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  • Jun 29, 2013
Free Web Hosting Services

Is paying nothing for your web host the best option for you? Before you make your decision, make sure you do not falls for these common misunderstandings on free web hosting services.

Myth: Bandwidth and disk space with free web hosts are very limited

Fact: Free web hosts provide large disk space and bandwidth in general. You can get 250 MB storage capacity and 5 GB bandwidth with most free hosting providers.

Trust me; such volume of hosting capacity is good enough for most startups and I don’t think you should have any complaints. If you are looking for larger hosting power, it’s really time for you to start looking for a paid-host.

Myth: Free web hosts don’t support anything besides HTML

Fact: Free web host nowadays do not limit their service for static HTML websites. There are, in fact, many free hosting that support PHP, MySQL, CGI-BIN, SSI and ASP features. More over, some big free hosting companies also offer unlimited POP3 email account and forwarders.

Myth: Websites hosted free are normally messed with unwanted advertisements

Fact: Yes in fact many free web hosts will clutter your websites with ads. This enables the free web host to profit from your website and obtain a large number of contents based pages on their domain (remember website hosted on free hosting are normally using subdomains – like

However, not all of them are doing such practice. Beacon Hosting for example, offer free website hosting services without the banner ads. The smart way to host your website for free is to search for this type of free hosting and avoid unwanted ads on your website.

Myth: Free web host services are not reliable and do not provide good customer support

Fact: As many big hosting companies are actually using ‘Free Hosting’ to attract new customers thus the service quality are usually very good (after all, free hosting users are their valuable prospects). Most free web hosts I’ve tested runs on a respectable uptime. Also, they do not simply delete your hosting account even if you are not paying for it. As for the customer supports, it is true that most free hosting users will not get 24-7 live chat or phone call supports. However there are always forums and emails support available – which I think it’s acceptable for a free account.

So, is free hosting recommended over paid web host?

Yes, I do recommend free hosting over paid web host for certain cases. Free hosting is the perfect solution for short term websites or non-profit organization, or student projects. Readers who wish to learn about their options please read 5 must see free hosting websites and 23 must see free blogging platforms.

However, it should be clear that both services (free and paid web host) serve different kind of web hosting needs. While free hosting services might look good from certain angle, the service poses several disadvantages in term of web statistic reporting, web marketing, and monetization. I would not recommend free hosting to those who wish to build a good website in long term.

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