8 Best Alternatives to Digital Ocean Cloud Hosting

Having alternatives to choose from is one of the best parts of the world today. While Digital Ocean Cloud Hosting is pretty neat, other options exist if it doesn't float your boat. Be it price, performance, features, or otherwise, there's always something for everyone.

After all, we're individuals with varying tastes in products. Here are the eight best alternatives if you're looking for something similar (or even not so similar) to Digital Ocean.

Quick Comparison of Digital Ocean Alternatives

1. TMDHosting

TMDHosting for Digital Ocean

Website: https://www.tmdhosting.com/ . Price: Starts at $5.95/mo

TMDhosting has been around for many years and provides a reasonably comprehensive range of web hosting services. It's known for excellent performance and offers customers a well-priced step into the world of Cloud hosting.

Why We Recommend TMDHosting

TMDhosting is one of the traditional service providers that includes Cloud hosting in its product range. That leaves a lot of room for a diverse market of customers, meaning you have more choices available.

As an alternative to Digital Ocean, TMDHosting presents some advantages and disadvantages. One of the biggest highlights is that Cloud hosting here is fully managed and offered at highly competitive prices. It also presents all the typical bells and whistles you won't find at most hardcore Cloud providers. 

If you prefer having Cloud hosting with extra trimmings like email hosting, website templates, and web hosting control panels, then TMDhosting Cloud is an excellent choice. You can efficiently run TMDCloud just like any other regular web hosting plan.

TMDHosting Key Features

  • 60-day Money-back guarantee
  • SpamExperts spam filtering
  • Media server capabilities
  • 1-Click app installation
  • Developer tools

Pros and Cons of TMDHosting


  • Familiar web hosting environment
  • Little technical upkeep required
  • Free domain name
  • Decent options in server locations
  • Easy site migrations


  • Pay extra for domain ID protection
  • Lack of server control

Who Should Use TMDHosting: Bloggers, beginners, and small or medium business websites.

2. Linode

Linode - an alternative for Digital Ocean

Website: https://www.linode.com/ . Price: Starts at $5/mo

Linode is a cloud hosting company founded in 2003 by Christopher Aker. The company is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and has data centers throughout the United States, London, Frankfurt, Singapore, and Tokyo.

Why We Recommend Linode

Because of the similarity in products and services, Linode is one of the best direct-competing options to Digital Ocean. Both companies offer a solid range of Cloud-based hosting solutions that revolve around computing elements like compute, networking, and storage.

The similarities also mean the choice between these two is highly debatable. For example, users on either side lay claims to “better performance,” which even the most in-depth reviews can find challenging to prove.

However, those who simply don't wish to opt for Digital Ocean will find some Linode advantages convincing. One strong point in its favor is the extensive knowledge base and tutorials available. A reliable support team is also available if that's insufficient.

Linode Key Features

  • Server management dashboard
  • One-click App marketplace
  • Managed services available
  • Server CLI management
  • Linode API

Pros and Cons of Linode


  • Easy app deployment
  • Broad range of services
  • Good support
  • Budget-friendly
  • Comprehensive documentation


  • Technical skills required
  • Slightly complex downsizing process

Who Should Use Linode: Developers, Business websites, and eCommerce websites.

3. Vultr

Vultr - one of the Digital Ocean alternatives

Website: https://www.vultr.com/ . Price: Starts at $5/mo

Vultr is a cloud hosting provider founded in 2014 and headquartered in Matawan, New Jersey. Like Linode, it offers a similar range of products and services to Digital Ocean. Over the past year, Vultr has steadily accelerated its growth, opening new data centers in multiple locations.

Why We Recommend Vultr

Vultr's clean and easy-to-use management interface makes it a good move for those accustomed to Digital Ocean. That, plus its simplified product offerings, results in a more streamlined experience for most users.

One of the most significant advantages Vultr offers over Digital Ocean is its more extensive selection of data center locations. It operates from 28 locations worldwide (compared to Digital Ocean's 12) – a number that's shown continuous growth.

Vultr offers several APIs that offer significant advantages. The core Vultr API allows infrastructure management automation, while others, such as its Metadata API, support instance self-discovery and configuration.

Vultr Key Features

  • Extensive OS library
  • Supports custom ISOs
  • 28 Data center locations
  • Server control panel
  • Managed API access

Pros and Cons of Vultr


  • Easy application deployment
  • Team management
  • Server health monitoring
  • Highly affordable pricing
  • Offers some licensed services


  • Limited support channels
  • Some scalability limits

Who Should Use Vultr: Developers and small to medium-scale websites.

