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  • Updated: Mar 03, 2017

I received an unsolicited JustHost review from a reader named Katja recently and I think it’s a useful piece for those who are considering JustHost.

JustHost Review by Katja

Just as you, I have been spending hours searching for a reliable host and reading reviews. To be honest, I do this about once a month, every time our hosting with JustHost majorly tanks and causes problems.

Frequent server outages

We have been with them since January 2010 and so far had at least once a month server outages, promises of being moved to a newer “faster” server, suggestions of add on fees for priority support (which completely ignored us during one episode of issues), daily backups and faster server guarantee for additional fee… all of which we purchased to make our forum site running more smoothly.

Every time we started encountering issues and escalated it to priority support they started off with the old “the problem is on your end, have you tried turning it off and on again” bit and endless email trails to finally get to the bottom that a server had failed and they were working on it.

Now things like this can happen, a bit of a downtime is unfortunate but I guess to be expected, however to go through this once a month, lies of them moving the site to a faster server, them migrating the sites and doing it incorrectly (TWICE IN A ROW) by forgetting to point the nameservers to the new servers so the forum was active in two “universes”… them telling us the site cannot be restored to the daily backup but only the last weekly one (losing a weeks worth of data despite having paid extra for daily backups), their customer service not even properly reading mails and properly addressing the people who sent it and after all of this not ONCE being refunded the monthly hosting fee when we had major troubles and downtimes.

10 hours down time!

Last issue was a 10+ hours outage and continued problems when the site was restored, mainly data loss and again wrongly pointed nameservers, despite them being warned about that when they finally agreed to move the site to a new server after being out for 10h already. What is frustrating is that there are no warnings or info mails when a server tanks or is undergoing some sort of maintenance. They don’t apply any type of load balancing that servers can be maintained without customers losing uptimes. When the customer contacts them about an issue they have a long list of lies to reply with before they honestly admit what is going on, they don’t apply services you pay for (priority service taking 24h to reply when they promise 30 minutes, daily back ups, faster servers) and every small issue turns into a few days worth of email trails and headaches.

JustHost -cheap and good for low traffic website

So all in all, JustHost may be cheap and good for websites with low traffic but their technical support is incompetent and reliability is significantly less than 97% stated in most online reviews.

Cheers and happy reviewing!


P/S: Katja if you are reading this please contact me – I wish to give a link to your site (as credit) but couldn’t reach you thru the email address you were using.

Note: We no longer track or review JustHost hosting. In case you were considering JustHost – we recommend BlueHost, iPage, and eHost as better alternatives. FYI, these web hosts belong (and are managed) by the same owner – Endurance International Group. 

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