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7 Beautiful Wedding Websites We Like (And How to Build Yours)

Wedding bells are ringing, and your big day is around the corner. There are so many things to do, so why not use a website to help? Don't underestimate the power of a wedding website. It can be a centralized go-to place for all your guests' needs.

Your wedding website acts as your helper during your preparations leading up to the mega event by serving as the platform where you send out invites, receive RSVPs, and manage your guest list. 

It's also a fantastic place to pre-and post memories with your loved ones and friends. Before showing you how to build your own wedding website, let us have a look at other lovely wedding websites and get some inspiration to help you when you design yours.

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1. Luc and Casey

Luc and Casey
A practical yet beautiful wedding website (Source: LucandCasey)

Platform used: Made with Wix

If you're looking for a sample of how a wedding website should be for guests' needs, look no further than Luc and Casey's wedding website. Using Wix, the couple created a chic website bearing a lovely gold palette theme as the background, with self-explanatory menu items at the top. Also, the handwriting-like typography as the centerpiece makes for a subtle elegance in its own right.

The wedding website focuses on the venue rather than the blissful couple. Also, it gives a clear breakdown of the wedding details and walks the guests through to find all relevant information, including transportation options, accommodations, and itinerary for the wedding. There's also the RSVP online feature to help the couple keep tabs on their guest list. 

2. Brooke and Stephen

Brooke and Stephen
An excellent example of a complete and fully functional wedding website. (Source: BrookeandStephen)

Platform used: Made with Wix

Sporting a lovely splay of pink flowers at the top of a wedding cake makes a solid statement as the main focus of the website. The couple was going for a simple yet obvious front. They designed the website using Wix, with the menu items on the left, pushing the focus to the middle on their Martha's Vineyard nuptial celebrations.

Everything is in order with details of their weekend wedding itinerary, how to get to Martha's Vineyard, accommodation options, and other recommended things to do there, including attractions and dining. Finally, the FAQ section addresses any doubts guests may have.

3. Sonny

A simple wedding website that does the job well. (Source: Sonny)

Platform used: Made with Squarespace

Made with Squarespace, the wedding website is simple yet elegant. It's functional with the basics needed to get things done. Aside from telling their story, the website focuses on the wedding details, which include the ceremony and reception. Nearby accommodations with reduced rates special for the wedding couple are available. 

A simple RSVP makes things easy for them to keep track of their guests. All in all, a great wedding website, perfect when showcasing lots of photos. 

4. Luke and Charlotte

Luke and Chrlotte
A charming wedding website that goes for a more symmetrical look (Source: LukeandCharlotte)

Platform used: Made with Squarespace

Using Squarespace, Luke and Charlotte decided to go for the symmetrical design with a slider as the centerpiece. There's a certain charm to including a full-width slider as it automatically showcases several featured photos of the couple at a glance; this appeals from aesthetic and website design perspectives.

They have included details of the ceremony, reception, and after-party. Also, there's the RSVP and recommended accommodations—the wedding website's theme color palette of muted green and pink rocks. 

5. James and Laura

James and Laura
A more eclectic and vintage approach to a wedding website (Source: JamesandLaura

Platform used: Made with WordPress

Made with WordPress, James and Laura chose a more eclectic approach when designing their wedding website. You can tell from the photos their preferred vintage taste which gives a perception of the expected ambiance of the wedding in London. They have included the wedding details, how to get there, and accommodations for their guests. 

To make things easier for the guests, they have included a web form to contact them, which is pretty nifty. Perhaps what shined the most was the logo, specially made for the occasion, which they included in their invite, accordingly received 150,000 views in a day.

6. Tmak and Jimmy

Tmak and Jimmy
A simple and aesthetically pleasing wedding website (Source: TmakandJimmy)

Platform used: Made with Weebly

Using Weebly, this wedding website sports a simple and clean layout with a screenshot of its wedding as the centerpiece. They used the website not only for pre-wedding preparations but also for post-wedding, furnishing with all the beautiful photos and videos. They included a brief background of their story as well as the proposal.

All images on the wedding day were aplenty and categorized into various sections for easier understanding. All in all, this is a simple yet pleasing fully-functional wedding website. 

7. Grayden and Jenny

Grayden and Jenny
A wedding website that instills a sense of light-hearted humor (Source: JennyandGrayden)

Platform used: Made from scratch

If you like a sense of humor in your wedding website, you should check out Grayden and Jenny's wedding website. You land on the main page, and the first impression would be – is this something out of a movie? Well, it's not, but the website is cleverly designed to induce that thought. In short, you can tell that the couple sports a rather fun and carefree personality. 

