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  • Jun 05, 2015

Free web hosting or a paid one is the most important concern for newbie webmasters. If you’ve a small site or a blog and don’t want to make a heavy investment on it, and or don’t want to take pain of server management, then definitely free hosting is something you must go for. But which free hosting company is best for your site is really a difficult choice. A little research can, however, help a lot, and so, here’re some tips.

Free hosting on a blog platform

  • If you want to launch a blog, the best choices are and Both these sites have their advantages and disadvantages, i.e.Wordpress provides more user friendly interface, but doesn’t allow custom designs, while Blogger allows custom designs with a little complication.
  • Your blog on won’t let you have better monetization opportunities through Adsense and other PPC programs, while Adsense can be better integrated with
  • where it offers tags is more SEO friendly while blogs on may have a delayed attention from search engines.
  • Later if you want to transfer your blog to, can give you all your entries in XML form, that you can export from Dashboard and import in, while moving a blog from will need much manual efforts.

Free hosting server

  • If you want to launch a small business site for free, you must try and offers a specific time for free hosting, and if you like it you can continue with paid one, while offer lifetime free hosting with limited resources, i.e. disk space and bandwidth.
  • If you’re to launch a free forum site, then do look at and and see where you’re more comfortable.

The above mentioned sites are few of the free web hosting service providers that most of the people on web rely on. You can, however, do a little more googling and forming within free web hosting concerns and you may find some more providers that may fit better for your custom requirements.

Free hosting is not my recommendation!

Okay, I have to admit it – although free web hosting do not cost you a dime, but I am not a fans of it at all.

If you’re serious about your website (or online biz), you’re best recommended to own your own web hosting. Not only that you’ll look professional with your own domain (free hosting normally will NOT allow you to have that) and the most important is that you’ll have full control on every aspect of your website (no disgusting ads, cgi bin access etc).

There are quite a few budget hosting that offer cheap (less than $5/mo!) but very reliable hosting service in the market, you can check them all here.

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