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  • Updated: Jun 04, 2015

Remark: I take bloggers/writers post occasionally. Please find below as one of our guest’s (Phil) reviews on Bluehost. Apparently Phil’s a fans of Bluehost and here’s he take on the things he likes about BlueHost hosting services.

Things I like about BlueHost

How do you evaluate a web hosting service?

Personally, I think an affordable price and the server reliability is the most important point when you look for a host for your website. Besides, the number of add-on features and the quality of customer supports would be another two consideration points for me.

Based on such preferences, it explains why BlueHost is one of my top choice when it comes to web hosting.

Bluehost gives you the reliability with an affordable price of $6.95 per month. This price tag is the best solution for an all-round hosting solution for business or individual users. This small price gives you all the function you need with your website making it a total solution.

You get what you paid for and not to mention the 24 hours support and customer service. Therefore, they really deliver their promise by providing all the tools and security you need to maintain your website.

For a small business, Bluehost is great because it gives you the value for money, instant technical support and provides you with new service and features so that you stay one step ahead of others in this business.

They even have a specified blog that has discussion on topics to help you find you problems and solution easily. Their hosting also enables you to do heavy loads of work on your website without any problems.

Furthermore, they even help you to keep track of he space and overloads which is very technically challenging. Their service is great because they treat every query with a serious attitude. With such service and support, you can ease you mind and have your website working perfectly fine even if you are not a computer expert.

With Bluehost, you can even have features like email notification, cookies registration, tags, smileys and private messaging included in your website. Blue host value the need of their customers, which is why they continue to improve their service so that they can serve their customers better.

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