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  • Updated: Nov 14, 2013

Just got a free T-shirt from…. and the shirt fits just nice! So as promised, here’s me wearing the free tee. Thank you! And hey Adnan, you the man, thanks!

Atlantic Net T Shirt

Hey, Where’s The Free Coupons?

Wait wait wait… I know, I know. The title says ‘Six $25 Coupon To Be Giveaway!’ – So this means this post is not about the T-shirt (I’m just too excited with the free tee), there’s something for YOU too!

So here’s the thing, Atlantic sent me one free tee and six coupons. The T-shirt is black color, L-size; while the coupons, come with a 16 digits code, are worth $25 hosting credits each. Since I will be keeping the cool T-shirt, I will be giving out all six coupons (valued at $150 in total) to all my readers (you!).

How Can I Get These Freebies?

What You Need To Do: Send me a simple Hello-email with the subject line “I Want Atlantic Free Coupons” at jerry (a) That’s all!

What I will do: I will send out the 16-digit promo code to the first six readers who send me the email. You can then code in the 16 digits into the Promo Code Field on the signup page at and enjoy the free credits.

Atlantic Net Coupons

Easy? So what are you waiting for? Be the first six and drop me an email with the subject line “I Want Atlantic Free Coupons” at jerry (a)! and grab these free hosting credits!

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