How To Use My Coupon Code To Save 25% On Your Hostgator Bill

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  • Updated: Dec 11, 2013

First thing first, the coupon code is “WHSR25Discount” (without quotes). Copy and paste it into a notepad, wordpad, or even jot it down on a piece of writing paper. You’ll save 25% (best discount in the market) when ordering Hostgator using this code.

1. Input The Coupon Code at ‘Step 1 Page’

Using Coupon Code at Hostgator

Visit Hostgator’s website, select your desired hosting package. After you click ‘Order’, you will be directed to the page titled ‘Step 1: CHoose a Domain’ where you will need to (well?) choose a domain . There is a small input box at the bottom of the page asking you to ‘Enter A Coupon Code’, simply type in ‘WHSR25Discount’ as shown in the figure above and click ‘Continue To Step 2’.

2. DONE!

Using Coupon Code at Hostgator

If the code is used correctly, the discounted price tag will be shown on your next page (Step 2: Billing Information). Take note of the the price changes under billing cycle. You should see words like ‘25.00 Percent OFF!’ in the input field (see image above).

And there, 25% mark down on your Hostgator hosting bill and you are done! Easy.

Hostgator Price Changes After Discount

For reference, here’s the price difference you’ll get for Hostgator shared hosting plans.

Hostgator Hosting Before Discount After Discount Savings/Year
Hatchling Plan $4.95/mo $3.71/mo $14.88/yr
Baby Plan $7.95/mo $5.96/mo $23.88/yr
Business plan $12.95/mo $9.71/mo $38.85/yr

Order Hostgator Now, Coupon Code “WHSR25Discount”!

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