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I received a very detail SiteServing review from a reader named Myra Levi on Dec 15, 2011; and, I think it’s a very useful piece of information (thanks man!). So… here goes.

About SiteServing Hosting

SiteServing Homepage

SiteServing is a privately held web hosting company that was started in 2000. SiteServing was built to service our customers and their requirements. You can visit SiteServing at

Having not heard of SiteServing before, I decided to give them a shot back around eight months ago. They aren’t newcomers in the business, but they haven’t really been overly aggressive in the marketing before either. Having been around since 2000, they have proven to know what their doing (just by age alone). Below, are just some of my findings and opinions about this web hosting company.

My experience with SiteServing hosting

What can I say; SiteServing has everything any Webmaster will never need. From three different shared hosting plans, in around five locations, to every virtualization type known to man (or at least at the moment). SiteServing has all the accoutrements of an experienced team, and none of the short fallings (at least that I’ve been able to see so far).

What’s the pricing like?

The pricing for SiteServing is very reasonable; they have certainly done their research and it shows. SiteServing is extremely well priced and their initial shared hosting offering goes for as little as $2.95/mo, and that’s actually very hard to beat (no matter where you look).

From a visitors perspective, SiteServing has everything in one easy-to-use location, from their extensive 700+ knowledgebase articles, to their 364+ video tutorials, they generally have everything you need to get started. Even some of the other hosting providers have no where near this level of documentation or user assistance guides. That’s just some of the items that make SiteServing standout for me and for probably any first time visitor.

So, what’s good about SiteServing?

Fact: SiteServing has been around for over 10 years. Frankly, I’ve never heard much about them, until fairly recently. It seems that something within that company changed, and sounds, looks and feels like someone experienced has shown up. In fact, if you review everything you’ll notice quickly that they are extremely well documented, and everything is meticulously groomed to perfection. I was browsing their site and see that they have won numerous awards from industry review organizations such as PC Pro, WebHostDir, and many others. This really makes me realize that SiteServing might be that hidden gem that you’ve never found. This was the case for me at least.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

While uptime guarantees vary, very few hosting providers have dared place 99.99% uptime guarantees on their website, due to the possibility of outages. This is certainly another quality marker of the SiteServing system, if you take a look into what 99.99% actually means, and that’s literally less than 52.56 minutes per year! That simply goes to show that SiteServing really has high expectations, showing customers, like me, that not only are they providing quality service, but they are putting money where their mouth is, literally.

Shared hosting plans and affordable plans

It seems that there are some web hosting providers such as SiteServing that are saying “enough” with the “unlimited everything” approach to web hosting, and actually starting to offer something that is real. As you see nowadays most hosting providers don’t actually provide true unlimited resources, SiteServing has decided to end with the fiasco and provide true resources for true money.

What makes SiteServing better than the rest, is that they are affordable, clean, crisp and by the looks of it, a highly motivated company. SiteServing isn’t your fly-by-night operation, nor is it the run of the mill web hosting provider, they are a serious player that has invested heavily into their presence – I can tell this from just looking at their website. What that means to customers, is that you get to enjoy all the extras they provide, while they do all the heavy lifting.

One-Click web App Installations

If you take a look at the SiteServing control panel, you’ll quickly notice a couple of things. The first being that SiteServing offers not one, but two auto installers, the first is called Fantastico and the second is called Softaculous. Both have huge pluses, and a wide selection of one-click installable scripts. For example, ever wanted to install WordPress, Joomla, Mambo, Drupal, or anything else, quickly? Well, with SiteServing you can, in one click – literally. All this goes to show that SiteServing is dedicated to creating a better experience for the customer, it certainly is for me.

So what might go wrong with SiteServing?

So far, having been hosted with them eight months, I can’t say that I’ve actually had any issues with them so far. The Server is fast, the uptime is strong, and the whole system feels solid.

The only thing that I can say about them that is negative (dependent on the way you look at it) is that they are a name that hasn’t been as widely spread as others. However, you have to remember that it doesn’t mean anything, it’s just rare to see such a highly optimized, and built company that hasn’t been pushed into the limelight. My guess is that they have not paid for reviews and top spots like I suspect other hosting companies do. I know some pay to have their top spot. I also know from experience that a top spot means nothing. I have plenty of horror stories from previous hosts, and all from the most popular web hosting companies.

Conclusion: Is SiteServing hosting a go or a stay?

If you’re searching for a web hosting provider that has everything under one roof, and has the vast amount of documentation, then SiteServing is a go. Having fairly priced hosting and over a decade (from what I’ve researched) of experience, SiteServing isn’t a company that is going away anytime soon. I’m just going to rate SiteServing an A and surely going to (and have) recommend them to all my friends, co-workers and family.

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