4. Cloudways

Cloudways for Digital Ocean

Website: https://www.cloudways.com/en/ . Price: Starts from $12/mo

Unlike Digital Ocean, Cloudways isn't a core Cloud infrastructure provider. Instead, it creates a business by offering a simplified Cloud management dashboard. The solution helps even the newest Cloud users to manage their Cloud hosting accounts seamlessly.

Why We Recommend Cloudways

Cloudways acts as the gateway to several Cloud service providers, including Digital Ocean, Linode, and Google Cloud. You can run servers from one or more service providers via the same dashboard. 

That same dashboard adds a stunning dimension of simplicity to Cloud hosting management. While this drives up the cost significantly, it ultimately saves money for those who might need to onboard the necessary technical competencies to operate their Cloud-based websites.

Cloudways also offers several exciting enhancements as core or optional extras. For example, WordPress site owners can use Breeze, a caching plugin that's pretty effective compared to most free solutions.

Note: Cloudways is currently owned by Digital Ocean.

Cloudways Key Features

  • Cloud management dashboard
  • Works with several Cloud providers
  • Advanced caching component
  • Multiple plug-and-play features
  • Auto-healing servers

Pros and Cons of Cloudways


  • Run multi-infrastructure servers
  • Multi-team account management
  • Performance enhancements available
  • Easy app and server cloning
  • WP migration plugin


  • No email included
  • Complex to scale down plans

Who Should Use Cloudways: New Cloud users, WordPress users, business websites, and eCommerce platforms.

5. Dreamhost


Website: https://www.dreamhost.com/ . Price: Starts at $4.50/mo

Dreamhost has a long history in the web hosting scene, and it's taken that time to progress toward being one of the best. You'll find that everything this service provider does is with an aim toward excellence.

Why We Recommend Dreamhost

While Dreamhost isn't a Cloud specialist, it is one of the most outstanding service providers. The company doesn't create product categories to chase customers, but builds specialized plans with multiple targeted advantages. 

Where Cloud is concerned, it places itself at two ends of the same spectrum you would expect from a company like Digital Ocean. At the low end, you can get dirt-cheap Cloud hosting suitable for newbies or as a test environment. That can then scale up quickly as you acquire the necessary skills. 

The best part about choosing Dreamhost is its transparency in the tools it uses and provides. They leverage highly on open-source, building highly compatible environments for universal tools and making your life much easier.

Dreamhost Key Features

  • Compute and Object Cloud hosting
  • Full root access
  • All-SSD servers
  • Runs almost all OS
  • Open-source dashboard

Pros and Cons of Dreamhost


  • Offers many developer-centric tools
  • Includes lots of storage
  • Self-healing storage systems
  • Runs on OpenStack
  • Vertical and horizontal scaling


  • Limited choice in data centers
  • Free bandwidth is for a limited time

Who Should Use Dreamhost: Developers, business websites of any scale, professional bloggers, and eCommerce platforms.

6. Hostwinds


Website: https://www.hostwinds.com/ . Price: Starts at $5/mo

Hostwinds isn't a brand that I regularly recommend, but they offer a series of solid Cloud hosting plans that closely mirror those from Digital Ocean. They're one of the few full-service hosting companies that don't try to transform Cloud hosting beyond recognition.

Why We Recommend Hostwinds

Hostwinds comes with a solid recommendation for its performance. One of its key qualities lies in customer service. It isn't just the technical aptitude of their techs but the customer-centric approach that creates an ecosystem of happy users.

The one area that seems a little on the downside is pricing. Although it offers similar prices as other traditional hosting competitors, they're much higher than pure cloud providers than Digital Ocean, Linode, or Vultr.

Yet, given the user-friendly dashboard, I would say that's fair value. After all, service providers like Cloudways do something similar yet offer plans at higher prices than you'll find at Hostwinds.

Hostwinds Key Features

  • User-friendly Cloud Control Portal
  • Load Balancers on demand
  • Robust API
  • Nightly backups
  • Fast scalability

Pros and Cons of Hostwinds


  • Free website transfers
  • Supports custom ISOs
  • Traffic distribution configuration
  • Pre-configured server launches
  • Friendly customer support


  • Lack of localized support
  • No phone support

Who Should Use Hostwinds: New Cloud users, small to medium business websites, and professional bloggers.

