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  • Updated: Jun 29, 2013

In connection with the last article on comparison of Lunarpages and Bluehost, here’s another sample. This article will first test you, i.e. how well can you analyze/compare two hosting companies. First take those entire bases I’ve explained in the previous article on BlueHost vs Lunarpages, and see your analysis. Read the rest of the article after your short analysis.

Comparison points between Hostgator and Dot5

Now check out Dot5 and Hostgator, see if you’ve come up with following points:

  1. From packaging point of view, Hostgator is clearer while there’s a limited choice with Dot5Hosting.
  2. If you’re looking for Windows hosting, Dot5Hosting may not be your choice.
  3. Yes, Dot5Hosting provides services at quite low rates.
  4. Both of them have enough number of hosted sites with them, exactly same in case of Lunarpages and Bluhost’s comparison.
  5. And last, but not least, you’ll find user friendly hosting panels with both of them.

If you’ve come up with the above analysis or nearly same, you learnt almost whole of the art of comparing web hosting services. But since, learning has no end; there are many other things that need your attention. The next part of this article will explain another base to compare web hosting services.

This advanced tip is useful in case if you’re to host more than one site. ‘Reseller Account’ is the best choice in such a situation. But how to make a best choice for a reseller account is a question. Let’s see how we’ll do it. Let’s say, I’ve 10 sites. Now if I go for Hostgator, minimum it’ll cost me $4.95/month for one site and $49.5/ month for all 10 sites. Dot5Hosting can host 10 sites for me at $39.5/month [$3.95/month for one site].

My take between Dot5 and Hostgator

Dot5Hosting seems a better choice for me here, keeping in mind that I don’t need Windows hosting. But I’d be more than happy if I can have an offer with all the features of above packages at a bit low price. So, if I go for a Reseller package at Hostgator for $24.95/month and allocate required resources to all my sites myself I save $15/month means $180/year.

Think on these grounds and you’ll always find a better solution.

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