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Strikingly Review

Company: Strikingly

Background: Founded back in 2012, Strikingly is best recognized for building one-page websites. The features such as templates, content sections, and animations are a good match for it.

Starting Price: $8.00/mo

Currency: USD

Visit Online: https://www.strikingly.com/

Review Summary & Ratings


Strikingly is a hidden gem among all the website builders. It has the features that let you create a stunning one-page website – parallax scrolling, animation, etc. It makes it possible to manage and update your website on the go with their powerful mobile app. If you are looking for alternatives, Strikingly might be the one you are looking for.

Why One-page Website?

The internet is experiencing real growth in one-page websites. And, more people are choosing one-page websites to put their business online.

Because one-page websites are:

  • Concise and fashionable.
  • Features all information in a single page.
  • Convinces more people for buying/opting in.

It is not less competent for building multi-page websites. You can create a multi-page website in the same easy way.

The builder interface is codeless and intuitive. They don't ask for any technical skill. Anyone (with or without experience) can easily build a site using it.

In this Strikingly review, you will not find it any better on other builders.


  • Excellent for single page websites
  • Generate a website from a social profile
  • Build and manage your website using mobile app
  • Switch template without losing your work
  • Allow adding HTML embed codes
  • Free stock photos from Unsplash


  • Limited theme and app selections
  • Expensive domain renewal $24.95/year
  • Limited products for online store
  • Strikingly branding on one of the paid plans

Features That Help You Get Online

1. Generate a Personalized Website From Your Social Media Profile

One click website generated by Strikingly.
One-click website generated by Strikingly.

Strikingly has introduced a new way to build a personalized website from social media profile. You can just connect your LinkedIn account to generate a personal website.

It will work almost instantly.

The system grabs the information you have over your LinkedIn profile. You can modify the generated website to meet your needs.

2. Continue Building Even When You Are on a Mobile Device

You can build and manage your websites on mobile.
You can build and manage your websites on mobile.

Strikingly is available on the mobile app. You can download for both Android and iOS devices. Strikingly makes it possible to keep working on your site even when you are not on a computer.

Since the website builder is featured on the mobile app, you can do several more tasks through the app. Like, manage orders in the store, write blog posts and more.

3. Build a Website Without Touching a Line of Code

Start building a website by making changes on each element.
Start building a website by making changes on each element.

Website builder of Strikingly is not the traditional drag-and-drop builder. It has made it even easier. All you need is to pick a template and start editing.

The builder features a layout switcher and each section contains multiple layouts. You can switch between them and choose what you exactly need.

If you want to make changes. You can edit on any visible element. A customization toolbox will show up that comes with a unique set of options.

4. Build Websites Quickly Using Ready-made Sections

Build websites fast with Strikingly ready-made sections.
Build websites fast with Strikingly ready-made sections.

Strikingly has many ready-made sections in their website builder. These pre-design sections include text, gallery, contact form, row, column, button, subscribe box and more.

Each of the section has several layouts (refer to screenshot above). You can select the one that suits you.

With the ready-made sections, it is possible to launch websites in no time. Just add the sections you need.

5. Create a Blog to Interact With Your Visitors

Adding a Blog section to interact with your visitors.
Adding a Blog section to interact with your visitors.

Strikingly's blogging section can be the solution. You can add a simple blog to your website in minutes.

You can write blog posts using the visual editor they offer. You can preview or draft a post before publishing it online.

There are other useful blog features such as:

  • Allow visitors to subscribe to your blog
  • User AMP for mobile SEO
  • Generate RSS Feed
  • Edit header and footer code

You can even manage website comments from the blog dashboard.

6. Start Selling Products from Your Website

Adding a new product to an online store.
Adding a new product to an online store.

You can start selling from your website with few simple clicks.

Strikingly has an eCommerce system built-in. To turn your website into an e-commerce store, just add a new section named “Store” to your website.

You can add new products, manage orders and track deliveries from your store dashboard.

There are also other things you can do with an online store:

  • Create coupon codes
  • Categorize products
  • Add shipping rate and guidelines
  • Take preorders
  • Select currency

For payments, you can use Paypal or Stripe. You can receive payments manually through Offline Payments. For that, you have to write down the process in the instruction box.

Strikingly Templates And Apps

Strikingly has a lot of beautiful templates in their repository. They are organized under 11 different categories. You may find a good one for your need.

Strikingly templates are most suitable for creating one-page websites. Some of them feature parallax scrolling and good animations. The layouts are responsive and they will look good on different devices.

Each template has their unique styling options. Some include ready-made color schemes, fonts, animations and more.

Beside, Strikingly offer their own media libraries to enhance the templates.

You can use the media anywhere on your templates in one click. The images and videos are free for Strikingly users without any copyright issue.

Strikingly images library.
Strikingly images library.
Strikingly videos library.
Strikingly videos library.

Strikingly has rather limited apps in their app store. The good thing is that all the apps can integrate with your website with a few click.

Although Strikingly app store is small, it covers all marketing and social media needs.

Strikingly app store.
Strikingly app store.

Strikingly SEO Checklist

Strikingly knows the importance of SEO. It offers users a basic SEO checklist. You can review whether you have covered the basics or you need work.

seo checklist
SEO checklist in a glance.

The practices include:

  • Add page title and meta description
  • Add social share image
  • Add favicon
  • Set custom URL
  • Set image alternative text
  • Include keyword in heading tag

Besides the checklist, Strikingly come with built-in analytics system to track visitors.

Visitors behavior play an important part of your overall SEO strategy.

website stats
Built-in analytics system to track visitors behavior.

With Strikingly analytics, you can track visitors' behavior up to different metrics.

Some of its important metrics are:

  • Unique visitors
  • Traffic sources
  • Countries
  • Devices

Strikingly will keep the stats records for 90 days.

Compare Strikingly Pricing And Plans

Strikingly paid plans start from as low as $8/mo for a yearly contract.
Strikingly paid plans start from as low as $8/mo for a yearly contract.

Strikingly offer simple prices and plans. All plans come with a 14-day free trial. It's risk-free. You can try them out.

You can put Strikingly plans in 2 different approaches. The Free plan allows you to build unlimited free sites with free features. Or, you need a paid plan for advanced features.

You can publish as many sites as you want with free features. If you are fine with a free site, you can keep it forever.

Else, you may find there are certain features only available for the paid plans. For example more pages/site, full font library, and mobile action buttons. If you need to add code, such as HTML, CSS or Javascript, you need to upgrade to Pro account.

Strikingly Review – Our Verdict

A report says that 55% of visitors spend less than 15 seconds on a website. That means the majority of your website is not read.

One-page websites can solve this problem. They are short and actionable. They can convince visitors to take action within this short timeframe.

Most website builders online are not well-equipped for one-page websites. But Strikingly has the perfect toolset for building one-page websites. Parallax scrolling, animation, and transition are the unique features it has.

It is suitable for creating websites such as:

  • Single product/service website
  • Company/organization website
  • Portfolio website
  • Event/cause-based website
  • Startup website

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