7. Hostinger


Website: https://www.hostinger.com/ . Price: Starts at $9.99/mo

The Hostinger brand is typically associated with cheap web hosting. Where Cloud is concerned, it does a slight turnabout and tends to focus on the mid to upper range of Cloud plans. Comparatively, however, those plans are still value-packed when taken against the likes of Digital Ocean.

Why We Recommend Hostinger

Hosting has always been a go-to choice where value is concerned. Their Cloud offerings continue this tradition and offer established websites an excellent cost-savings proposition. The only downside is that you won't find any ultra-cheap exploratory plans that devs usually target.

The cheapest Cloud hosting plan comes packed with goodies, including a stunning lineup of 2 CPU cores and 3GB of RAM at just $9.99/mo. At Digital Ocean, a similar configuration will set you back nearly double the amount.

Yet Hostinger isn't perfect, and just to be upfront, it's performance has been a bit suspect at times. If you aren't afraid of a little risk, it still offers a great opportunity to move your website into the Cloud performance zone for a steal.

Hostinger Key Features

  • Unlimited free SSL
  • Cache manager
  • 1-Click app deployment
  • Daily backups
  • Custom control panel

Pros and Cons of Hostinger


  • Built for power users
  • Free email hosting included
  • Access manager for teams
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Low technical skill requirements


  • Limited data center locations
  • No low-end plans available

Who Should Use Hostinger: Small to medium business websites, eCommerce sites, and blogs of all sizes.

8. AWS (Amazon Lightsail)

Amazon Lightsail

Website: https://aws.amazon.com/lightsail/ . Price: Starts at $3.50/mo

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is perhaps the one service provider on this list that doesn't need much of an introduction. However, it's also a brand often associated with super-high and complex Cloud solutions. Amazon is far more extensive than you may think, and their Amazon Lightsail is a perfect match as a Digital Ocean alternative.

Why We Recommend Amazon Lightsail

The most significant feature of Amazon Lightsail is that despite its dirt-cheap pricing, everything still runs on the legendary AWS infrastructure. That means reliability and performance are practically guaranteed, even if you're paying them less than what Digital Ocean might charge.

Lightsail plans start on almost the lowest of the low, with a paltry 512MB of RAM and a single processor core. That's enough to install and launch a web app and run it on shallow volume for some tests.

Thanks to the nature of the Cloud, you can easily spin that up quickly into a powerful behemoth if necessary. Lightsail plans stretch upward to 32GB RAM and eight powerful computing cores. That should be enough muscle to run even the beefiest of websites.

AWS Key Features

  • Pre-configured cloud resources
  • Based on AWS infrastructure
  • 3-month free trial
  • Click-to-launch OS and apps
  • Extensive support marketplace

Pros and Cons of AWS Lightsail


  • Ultra-low-cost of entry
  • Supports containerized apps
  • Fast and easy instance deployment
  • Cheap add-on object storage
  • Regionally unique pricing


  • Can be confusing for newbies to navigate
  • Multiple add-ons can quickly inflate cost

Who Should Use Amazon Lightsail: Developers, business websites of all sizes, and technically competent professional bloggers.

What is Digital Ocean Cloud Hosting?

Digital Ocean is a Cloud hosting specialist focusing on a single area of hosting expertise. It's built a formidable global business over the years, even taking over a PaaS provider like Cloudways to offer a more comprehensive product lineup.

Thanks to the acquisition, Digital Ocean is now suitable for many users, from newbies to Cloud hosting or even the most hardcore Cloud specialists. Like all Cloud services, Digital Ocean's product range offers some standard features;

  1. Excellent performance
  2. Ultra reliable services
  3. Support for advanced web deployments

If you aren't sure if the Cloud is for you, Digital Ocean and many of its competitors now make life much easier. Cloudways, for example, offers a management dashboard similar to those found on standard web hosting plans.

Final Thoughts: Why Choose a Digital Ocean Alternative?

Digital Ocean is pretty good at what it does, and I use them personally (via Cloudways) for a few of my projects. I have yet to find cause to complain about pricing or performance. Yet having reviewed dozens of web hosts, I understand that not everyone has the same needs.

There are many excellent alternatives if you feel that Digital Ocean doesn't provide what you seek. The most similar is Linode and Vultr. However, some lesser-known options like Amazon Lightsail may give you a surprise!

