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  • Updated: Jun 05, 2015

Sidenote: As you guys already knew, I publish guest’s articles/blogposts occasionally. I got my friend (Teddy Low) reviewing on Lunarpages.

LunarPages Review

Lunarpages was founded back in 1998. As the company expands its services, it started to provide shared web hosting in the year 2000. Later they also increase their service with more types of hosting and also private server hosting. After all these years, they don’t provide free web hosting anymore and their customer forum is the most visited forum when it comes to web hosting related services.

Lunarpages achieved great success for their user-friendly web hosting methods. With their basic package, they offer a lot on support on different types of web languages like PHP, Ruby on Rails, Perl, MySQL, Dreamweaver and Ajax. With Lunarpages, developer’s can easily builds an Ajax based website because of the strong support for JSP.

To compete with other companies, Lunarpages even throw in a lifetime domain deal with customers enjoying 1.5TB of data storage and 15TB of data transfer. In addition, they can have unlimited email account which they can launch through the popular types of web mails service. For business purposes, Lunarpages even provide various choice of E-commerce tool with free installation of SSL. Furthermore, they use the most trustable cpanel in the website management and they are also coming up with their window based hosting to provide service to more customers.

Nevertheless, the feature that Lunarpages possess is the ability to host different types of media files which can be easily access by their visitors. Streaming of video and audio files can be done with ease. Therefore, many bloggers and forum owner like Lunarpages because they can share much more and not only just text.

The only negative thing about Lunarpages is the tendency of their customer’s website experiencing downtime because their servers are not performing as they expected.

Well, that’s all for our guest posting – I hope you find it helpful. In case you need more guides on Lunarpages, check out my Best 5 Web Hosting Picks here.

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