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  • Updated: Jun 29, 2013

Lunarpages Vs Fast Cow Hosting

A comparison of Lunarpages and Bluehost has already been published to give the newbie webmasters a fair idea about the right choice of web hosting. In the same context this article will compare LunarPages with FatCow, so that a newbie webmaster can have clearer picture.

A quick intro on FatCow and Lunarpages

Summing up the points from previous article, Lunarpages.com provides users with a decent packaging that helps them to have a quick choice, user friendly hosting panel, value added services and a good service at a reasonable price.

On the other hand FatCow provides very cheap hosting services that include enough disk space and bandwidth with some of ready made scripts and limited MySQL databases. It sounds a good deal to go for FatCow since it’s offering unlimited domain hosting per account. Another distinguishing feature of FatCow.com is the tutorials it offers for best understanding and website management services.

Comparing FatCow and Lunarpages

Now on comparison, why Lunarpages.com may have more points, is just because of its clear packaging, i.e. you need to host a blog, go for package 1, want to host an enterprise site, go for the other and so on.

Exploring the inner side of FatCow, where it offers unlimited domains, the offer sounds too good if you have +10 sites, but a limited number of MYSQL databases, will definitely not let you have all those sites there within one account. So, it’s a mere waste of some resources, i.e. bandwidth and disk space.

FatCow can be a good choice, if you have two or three high traffic sites with five or less databases, but if you’re looking for dedicated servers and or windows hosting, LunarPages will definitely the best choice. FatCow may also not be a good choice if you’re having it for a single blog or a low traffic static site, you’ll be wasting resources then. So a fair better idea will be to outline your requirements and then see where you get most of it.

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