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Article by Jerry Low

8个替代Digital Ocean云端主机的最佳选择

当今世界,消费者总是有着数之不尽的替代品作选择。 Digital Ocean云端主机虽然好用,但如果它不能让您称心满意,您大可另寻替代。 无论是价格、性能、功能还是其他方面 – 总有其他类似而又更适合您的产品。

毕竟,个人对产品有着不同的要求。 如果你正在寻找与Digital Ocean相似(甚至不那么相似)的服务,我们在这里附上八个最佳替代让您选择。

快速比较 Digital Ocean 的替代产品

1. TMDHosting

TMDHosting for Digital Ocean

网站: https://www.tmdhosting.com/ . 价格: 起价为5.95美元/月

TMDhosting已经存在多年,并提供相当全面的网站托管服务。 它以出色的性能著称,为客户提供进入云端主机世界价格合理的台阶。


TMD Hosting是传统主机服务提供商之一,云端主机是它众多产品中的其中一项。 这让您有着更多的选择可用。

作为Digital Ocean的替代品,TMDHosting带来各种不同的优势和劣势。 其中最大的亮点是他们的云端主机服务是由供应商完全管理,而且价格极具竞争力。 它还提出了所有你在大多数硬核云供应商那里找不到的功能。

如果你喜欢网站托管额外的功能,如电子邮件托管、网站模板和虚拟主机控制面板,那么TMD Hosting 是一个很好的选择。 您可以像其他常规托管方案一样使用TMDCloud。


  • 60天退款保障
  • SpamExperts 垃圾邮件过滤
  • 媒体服务器功能
  • 一键式应用程序安装
  • 开发人员工具



  • 熟悉网络托管平台
  • 几乎不需要任何技术维护
  • 免费注册域名
  • 服务器位置的选择
  • 易于网站迁移


  • 额外支付域名隐私保护费
  • 缺乏服务器控制

谁应该使用TMDHosting: 博客,初学者,以及中小型企业网站。

2. Linode

Linode - an alternative for

网站: https://www.linode.com/ . 价格: 起价为5.00美元/月

Linode是一家成立于2003年由Christopher Aker创立的云托管公司。 该公司总部位于宾夕法尼亚州费城;在美国各地、伦敦、法兰克福、新加坡和东京都有数据中心。


由于产品和服务的相似性,Linode是Digital Ocean最佳的直接竞争对手之一。 两家公司都提供了基于云端的托管解决方案,围绕计算元素(如计算、网络和存储)进行。

这些相似之处也意味着这两者之间的选择是高度争议的。 例如,两边的用户都声称“性能更好”,即使是最深入的评论也很难证明。

然而,那些不愿选择Digital Ocean的人会发现Linode的一些优势很有说服力。。 其最大的优势之一是Linode网站有着丰富的知识库和教程。 如果这还不够,还有可靠的支持团队


  • 服务器管理界面
  • 一键式App市场
  • 可提供托管管理服务
  • 服务器CLI管理
  • Linode API

Linode 的利与弊


  • 方便的应用程序部署
  • 广泛的服务范围
  • 良好的客户支援
  • 适合预算
  • 全面的文献资料


  • 需要技术能力
  • 略为复杂的缩编过程

谁应该使用 Linode: 开发人员、商业网站和电子商务网站。

3. Vultr

Vultr - one of the alternatives

网站: https://www.vultr.com/ . 价格: 起价为5美元/月

Vultr是一家成立于2014年,总部位于新泽西州Matawan的云托管提供商。 与Linode类似,它为Digital Ocean提供了类似的产品和服务。 在过去的一年中,Vultr一直在稳步增长,在多个地点开设了新的数据中心。


Vultr干净而易于使用的管理界面使其对熟悉Digital Ocean的人来说是一个很好的选择。 加上其简化的产品选择,这导致了大多数用户体验更加流畅。

Vultr相对于Digital Ocean最显著的优势之一是其更广泛的数据中心位置选择。 它在全球28个地点运营(相比Digital Ocean的12个地点),这个数字一直在增长。

