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7 Alternatives to Hostinger VPS Hosting Plans

Founded in 2011, Hostinger is a solid and affordable web hosting provider. They are a popular choice for many new web hosting users. 

Based in Kaunas, Lithuania, the company promises global services with low latency and a 99.9% high uptime guarantee. It also comes with distinct characteristics like its home-designed hPanel. 

Hostinger VPS Hosting Plans

FeaturesVPS 1VPS 2
vCPU1 Core2 Cores
Memory1 GB2 GB
Bandwidth1,000 GB2,000 GB
Burst RAM2 GB4 GB
Control PanelhPanelhPanel
Disk Space (SSD)20 GB40 GB
Root AccessYesYes
Signup Price$3.95/mo$8.95/mo
Regular Price$9.95/mo$19.95/mo

While Hostinger is known for budget-oriented web hosting, it also offers more robust hosting options like VPS hosting plans. These plans provide the dedicated resources characteristic of VPS but come at attractive prices.

Hostinger provides eight specific VPS plans labeled VPS 1 to VPS8. The lowest end of the spectrum costs a mere $3.49/mo, and that stretches to $77.99/mo at the highest end (see all Hostinger VPS plans here).

All plans are similar, except that specific resources increase as you pay more. The main scaling factors include:

  • vCPU count and speed
  • Memory
  • SSD Storage
  • Bandwidth
  • Inode Limits

While they don't provide specific CPU types or speeds, the latter shows in a Multi-core Geekbench score.

However, not all would find Hostinger suitable for their taste buds. That's fine; each to its own. There are many alternatives to Hostinger that may suit your needs better.  

Alternatives to Hostinger VPS Hosting Plans

1. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting

Website: https://www.inmotionhosting.com/

Price: From $19.99/mo

Being in the market for a couple of decades, InMotion Hosting has over 170,000 customers with more than 500,000 WordPress installations. Based in California, InMotion Hosting offers a good range of web hosting servicesshared hosting, VPS, Dedicated, WordPress hosting, and more.

Why InMotion Hosting for VPS?

InMotion Hosting provides an extended 90-Days money-back guarantee, which is more significant than Hostinger’s 30-days; this is a bonus point – you have more time to make a decision. They claim their new NVMe SSDs that utilize UltraStack configuration provide up to 270% faster write speeds. 

Most of InMotion Hosting’s plans come with managed services. However, they offer self-managed Cloud VPS with cheaper options; there is no cPanel or GUI dashboard for server management, but you get a Secure Shell (SSH) tool. Hence, you have to be tech-savvy and familiar with command lines.

Their managed VPS hosting plans use cPanel and WHM. They also provide Account Management Panel (AMP), a tool to manage your account's billing. InMotion Hosting prides itself in its multiple support channels and multi-award-winning team. They have secured A+ with BBB Business Review and are consistently rated high in hosting review sites. 

However, InMotion Hosting's support is US-based. Also, their data centers are located only in the US. So, if your customers are in the US, InMotion Hosting can do it for you. Overall, InMotion Hosting is a trustworthy and reliable provider that comes highly recommended.

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InMotion Hosting VPS Pricing

InMotion Hosting's managed VPS hosting plans start from $19.99/month. While it is not the cheapest in the market, they are a worthy business web host with a solid performance and excellent customer support. 

2. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting VPS

Website: https://www.a2hosting.com/

Price: From $4.99/mo

Since 2001, A2 Hosting has been making waves in the hosting industry; they have obtained a rate of 5/5 on average from more than 67,388 customers. More than 110,000 customers use A2 Hosting products in 223 countries to date. A2 Hosting offers shared, VPS, WordPress, managed hosting solutions, and more.  

Why A2 Hosting for VPS?

A2 Hosting has always excelled in its capability to provide top-notch performance and speed, thanks to its unlimited NVMe SSD storage and A2 Optimized technology. You will have to pay extra to enjoy their Turbo Servers (they claim it gives you 20 times faster speeds). If budget is not an issue and you require blazing speeds, A2 Hosting could be the better solution.

Also, A2 Hosting shines in its customer support, rated as ‘Excellent’ by Trustpilot. A2 Hosting shines in its many panel offerings; cPanel, WHM, Webuzo, and Plesk are among them. The choices are almost limitless. Unlike Hostinger, A2 Hosting offers managed and unmanaged VPS plans, giving you more options.

A2 Hosting's data centers enjoy a global presence in the US, Europe, and Asia, which is good coverage.

