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iPage Web Hosting

Here’s a customer review on iPage ( by Bob Dickson Jr. It was first submitted as a comment to my old post about cheap web hosting last week but it’s a very useful piece of information so I decided to publish it here.

iPage Review by Bob Dickson Jr

In brief, Bob thinks iPage has some lousy customer services but he finds the web host a good budget hosting in overall.

So here goes the review.

2010-2011. I have had Ipage for close to a year now and have mixed feelings about their services and hosting. First off, though it has happened, I have had very few problems with them as far as the servers being down and/or my page not loading, but a simple refresh of my browser usually does the trick here. Sooo over all I give them “fair to good no kiss butt rating” in this area. Then again, what server isn’t down or slow for some reason or another in a given day,month,year? Think about it!


I have used it but not to the extent of any issues resolution that resulted in satisfaction. They suck the top and bottom layer of the brown substance in this area. Tickets are days slow, Live chats for me have not resulted in any resolutions. Forget phone support, as I have waited over 10 mins before hanging up and using live chat. Reminds me of the old tech support days of DELLs hemorrhoid sore waits! Ahhhhhhaaa.


Using http://ftp… seems to be reliable for me performing upload/downloads without as many timeouts and size limits. I can say that I have uploaded files using their file manager and seen size limits and timeout issues. Phabblllah!Thus the use of my own file management software.


The Database is MYSQL,(currently 5.2.1…)and DB management is /php myadmin “WHATEVER”! The database is located on a different server. You can do backups and choose to download scripts should you need to recreate a DB or table. HOWEVER, you cannot connect to your database/s and perform DB management with local DB management software!ARGH!!!!!

Mixed feelings here,I do not like it but I do! As an X- DB Programmer/script-er/applications software developer/programmer, I love MySQL PHPMyAdmin for generating some of the queries and scripts as it saves me from having to do it and debug anything that goes wrong. But!!! I hate it when I cannot use my own DB management software as I feel I have little control over my DB maintenance! Unlimited Database? I guess, I have created 5 db’s and haven’t seen Ipage kicking me in the round thingy/s saying that’s all you get!


No problems so far! My site is not that huge as I sell photos, which is like selling condoms to an Nun, using Os Commerce (which brings up another issue). Needless to say, Though I have not tried to upload/download/display one of my 20mb photos, I have all the space I need for photos and content. The bottom line is I do not have a great turnover in clients/users in my small town so bandwidth is not an issue for me.


Watch out here! If you can, opt for the longest hosting term (3 or more years)at the intro price else you will fall into the abyss of what is almost a bait and switch. I set up shop for a year for around 50 bucks. When it came time to renew,I renewed my domain for 3 years. Why? In all I like Ipage spite the fact they are jerk-offs. Still, I didn’t realize I was only renewing my domain name(url) and not the hosting service(storage space)wich is an additional cost of 107.00+ other features.

Remember the intro price was for one year? When the term elapsed, the intro price went up to full price. Meaning, you have to pay for the domain renewal(currently 12.xx a year) and another years hosting at an additional(107.xx)! Plus if you want the other features such as domain privacy…that cost extra as well.


Dont fall for the 50 dollah con advertising credits to facebook, google… that they offer unless you need to use them. They are Credits! Most likely you will have to sign up for the services and be billed later after the credits expire and you continue to use the service.


iPage has many features that make it look like a good deal! The so called “feature rich, free with every account” bells and whistles that look so good in the advertisement, They cost nothing for anyone to grab and use, Ipage hosting or not. Don’t let this be a factor in your decision unless you are actually looking for that software. Yes they take the headache out of the installs and basic configurations on your web, but considering they are mostly open source freeware in the first place, they do not offer tech support.

Which brings up the last comment. I am an x programmer, love tech stuff… “Ok, to a point I do!” Most newbies will spend their fist year setting up and learning to customizing their site if they want more than the basics. If you want to sell and install OSCommerce or other, be prepared to learn PHP, HTML, Javascripts. Most all the installs have their own learning curb quirks, like word press, jomallia….IPage will not help you with these unless it is an install problem. Otherwise, be prepared to spend countless hours in front of the monitor going through each freeware’s web site gazing mindlessly in the help and faqs pages for documentation and answers.


I page is fair to good on cheap hosting packages for the first term. After that, be prepared to fork over some real cash if you want to keep your domain and hosting. They offer very little support to justify the cost, but contrarily the cost is justified by the unlimited features of the site. All the services except yellow pages have additional cost in one way or another. Most all the install software are open-source freeware and have both advantages and disadvantages such as using or learning curbs when it comes to using or customizing/editing the pages. Some web templates are available for quick page setup, but if you are paying for a web site just so you can put up a blog, stick with twitter, facebook, myspace…chances are you will get more exposure there than that of a private page.

The actual services and features that Ipage really offers can be described as: “Though a fair service” An empty hard drive that has the capability of accessing the internet, customarily installing certain chosen free software that can be downloaded from the internet to a specific file set or folder for the purpose of manipulation,(((storing,retrieving,sending,displaying,denying or allowing access to files))), offering certain securities of protection and reservations of selected and chosen custom name spaces for a price, and over charging for such.

– iPage Review by Bob Dickson Jr @ May 7th, 2011.
About: Bob Dickens is a freelance photographer located in the southern portion of Humphreys Co. Tennessee and has enjoyed photography for over 20 years.

I was hoping to show you Bob’s site in this review but he rejected the idea as he does not wish to have countless unrelated hits to his site. So… that’s all I have right now.

What I think about iPage hosting now?

Presently, iPage remains as my top rated budget web host. I have no complain on iPage hosting services especially in term of hosting features (like allocated bandwidth) and server stability (without surprise, that’s what Bob said as well). It’s been a while since I last contacted iPage’s support department so I have nothing to comment on that.

In case you wish to learn more about them, I suggest further reading on my detail iPage Review.

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