For Those Who Thinks Hostgator Is Expensive…

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  • Dec 11, 2013

For those who thinks Hostgator is too expensive, I got the perfect answer for you, written by Randy, in this post:

It’s amazing, to me, what business owners call “expensive” when it comes to hosting. Are you kidding? About $10 for your company’s web presence? They don’t seem to have a problem paying $4.50 for a cup of coffee? – Randy @ Prop14 Web Design

Ha, take that! You like it? :D

Save 25% With Hostgator Discount Coupon – WHSR25Discount

Okay seriously, again, if you think Hostgator is charging too much, perhaps it’s time for you to check out the promotion code I got for you.

Here are the details.

The said Hostgator coupon code is “WHSR25Discount” (without quotes). What you need to do is to visit Hostgator’s website, select your desired hosting package and click ‘Order’ to place your order. You will then be directed to the page titled ‘Step 1: CHoose a Domain’ where you will need to (well?) choose a domain . There is a small input box at the bottom of the page asking you to ‘Enter A Coupon Code’, simply type in ‘WHSR25Discount’ as shown in the figure above, and click ‘Continue To Step 2′. And…. you are done with the code.

Using Coupon Code at Hostgator

Visit WHSR’s Special Hostgator Promo Page Now – 25% Instant Discount !

Hostgator Price Changes After Discount

The promo code will cut down 25% of your Hostgator bill for just one time. For your easy reference, here are the before-and-after discount prices.

Hostgator Hosting Before Discount After Discount Savings/Year
Hatchling Plan $4.95/mo $3.71/mo $14.88/yr
Baby Plan $7.95/mo $5.96/mo $23.88/yr
Business plan $12.95/mo $9.71/mo $38.85/yr

Not Everyone Is Giving The Best Discount In Hostgator!

Please also take note that not all promo codes are the same. Many will tell you that they have the best discount for you but in reality it’s not. I received this email from my reader Yusef not long ago and this shows how doing a little more homework will save you more money.

Feedback from Tarek Yusef / April 1st, 2011

I came across your reviews site and thought wth I’ll use your promo code, well I go to hostgator and go to buy their baby plan, Already in the promo code box there is a code it says ” Spring, You have already chosen our most valuable coupon” Which is a lie because their default is 20% off and yours is 25% off. And I would assume most people wouldn’t even bother using the codes of affiliates because hostgator say the most valuable coupon is already in the promo box, WTH ! I’m irritated because too much of this bs is happening and regular people are being taken advantage of. Anyways long story short I will be getting a plan with your code now so u should get credit. – Tarek Yusef @ Internet Connections.

Well…. that’s all for this post. As always, in case you wish to learn all about Hostgator, here’s my Hostgator review. The promo code again, is “WHSR25Discount”. You can also visit this special page where the promo code is automatically inserted upon order (so that you get 25% discount instantly): Hostgator Special Promo Page.

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