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A2 Hosting VPS Pricing

A2 Hosting unmanaged VPS plans are price-friendly and start from $4.99/month with impressive specifications. And, if you wish to opt for a fully managed service, the cheapest managed VPS plan at $39.99/month is appealing with free goodies such as SSL, site transfer, and cPanel. 

Overall, I would consider both Hostinger and A2 Hosting as top-tier providers. However, A2 Hosting gives you that quality performance and support at reasonable prices. 

3. Cloudways


Website: https://www.cloudways.com/en/

Price: From $12/mo

Cloudways kick-started in 2011 and is a relative newcomer in the hosting scene. They are a systems integrator, helping people get onto the ‘Cloud’ via their solutions. Unlike the usual web hosting provider, Cloudways functions as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider. They offer various Cloud Platforms ranging from the more affordable Digital Ocean to the pricey Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

Why Cloudways for VPS?

Cloudways has a unique spin on its business model. Their hosting offerings rely heavily on the Cloud platform you choose. As such, speed and performance are up to these platforms rather than on Cloudways per se. So far, Digital Ocean has registered praiseworthy performance. 

Unlike Hostinger, Cloudways' offerings cover their management services and powerful add-ons such as dashboards, service migrations, and more. The integrated dashboard is practical and easy for developers or agencies to manage their hosting solution despite the platform they end up with. 

Also, Cloudways stands as a one-stop place where you get other essential features via powerful add-ons such as firewall and Content Delivery Network (CDN). Their plans allow easy scaling in the future, so although you pay more as your site grows, at least you’re paying for what you need. 

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Cloudways Pricing

Cloudways pricing varies depending on your infrastructure provider – Digital Ocean, Linode, VULTR, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform. Digital Ocean offers the cheapest at $12/month. You may consider this plan and scale up later. If you need more Cloud platform choices, Cloudways is a good deal. 

4. DreamHost VPS

DreamHost VPS

Website: https://www.dreamhost.com/

Price: From $10/mo

DreamHost has expanded since 1997 to hosting over 1.5 million websites, more than 750,000 WordPress websites, and blogs with over 400,000 customers in more than 100 countries. Like other traditional web hosting providers, Dreamhost offers shared, cloud hosting, dedicated, managed WordPress, and VPS hosting.

Additionally, they provide other services that complement their hosting solutions, such as building custom websites, SEO enhancements, and even marketing.

Why DreamHost for VPS?

DreamHost guarantees 100% uptime. So, if a solid uptime is your priority, you’ll find DreamHost dreamy. Most of their plans run on servers with Solid State Drives (SSDs); this translates to higher speeds for your website.  

Unlike Hostinger’s self-managed VPS hosting, you get managed VPS hosting with Dreamhost. Hence, you won’t have to deal with the technical and daily running of your hosting since Dreamhost has this covered. 

While Hostinger offers both cPanel and hPanel (their custom-built control panel), DreamHost has its panel, a custom-built panel. Their VPS control panel is user-friendly. So, if you’re frustrated with cPanel’s price increase, you’ll find DreamHost’s panel to your liking.

Perhaps, what makes DreamHost stand out is its focus on WordPress in its hosting plans. So, if you’re running a WordPress site, DreamHost could be your host. DreamHost has two data centers in the US. If your customers are within the US, Dreamhost could do you justice. 

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DreamHost VPS Pricing

DreamHost's VPS pricing starts from $10/month, a reasonable fee for a managed VPS service, especially when you get unlimited websites, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited emails, and free SSL; this is a steal, don’t you think?

5. Namecheap

Namecheap VPS

Website: https://www.namecheap.com/

Price: From $6.88/mo

Namecheap has been in business for over two decades. They started with providing domains and later diversified to include web hosting, security (low-cost SSL solutions), web-based apps, and more. To date, they have more than 15 million domains under their management throughout the globe and empower over 1.5 million websites.

Why Namecheap VPS Hosting?

Namecheap is a one-stop center that gives you the whole package. Although they excel in the domain registration section, their VPS hosting solutions are pretty nifty. Like most others, Namecheap runs their VPS hosting on servers with pure Solid State Drive (SSD); they claim to run 20 times faster. 

Namecheap offers three categories for your server management:

  • User-Responsible (default) – you are responsible for all technical and admin tasks
  • Basic – you receive a proactive response in the event of any unexpected server failure 
  • Complete – Namecheap handles all technical and admin tasks for you

Unlike Hostinger, Namecheap brings more server management options to the table, thus catering to different needs from personal blogs and resellers to larger websites. Also, Namecheap offers both cPanel and InterWorx (you’ll have to pay for them separately). The latter is a newly added web panel that includes NodeWorx, a server management panel.