There's an introduction to both the bride and groom, followed by a jazzy and stylish way of depicting their journey of falling in love, highlighted by a retro-designed background. The website is in clearly defined sections with lots of whitespaces to ease the flow – stunning indeed.

How to Build Your Wedding Website

So you have seen the seven beautiful wedding websites, and I am sure you're all pumped up about getting one for yourself! Hold your horses as there are many ways to go about doing this. That said, the general steps are three:

  1. Register a domain
  2. Choose a web host
  3. Design, create your website, and publish

However, many providers have combined the above into a single package, which means you choose a service provider (website builder/hosting provider), and you'll have all you need to get a website up and running. There's no need to shop around and buy separately. 

That said, when it comes to designing and building your website, you can do so through either one of the following:

For this article, I shall use Wix (website builder) to show you how to build your wedding website. If you choose Wix's free plan, you'll have to use their domain name (accountname.wixsite.com/siteaddress) and host with them. 

1. Plan Your Wedding Website

Before diving into the website-building waters, you've got to at least map out what you want in your wedding website. If you're unsure of where to begin, here are several pointers for a great wedding website:

  • Your names and story
  • Proposal
  • Wedding date and time
  • Wedding venue – location address with Google Maps
  • Travel information – any travel necessities and requirements, nearby accommodation options 
  • Wedding itinerary – complete timeline
  • Dress code
  • Gift contributions (if any)
  • RSVP
  • Contact

2. Sign Up and Use Wix Wizard

Wix offers several plans but you can start your wedding website for free

Head over to Wix sign-up page and input your email and password. Your free account is created. Click ‘Get Started' and follow through the Wizard. Key in the type of website you want. You will then need to input the name of your website. 

Click here to visit Wix

3. Select Additional Features

Wix offers multiple useful features that you can easily add to your wedding website

Since you are creating a wedding website, the built-in events function will interest you. Select the ones you want and click ‘Next.'

4. Dashboard

Wix Dashboard
The Wix dashboard is easily navigable

Upon reaching the dashboard, you will see your website details, where you can edit the information anytime you want. On the left panel is a list of menu items you can browse through. Click ‘Create Event.'

5. Create your First Event

Wix Events
Let your wedding website handly your guest RSVPs

Choose the RSVP event and fill in your wedding function's name, date and time, and location. There's a TBD option for when and where, should you need more time to finalize things. Click ‘Create Event.' Remember to save it as a draft.

6. Design your Website

Wix Design
Themes let you get started building your wedding website quickly

Click ‘Customize Site' under ‘Design your website. Then choose the theme for the fonts and colors for your website. I picked ‘Elegant.'

Wix website builder
It's easy to customize a wedding website with a website builder

Wix automatically searches for the relevant homepage designs for you. Select the design you like and click ‘Next.'

Wix Add Pages
Add as many pages as you like at any time

You will see the relevant pages for your wedding website. Select those you want and click ‘Next.' Your wedding site is then ready. But your work isn't done. 

7. Customize your Website

Wix Customize
Customize your wedding website to fit your wedding theme

Launch the editor to customize your website exactly how you want it. You can add elements such as text, images, buttons, and many more. Also, add pages and menus, and sections. Many options are available. Select the one you want and drag and drop it wherever you want on the page.

Input any information you wish to share, which includes the full event details, and whatever you have decided on during your planning stage. Upload the stunning visuals of your times together. Also, Wix's Logo Maker allows you to design a customized logo with your initials, a bonus point. Ultimately, make your wedding website aligned to you and your guests' needs and put your unique spin on it.

Wix Add-ons
Wix includes some useful add-ons like logo makers

Remember, Wix features more than 500 fully-customizable templates that you can browse through for the best one for you. The good news is that they are free and gorgeous. So, if you like another template, feel free to use the Wix editor to customize it accordingly. 

8. Track RSVP

Keeping track of who's coming and not is crucial as this helps you plan for a seamless and hassle-free wedding function. You can use your wedding website to help with this task. There are website builders that come with the RSVP function. Wix Events is a helpful tool that helps track and manage your guests.

Also, it automatically gathers all RSVP responses and organizes the information for you; this helps a lot, especially with a seemingly endless list of things to follow up on in your wedding project. You can also use Wix Events to schedule multiple events – rehearsal, bridal shower, reception, after party, and more. In short, you get a capable wedding planner for free. 

Let’s Start Building Your Wedding Website!

There you go! I hope the list of wedding websites above has sparked some inspiration in you for your wedding website. Don't shun building one, as designing and creating your wedding website is easy, especially with website builders. 

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