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  • Updated: Jun 04, 2015

Forums or discussion boards are the most frequently visited places on internet, and idea of developing such an online community with a niche market, i.e. technology, games, politics etc can be really successful.

The success of a forum board is, however, dependent on many different factors, out of which quality web hosting service is of top priority.

So, picking up the right web hosting for your forum will need a careful research and analysis. Here we’ve identified some general concerns in this regard:

  1. Web Space
    Since forum is a user generated content site, with content addition on daily basis, so don’t forget to look carefully on the web space different hosts are offering.
  2. Bandwidth
    Forums/Discussion Boards/Community Sites consume bandwidth more than blogs, and other static sites. Frequent human visitors and rushed entry of bots and crawlers [due to quick content update] need sufficient traffic quota.
  3. Server Uptime
    Many web hosts claim 99% uptime, but in many cases it is not so. Must verify it as your forum needs to have 99% uptime.
  4. Database Management
    Make sure the availability of sufficient MySQL , DBs and phpMyAdmin.
  5. Security
    Most important concern is security; ensure it by having a look at end user reviews on different web hosting forums.
  6. Support
    Good support is always appreciated! Sometimes service is too good, but you don’t understand few things, hence support plays its role to make things easy and simpler for you. Look if 24/7 support is there, that’ll be superb!

For choosing web hosting for your forum based on above criteria, compare web hosting plans of different companies, and select one that contains the best proportion of the elements above.

Other than the normal web hosting packages, see the seasonal offers and packages, promotional campaigns etc different web hosting companies offer, but do analyze the factors above within those offers.

Article by Jerry Low

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