Vultr提供了几个API,具有重要优势。 核心Vultr API允许基础架构管理自动化,而其他API(如其元数据API)则支持实例自我发现和配置。

Vultr 的主要功能

  • 广泛的操作系统库
  • 支持自定义 ISO
  • 28个数据中心地点
  • 服务器的控制面板
  • 受管理的API访问



  • 轻松部署应用程序
  • 团队管理
  • 服务器状况监测
  • 高度实惠的价格
  • 提供一些特许服务


  • 有限的支助渠道
  • 一些扩展性的限制

谁应该使用 Vultr: 开发人员和中小型网站。

4. Cloudways

Cloudways for

网站: https://www.cloudways.com/en/ . 价格:从每月$12开始

与Digital Ocean不同,Cloudways并不是核心云基础设施提供商。 相反,它通过提供简化的云管理仪表板创建了一个业务。 该解决方案帮助即使是最新的云用户也能无缝管理他们的云托管账户。


Cloudways作为多个云服务提供商的入口,包括Digital Ocean,Linode和Google Cloud。 您可以通过同一仪表板运行来自一个或多个服务提供商的服务器。

相同的仪表板为云托管管理增添了令人惊叹的简单性。 虽然这会显著提高成本,但最终可以为那些需要掌握必要技术能力来操作基于云的网站的人省钱。

Cloudways还提供了几种令人兴奋的增强功能作为核心或可选附加组件。 例如,WordPress网站所有者可以使用Breeze,这是一个缓存插件,与大多数免费解决方案相比非常有效。

注意:Cloudways目前由Digital Ocean拥有。

Cloudways 关键特点

  • 云管理仪表板
  • 与多个云提供商配合使用
  • 先进的缓存组件
  • 多种插入式功能
  • 自动恢复服务器



  • 可以运行多基础架构服务器
  • 多团队帐户管理
  • 可用性能增强功能
  • 简单的应用程序和服务器复制
  • WP迁移插件


  • 不包括电子邮件
  • 缩小计划复杂

应该使用Cloudways的人: 新的云用户,WordPress用户,商业网站和电子商务平台。

5. Dreamhost


网站: https://www.dreamhost.com/ . 价格:从每月$4.50开始

Dreamhost 是一家长期从事网络托管的公司,它已经发展成为最好的服务提供商之一。 您会发现该服务提供商所做的一切都是为了追求卓越。

为什么我们推荐 Dreamhost

虽然 Dreamhost 不是云端专家,但它是最出色的网络托管提供商之一。 该公司没有创建产品类别来追逐客户,而是构建了多个针对性优势的专业计划。

就云而言,它将自己放在了 Digital Ocean 相同频谱的两端。 在低端,您可以获得非常便宜的云托管,适合新手或作为测试环境。 随着您获得必要的技能,它可以迅速扩展。

选择Dreamhost最好的一部分是它使用和提供工具的透明度 他们高度利用开源,为通用工具构建高度兼容的环境,使您的生活更加轻松。

Dreamhost 关键特点

  • 计算和对象云主机
  • 服务器访问权限
  • 全SSD硬盘服务器
  • 几乎能运行所有的操作系统
  • 开源的仪表板



  • 提供许多以开发人员为中心的工具
  • 包括大量的存储空间
  • 自愈式存储系统
  • 在OpenStack上运行
  • 垂直和水平的缩放


  • 数据中心的选择有限
  • 免费带宽是有期限的

谁应该使用 Dreamhost: 开发人员、任何规模的商业网站、专业博客和电子商务平台。

6. Hostwinds


网站: https://www.hostwinds.com/ . 价格:从 $5/月起

Hostwinds不是我经常推荐的品牌,但他们提供了一系列类似于Digital Ocean的可靠云主机计划。 他们是少数几家不试图将云主机转变得超乎寻常的全面服务主机公司之一。


Hostwinds因其性能而受到肯定。 它的一个关键特点在于客户服务。 不仅是他们客户人员的技术能力,还有客户为中心的方法创造了一个用户满意的生态系统。

唯一稍有缺点的领域似乎是价格。 尽管它与其他传统主机竞争者的价格相似,但它们比Digital Ocean,Linode或Vultr等纯云提供商的价格高得多。

然而,鉴于用户友好的仪表板,我认为这是合理的价值。 综上所述,像 Cloudways 这样的服务提供商在提供类似服务的同时,其计划的价格比 Hostwinds 更高。

