now in case you think Turnkey is the right next move, I’ve got good news!

Guess what? Turnkey special promotions in November 2011!

SaaS Discount Use coupon code 20OFFSAAS on SaaS purchase checkout and you’ll get 20% off from all Turnkey SaaS products (Turnkey Mail, Turnkey Blog, Turnkey Commerce, Turnkey Vault, etc).

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Sounds good? You bet-cha! Now go visit Turnkey and happy shopping. :)

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