Namecheap VPS Pricing

Namecheap's VPS Pulsar plan is $6.88/month; this is not a managed plan. If you are not keen on self-managing your hosting solution, you will need to go with the Quasar or Magnetar VPS Hosting plans, as these plans qualify for the Basic and Complete server management add-ons. If you need more than just hosting, Namecheap could be your choice.

 6. ScalaHosting

ScalaHosting VPS

Website: https://www.scalahosting.com/

Price: From $29.95/mo

Formed in 2007, ScalaHosting has worked itself up to be one of the recognized hosting providers in the market. They value innovating their products and offerings to cater to businesses of all shapes and sizes; this is especially apparent in their VPS offerings. ScalaHosting empowers over 700,000 websites from more than 120 countries.

Why ScalaHosting for VPS?

ScalaHosting offers managed and unmanaged Cloud VPS hosting. Both speed and performance rely on the individual infrastructure provider you choose, namely ScalaHosting, Digital Ocean, or AWS. You get unmetered bandwidth only with ScalaHosting as the infrastructure provider.

Perhaps the highlight of ScalaHosting is their SPanel VPS, their all-in-one proprietary dashboard for managing your VPS hosting. sPanel is fully compatible with cPanel and poses a solid replacement for it. It comes free for all their managed VPS plans and can cater to various users (developers, agencies, and others). Unlike cPanel, SPanel runs on their equipment and does not consume your server resources.

Also, all their managed VPS plans provide SShield, which guards your websites 24/7, and ScalaHosting claims to ward off 99.998% of attacks. Supported by an AI engine, SShield is adaptive. If you have a WordPress site, look into ScalaHosting as they have SWordPress Manager, a WordPress management utility that manages your WordPress hosting easily as a breeze.

Also, ScalaHosting’s award-winning support team excels by ensuring a 30-second live chat response time and 15-minute ticket response time.

Learn more in our ScalaHosting review.

ScalaHosting VPS Pricing

ScalaHosting's Managed VPS hosting starts from $29.95/month. All plans with ScalaHosting come with turbo-fast All-NVMe storage for faster speeds and high performance if you select the New York data center. The cheapest plan may seem pricey, but you get all the goodies such as HTTP/3 support, free SSL, website migration and domain, SPanel, SShield, dedicated IP, and more.

I like that ScalaHosting is challenging itself to be more innovative in its offerings; this is apparent in its solutions. Hence, they come highly recommended.

7. Interserver

Interserver vps

Website: https://www.interserver.net/

Price: From $6/mo

Over two decades in the business, InterServer is a New Jersey-based company popularly known as a budget-friendly hosting provider. They offer shared, VPS, dedicated, and colocation hosting solutions

Why Interserver for VPS?

Interserver’s speeds are ridiculously fast for the low prices you pay. And what makes Interserver more interesting is that there is no extended lock-in for the low fee for VPS hosting. You pay by the month, and if you’re unhappy, you can stop anytime.

Interserver’s Cloud VPS comes with self-healing hardware; if your site encounters a glitch, their AI system kicks in and automatically redirects it to another node in the blink of an eye. Also, they use KVM, Openvz, Virtuozzo, and Hyper-v virtualization platforms, established for best security practices. 

Interserver offers a choice among DirectAdmin, cPanel, and Plesk panels. They also have a Webuzo VPS plan where the Webuzo control panel comes pre-installed. Also, their support team is 100% in-house and is super helpful! You can reach them via live chats, emails, and telephone (Brazil, Mexico, Israel, the US, and the UK).  

InterServer's data centers are in the US. They also have a dedicated US-based support team, so if most of your customers reside there, Interserver could be your budget choice. 

Interserver VPS Pricing

Interserver’s Cloud VPS plans are flexible and affordable. Starting from as low as $6/month, you scale up as your site grows. Although it is a managed VPS, you can still control some features. Hence, Interserver offers competitive prices for a managed cloud VPS plan.

Why Choose an Alternative to Hostinger for VPS?

Enjoying a global presence with a 99.9% uptime guarantee with their home-grown hPanel, Hostinger is a force to be reckoned with as a web hosting provider. Also, their VPS plans are overall affordable with good enough specifications. However, this is because of their initial sign-up discounts, after which the fees will revert to the original.

Many do not like the price hike, and there’s also the lack of site migration assistance. Furthermore, if you have the budget and require managed VPS hosting, it is understandable that you look elsewhere, as Hostinger’s VPS plans are self-managed. 

Wrapping Up

The alternatives listed above are reputable and reliable within the business community. As such, be confident to explore them as alternatives to Hostinger. You'll find them capable for businesses of all shapes and sizes, helping them grow. 

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