Inspiring E-Commerce Website Design: 20 Must See Examples

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  • Updated: Dec 07, 2011

Ecommerce is well on its way to being the next super mall. The ease, variety, and price comparing are cultivating an even stronger online shopping culture. If you have been looking for some inspiration to design a new site or update your current one, look no further! I’ve compiled some of the best, trend setting ecommerce designs around – take a look and let me know which ones you love the most.


Under Armour screenshot

As a frequent online clothing shopper, I love the ability to realistically see the change in apparel colors. It adds confidence in my color selection as I chose which one to purchase. I also love the subtle details in the background image; it adds to the design but doesn’t distract from the main focus.

Visit UnderArmour online.


Columbia screenshot

There are so many things I love about this site – the cool color palette complement the products perfectly, the textures add both insight into the product as well as add to the design, and the images fit in well with their target audience.

Visit Columbia online.

Diamond in the Rough

Diamond in the Rough screenshot

The big pictures on this site highlight the exquisite detail of the jewelry.

Visit Diamond in the Rough online.


Cabelas screenshot

I may be a little partial to this site as it brings me back to a childhood of hunting, fishing and outdoor adventures with my dad, but overall I think this is a great site. They have organized their plethora of products into an easy navigation and use a simple layout to not distract.

Visit Cabelas online.


Converse screenshot

There are three things about this site that stand out to me – the very unique above the fold layout, the “filter by” color wheel, and the design your own shoe. I don’t know how many times I have wanted a certain color of shoes and I’ve had to wade through every color to find what I’m looking for. The design your own shoe plays very well to their target audience.

Visit Converse online.

Bonfire Snowboarding

Bonfire Snowboarding screenshot

The interactivity potential of this site is great. The blog and multimedia layout is very unique and easy to follow. I don’t think this tactic would work for every site – but it does for this one.

Visit Bonfire Snowboarding online.


Coast screenshot

As an upscale clothing company, Coast has effectively designed their site to appeal to their market. It’s all about the clothes and the elegant shopping experience – the simply layout and emphasis on photography fits well.

Visit Coast online.

River Island

River Island screenshot

River Island is banking that pictures really are worth 1,000 words, and I think it’s working for them. From the first glance of their homepage you know exactly what type of clothing you are going to find on their site.

Visit River Island online.

Innovative Baby

Innovative Baby screenshot

Mother’s everywhere will have a hard time resisting the images on this site; just look at those sweet little tights!

Visit Innovative Baby online.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie screenshot

Abercrombie is known for their risqué advertising and in-store promotions – their website is no different. The provocative imagery is iconic of the brand and is exactly what their advocates are looking for in their marketing.

Visit Abercrombie & Fitch online.


Hollister Co. screenshot

I hesitated adding Hollister to this list being as it is so similar to Abercrombie, but the textures on this site are too great to not highlight.

Visit Hollister online.

One+Only Custom Headboards

One+Only Custom Headboards screenshot

Colors, textures, and fun – without going overboard.

Visit One+Only Custom Headboards online.



This site is a great example of how to use bright colors without looking like you design your site in 1997.

Visit RideFourEver online.



With the recent rebranding of the company, the website has received a face lift as well. My favorite part? The tracker! You get to know exactly where your pizza is at in the cooking stage and when it should arrive on your doorstep. Genius!

Visit Dominos online.

Da Vinci Gourmet

Da Vinci Gourmet screenshot

The colors on this site screams gourmet. One unique tool this site has integrated into their site is a recipe finder so not only do you learn how to make yummy drinks, it provides links to their products to make sure you get all of the flavors you need.

Visit Da Vinci Gourmet online.

4th Street Cookie

4th Street Cookies screenshot

The images on this site are mouth watering! I love the little images in the drop down navigation as well.

Visit 4th Street Cookie online.


Keedo screenshot

You’ve probably noticed by now that I am a fan of textures. This site uses subtle textures and little details to embellish the site.

Visit Keedo online.

Shoe Guru

Shoe Guru screenshot

There is little confusion about what this site is selling with the prominent pictures of shoes all over the site. The product layout is unique and very focused.

Visit Shoe Guru online.


Nestliving screenshot

This is a very modern website for a company that sells modern furniture.

Visit Nestliving online.


Apple screenshot

The apple website might be one of my favorite websites. Bold product images, simple descriptions and very personable copy. The steps to customizing your technology are incredibly straightforward to facilitate a positive shopping experience.

Visit Apple online.

Rifle Paper Co.

Rifle Paper Co. screenshot

A DIYer’s dream site! Very easy to navigate and find exactly what you are looking for.

Visit Rifle Paper Co. online.


iStock screenshot

Probably not a big surprise, but this site does photos well.

Visit iStockphoto online.

Am I missing any great sites that inspired your design? Or maybe your site is jaw droppingly good – post a link for all to see.

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