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10 Best Free Domain Name Generators for Your Website

Whether you’re thinking of starting a blog / set up an online store for your business, you’re going to need a website. More importantly, you need to register a domain name for your brand and it needs to be catchy!

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Why do I need to think so hard about a domain name? Can’t I just go with what I have?”

You could, but then, it probably wouldn’t be a good domain name. And if you want your blog or website to succeed, you going to have to come up with a good domain name to go along with it.

If you need a little help with figuring out a name for your website, then we’ve got you covered! Check out our list of domain name generators that you can use to save yourself the headache of needing to figure out a new domain name.

1. Lean Domain Search

Created by Automattic, the folks behind the WordPress.com platform and the core team working on WordPress itself, Lean Domain Search is quite possibly the most used domain name generator at the moment.

Using it is simple enough. Just start with a single keyword, then choose your domain options and they will give you hundreds of domain name ideas that are currently available. What’s great is that they will even check whether the name is available on Twitter as well!

2. Startup Name Check

Startup Name Check is a free and easy tool created by Peter Thaleikis. Startup Name Check helps you validate domain names in three different TLDs (.com, .io, .co) and usernames on a number of platforms – including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

3. NameMesh

NameMesh lets you break down your domain name searches into eight different categories: common, similar, new, SEO, short, fun, extra, and mix. This allows for more experimental names that you probably have not considered.

You can also filter the names based on domain extension, domain availability, and also maximum. If you’re looking for a new name for your startup, NameMesh can also do that for you.

4. NameStall

In NameStall, there isn’t one single tool, instead, they provide you with a suite of domain generators that you can use. Three of the more useful ones that you can use is the main domain name generator, the three-word domain name generator, and the rhyming domain name generator.

While it might seem overwhelming at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to create domain names that are truly unique. Experiment with ‘word groups’ such as ‘500 popular first words’, ‘basic English words’, or even ‘1500 popular last words’ to give you endless possibilities with customized names for your blog.

5. Bust A Name

With Bust A Name, you can use their numerous filter tools to find a domain name that fit your requirements and specific needs. You start by filtering your keywords and then select either “starts” or “end” with your keyword. It will then give you a list that you can filter through depending on how natural you want the name to sound and its character limit.

They also have an option to look at domain names that have been taken as well as the ability to filter by extensions, such as .com, .net, and .org.
Don’t have a particular keyword in mind? You can use their “Make a Random Domain” option to suggest you names that are available. If you find one that you like, you can save it or purchase it through links to the one of these popular domain registrars.

6. Nameboy

Nameboy lets you find domain names that are available based on the keywords that you’ve chosen. You put up to keywords, which Nameboy will then compile a list of suggested domain names that you can use.

Their search results also show you which extensions are taken and which are still available. For example, while webhostingsecretrevealed.com might be taken, you can still purchase www.www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net instead.
You can also check for domain names that are available for resale as well as hyphenated suggestions or rhyming keywords.

7. Wordroid

If you want more flair and creativity for your domain name, then you should definitely try out Wordroid, the domain name generator that basically makes up words that look nice and are great for naming blogs, products, companies, and even domain names.

The free and intelligent naming tool is one of the more creative name generators out there as they basically create new words in different languages. They do this with their special name generation tool that follows the phonetic rules while creating names that roll off the tongue.

You can even adjust certain parameters within the site such as pattern, wordroid length, language, quality level, and even whether to include domain extensions or not.

8. Domain Puzzler

Domain Puzzler differs than most domain name generators in that you can use multiple keywords as the building blocks for generating your perfect domain name. Based on the keywords you’ve selected, Domain Puzzler will go through all the different combinations that you can make and at the same time, check which ones are available for registration.
To use it, all you have to do is just provide a set of keywords that you want in your domain, choose the extensions that you want, and then the tool will do all the work.

9. DomainHole

While not as expansive as the other free domain name generators listed in this article, DomainHole still offers a variety of tools (several to be exact) that you can use to create and a domain name.

Aside from the usual brainstorming tools, you can also look for recently expired domain names and create random domains with their name generators. If you want, you can even specify and check all domain extensions to look for the perfect domain name.

10. Domains Bot

Not only does Domains Bot do an excellent job of generating interesting domain names for free, they also allow you to pick synonyms that you’d like to use with your original keywords. Combining these factors can result in some pretty cool names that you probably wouldn’t have thought of.

To use it, you first have to put in one or more seed keyword. After that, you can through the initial results, customize the TLDs that you want, add or change the synonyms, and even add in your preferred prefixes and suffixes.

In the beginning, a lot of the Domains Bot results are pretty straightforward but go further down more and you’ll find some pretty interesting combinations.

11. Panabee

For a domain name generator, business name generator, and domain name search tool that’s easy to use, you can’t go wrong with Panabee.

Interestingly enough, they wanted to be called Pandabee — unfortunately, that domain name was already taken.

With Panabee, you can start looking for a domain name by entering two keywords, which they will then list out name suggestions based on those. If the domain name you want is taken, you can head over to a domain registrar site and check for other available extensions.

In addition to suggestion domain names, Panabee can also check if the domain name you want is being used as a social media username.


Naming a business that’s both cool and memorable is not easy. Especially if you have to keep it on-brand with your business. Hopefully, with the best domain generators we’ve listed above, you can find a domain name that’s available and describes your business and brand well.

Have you created a name for your blog yet? If you have an awesome name already, you probably need an awesome web builder to create your website.

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