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  • Updated: Jun 29, 2013

Economy might be going south at where do you live but the down trend did not affect the development of domain registration business for sure.

VeriSign’s Domain Name Industry Brief

Despite global economy crisis, the number of registered domain names increased by double digits (merely 16%) in year 2008, reaching an all time high 177 million domain names across all top-level domains; according to VeriSign’s quarterly report (Domain Name Industry Brief).

The report draws on a variety of analytical research including DNS intelligence, user studies and independent registrar surveys and offer detail understanding of evolving trends in the domain name market.

As conclusion for year 2008, here are some key observations by VeriSign.

  • There are 177 million top level domains registered.
  • 40.2% (nearly 71.1 million) of these domains are country code domains
  • Generic top level domains grew by 14% (11 millions) in year 2008.
  • Country code domains grew by 22% (23 millions) in year 2008.
  • Largest top level domains in order are: .com, .cn, .de, .net.

In case you’re interested to read further, check out Pingdom’s blog post. They’ve dug out VeriSign’s quarterly reports for the past few years and made some interesting comparisons.

Why am I telling you this?

I want you to know that more and more people are getting their piece of share on the World Wide Web. Things that couldn’t exist a few years back have now become humdrum. People on Internet have created jobs and entire industries that couldn’t existed a decade ago. Internet world is expanding fast, regardless of our economy status.

The questions is, are you keeping up quick enough? In case you have a website (or a blog) idea that yet to be put in action, don’t wait. Register your domain, get a web host and start working on it.

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