Hostwinds 的主要特点

  • 用户友好的云控制门户
  • 按需加载平衡器
  • 健壮的 API
  • 每晚备份
  • 快速可伸缩性

Hostwinds 的优缺点


  • 免费网站转移
  • 支持自定义 ISO
  • 流量分配配置
  • 预配置服务器启动
  • 友好的客户支持


  • 缺少本地化支持
  • 没有电话客户支持

适合使用 Hostwinds 的人群: 新云用户,中小型商业网站和专业博客。

7. Hostinger


网站: https://www.hostinger.com/ . 价格:$9.99/mo起

Hostinger品牌通常与廉价网络托管有关。 在云计算方面,它有一点转变,并且倾向于关注中上层云计划。 然而,相对而言,与Digital Ocean等公司相比,这些配套仍然是平价包装。


Hostinger 一直是价廉物美的首选。 它们的云提供继续这一传统,为成熟网站提供了极佳的节省成本建议。 唯一的缺点是您不会从他们身上找到开发人员通常喜欢的廉价的云端入门配套。

Hostinger 最便宜的云托管计划中包含了许多礼物,包括令人惊艳的2个CPU核心和3GB RAM的配置,只需$9.99/mo。 在Digital Ocean,类似的配置将花费您近两倍的金额。

然而,Hostinger并不完美。 如果你不怕有点风险,它为你提供了一个将网站移动到价格很便宜的云性能区域的绝佳机会。

Hostinger 关键功能

  • 无限免费 SSL
  • 缓存管理器
  • 一键应用部署
  • 每日备份
  • 自定义控制面板



  • 专为高级用户打造
  • 包含免费电子邮件托管
  • 团队访问管理
  • 未计量的带宽
  • 技术技能要求不高


  • 有限的数据中心地点
  • 没有低端计划可供选择

谁应该使用Hostinger: 中小型企业网站,电子商务网站,以及各种规模的博客。

8. AWS (Amazon Lightsail)

Amazon Lightsail

网站: https://aws.amazon.com/lightsail/ . 价格:$9.99/mo起

亚马逊网络服务(AWS)是本列表中不需要介绍的服务提供商。 它们总是被视为超高和复杂云解决方案的品牌 。 但亚马逊远比你想象的要广泛,它们的AWS Lightsail是作为Digital Ocean替代品的完美匹配。


亚马逊Lightsail最重要的特点是,尽管它的定价非常便宜,但所有东西仍在传奇的AWS基础架构上运行。 这意味着即使你支付的比Digital Ocean低,服务器性能却是保证优良。

Lightsail计划从最低的开始,只有512MB的RAM和一个处理器核心。 这足以安装并启动一个web应用程序,并在浅量上进行一些测试。

由于云计算的性质,你可以在必要时轻易地将其迅速伸展成为一个强大的服务器。 Lightsail计划最高可扩展到32GB内存和八个强大的计算核心。 这应该足以运行最强大的网站。

AWS Lightsail的主要特点

  • 预配置的云资源
  • 基于AWS基础架构
  • 3个月免费试用
  • 单击启动操作系统和应用程序
  • 广泛的支持市场

AWS Lightsail的优缺点


  • 入门费用极低
  • 支持容器化应用程序
  • 实例部署快速简便
  • 廉价的附加对象存储
  • 地区性独特的定价


  • 对于新手可能有点混乱
  • 多个附加组件可能会迅速增加成本

应该使用Amazon Lightsail的人: 开发人员,各类规模的商业网站和技术能力强的专业博客。

Digital Ocean云托管是什么?

Digital Ocean是一家专注于托管专业领域的云托管专家。 多年来,它建立了一个强大的全球业务,甚至接管了Cloudways等PaaS提供商,提供更全面的产品线。

由于这项收购,Digital Ocean现在适合于许多用户,从云托管的新手到最专业的云专家。 与所有云服务一样,Digital Ocean的产品线提供了一些标准功能;

  1. 出色的性能
  2. 超高可靠性服务
  3. 支持高级网络部署

如果您不确定云是否适合您,Digital Ocean和其他许多竞争对手现在使生活变得更加容易。 例如,Cloudways提供了类似于标准网络托管计划中找到的管理仪表板。

最后:为什么选择Digital Ocean替代品?

Digital Ocean在它所做的事情上非常出色,我个人使用它们(通过Cloudways)进行了一些项目。 我还没有发现抱怨价格或性能的原因。 然而,在审查了数十个网络托管商之后 ,我明白并不是每个人的需求都一样。

如果您觉得Digital Ocean不能满足您的需求,还有很多优秀的替代品。 最相似的是Linode和Vultr。 然而,像Amazon Lightsail这样的一些不太知名的选择可能会给您带来惊喜!


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