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  • Jun 04, 2015
Web hosting is a very competitive industry.
Since there’s a competition, the choice is also a bit difficult. In such situation, one best way to find a reliable and affordable host can be ‘comparison’ of different web hosting companies. How to do a good comparison is another issue, so here’s a sample: and are very prominent names in web hosting. One may get confused if he’s to choose a host among them, but if you’ve identified your needs and resources, the comparison presented below can help you out select the best one for you.

Compare BlueHost with Lunarpages

1. Packaging

Starting from features, the great difference between the two is packaging, i.e. Lunarpages provides with a neat packaging describing different packages, i.e. for blogs and small businesses and for enterprises etc while at Bluehost, this is a bit not clear.

Having a look at Lunarpages’ Packages, you can have a quick idea about the deal you want to have, while at Bluehost you’ll need to make an effort to explore that.

2. Windows Hosting

Along with packaging, the difference comes when Lunarpages offers Windows hosting as well. Though, not a big matter of concern for small businesses, but development environment may have a greater concern here.

So, if you’re looking for Windows hosting, Lunarpages will probably be your first choice.

3. Pricing

Since there lies difference in features, the pricing also differs. On comparing the both companies, Bluehost seems to be cost effective, but the value addition is a distinguished part of Lunarpages.

4. Customer Satisfaction

Being a major concern, if you have look at the user base of both companies, both have a good number of satisfied customers, i.e. a huge number of sites hosted with both.

5. User Friendly Hosting Panels

Though there’re differences, but some features like CPanel, Fantastico, Email Services, Sub domains etc are almost same on both.

Basic Hosting Features

Highlights on Lunarpages and Bluehost hosting plans. The hosting features for both web host are more or less the same except that Bluehost offers unlimited disk storage and bandwidth; while Lunarpages’s offering almost-unlimited disk storage (1,500GB) and bandwidth (15,000GB).

BlueHost hosting features

Hosting Features Details
Disk Space Unlimited
Monthly Bandwidth Unlimited
Free Domain Name Yes, forever!
Free Site Builder Yes
SSI (Server Side Includes) Yes
Frontpage Extensions Yes
FTP Access Yes

Lunarpages Hosting Features

Hosting Features Details
Disk Space 1,500GB
Monthly Bandwidth 15,000GB
Free Domain Name Yes
Free Site Builder Yes
SSI (Server Side Includes) Yes
Frontpage Extensions Yes
FTP Access Yes, Unlimited!


In a nutshell, both the companies are having authority within their niche market. Your choice, however, depends on maximum satisfaction of your own needs. Lunarpages provides you with a variety where some deals may run out of your budget and most of them cost effective. On the other hand, Bluehost is much cost effective, but choice is limited here.

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