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  • Aug 10, 2017

The most important part after completing the creation of web pages, is hosting the website over the internet by an efficient hosting service.

If you will surf around the internet you can find several hosting packages, claiming them as the best, by which you can host your website for making it accessible over the internet via World Wide Web. Many web hosting companies offer packages like dedicated hosting, managed web host services, virtual data centres and others but the hosting package which offers you the best result in terms of performance and budget is the shared web hosting service.

Concept of Shared Web Hosting

Shared Web hosting is one of the most popular webs hosting service over the internet because of its economic budget and reliable features.

Almost all of the hosting providers over the globe offer the shared web hosting package which is in high demand for individual and small scale websites.  In shared website hosting technique, several websites are hosted over a single robust server and they access the computation infrastructural resources of the particular server including web space, data-processing feature, random access memory and others. The cost associated with shared web hosting is very economical as the server acquiring and maintaining cost is distributed over all the websites hosted by that specific server.

Advantages of Shared Web Hosting

The various web hosting benefits associated with shared hosting are reviewed below:

Cost efficiency  The best benefit associated with shared mode of web hosting is the budget price. As the specific server hosts several websites over the internet, thus the cost is distributed over each of the website leading to much cheaper rates which you cannot find on other hosting service packages. Normally, the annual cost lies with shared hosting ranges in between $50 to $100. And you don’t have to compromise with the web space and speed as you will get great web space of around 1 GB and up to 50 GB or even higher bandwidth.

Feasibility and operational ease As the servers under shared hosting are associated with several websites, so any individual has not to worry much about maintaining the server. Highly efficient IT experts look after the performance of the server this makes web site hosting feasible for many organizations that are not much handy with hosting techniques.

Utility Management Tool  Irrespective of the number of websites shared over a single server, web-hosting companies provide the administrative utility panel to each of the website separately. Through this admin utility control page, a user can do the modification and customization of the webpages. Also one can issue the subdomains and can create site emails as like the normal web hosting features.

Limitations associated with Shared Hosting

Though shared web hosting technique is money valued and featured hosting package but still there are few drawbacks that comes with the service. Some of such drawbacks are listed as under:

  • The main drawback is related with the safety issues. A shared web hosting service offers less security as many websites share the common server.
  • The shared hosting holds good for small websites but its performance highly degraded with bulk weighted websites
  • Less robustness is also a limitation which one has to deal with shared hosting.
  • No dedicated IP address
  • Self-handling and update of web pages.
  • Some examples of good shared hosting providers: iPage, Host1Plus, WebHostFace, Hostgator, and A2 Hosting.

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