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7 Cute Pet Websites We Like (and How to Build Yours)

In a world darkened by the shadows of war, hunger, and poverty, we do the best we can to lighten our lives. Pets are one of the most significant ways of making life more liveable. Having a pet dog, cat, or rabbit waiting for you to get home to your comfort zone is a definite stress-buster.

Yet pets are more than simple animal companions. Many have become as close as members of the family. From personal pet websites to pet stores, many showcase pets in beautiful and novel ways. If that’s made you curious, here are some of the best we’ve found.

Who knows, they may inspire you to build your pet website.

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1. I Can Has Cheezburger?

i Can Has Cheezburger?

Nowadays, nothing seems funny without a tinge of memes as your daily dose of laughter. I Can Has Cheezburger? is the gold standard of pet-related humor. The website name originates from the iconic meme “I can has cheezburger” from 2007. 

The best part about this website is that the humor aims at pet owners. It’s stuff to which animal lovers can relate – like a cat looking proud of draping toilet paper all over your home. You’ll spend hours scrolling and laughing your guts out.

Oh yes, did I mention cats? While other animals are features, cats (and kittens) take center stage here. Like their cat meme of the decade meme showing a calm cat reminding people that while dogs are loyal, cats don’t tell police where you hide your drugs.

The website showers you with tonnes of regularly updated silly animal GIFs and comedies. I Can Has Cheezburger is the website for you whether you're searching for some light amusement, motivation, or something to share.

2. The Bark

The Bark

The Bark is a must-visit website for dog owners. It is a great website to browse various topics, including expert veterinarians' free guidance on canine nutrition, exercise, and training. Beginning as a newsletter advocating for Berkeley's off-leash dog parks in 1997, The Bark rapidly grew into an award-winning digital publication. 

The Bark has a lot of content from the dog world to offer. There is a drop-down menu at the top navigation bar that shows all the content on the website, ranging from dog wellness, lifestyle, and culture to training, activities, and stories. 

An interesting page is “Your Dogs” where you can meet smiling dogs or even share a photo of your four-legged friend. Selected entries get a mugshot display on the Weekly Smilers section of their newsletter.

3. Petfinder 


Petfinder is a good choice for anyone looking to adopt a pet. Petfinder is an integrated online hub of physical shelters that offers a vast selection of dogs, cats, reptiles, horses, rabbits, and even barnyard animals from which to choose.

You can simply enter your location and search parameters such as pet age and compatibility with other canines or children. The search results will narrow down the best pet available, considering the distance and personal taste. 

If unsure, you’ll get to play a fun interactive quiz to help you find the perfect pet breed of your choice. 

Yet Petfinder is not all about pet adoption. The website’s navigation bar highlights three main sections (Find a Pet, Breeds, and Resources). It can give deep insights into the different cat and dog breeds so that you will know what traits you seek. 

Plus, you get to watch educational yet cute pet videos, such as how to teach your dog to wave or minimize cat scratching.

4. Yoga Dogs

Yoga Dogs

Practicing yoga can benefit your body and mind in various ways, including stress reduction. Have you ever imagined doing yoga with your pet dog? This activity even has a special name – Doga. While I don’t find the name overly impressive, this website might surprise you.

While dogs can’t execute most yoga postures, they will appreciate most yoga sessions' stretching and relaxing energy. Are you still in disbelief? The Yoga Dogs website will help you and doggo connect with your inner puppies.

You can browse through dozens of stylish dogs and cats. You’ll be intrigued by how these furry heartthrobs can pose on camera in complex positions. You will also get to know the names of the posers and their yoga positions as you move your mouse cursor over each image. If these images are too cute, don’t worry, it gets even better. The website also sells calendars, cards, a yoga book, and hot cocoa for your enjoyment.

5. The Dodo

The Dodo

The Dodo gained fame due to the prevalence of its videos that flood social media platforms. While easily accessible, you can get even more of them (and access to articles published by The Dodo) on their website.

Content on The Dodo website is often heart-warming and motivational. You can click through countless lists of beneficial postings, regardless of whether you have a pet or you just love animals. There are separate pages allowing you to learn, ask questions about animals, or even submit your pet videos.

DodoTV fills you with binge-worthy animal video series if you're bored and need emotional uplifting. There’s also a place for children who love funny and playful animal videos that will make their day.

6. Cuteness


Every month, millions of pet lovers browse through Cuteness, particularly for its cute yet educational pet-centric content. The Cuteness Pet Community was created in 2008 for pet owners to show off their animals and connect with other animal enthusiasts. 

In today's world, Cuteness is more than just a social network; it's your one-stop website for viral animal videos, pet names, and so much more. You can distract yourself from work or your mind chatter by exploring the website’s humorous stories and images, product and training suggestions, and information on common misconceptions about animal behavior.

If you’re into podcasts, you can bend your ears towards Cuteness Pawdcast. Each half-hour session includes pet tales, health and training advice, humorous news, and interviews with celebrity pet owners.

7. Carli Davidson 

Carli Davidson

Pet photography can be random, but it takes skill to produce novel and distinctive images that showcase your pets’ character. Imagine the hassle of controlling your pets for the right picture-perfect moment.

This challenge is why Carli Davidson deserves applause for her exemplary work published on her website. Carli Davidson concentrates on capturing the true personality and humor of the animals in her pet photography. Her work is featured widely on websites, photographic magazines, and national and international news outlets.

This website is simple to use. The home page is a stunning showcase of the latest dog and cat photos. Categories such as “Shake Dogs” and “Shake Cats” are just one click away. The “Shake” series showcases hilarious pictures of distorted expressions pets make when shaking off water.

How to Build Your Own Pet Website

Step 1. Choose Your Web Hosting Plan

Using a website builder like Zyro to create a pet site is great as it is simple and easy to use.
Website builder like Zyro is simple and easy to use when creating pet websites. (visit Zyro)

Web hosting will be the foundation of your new pet website. For beginners, I recommend a web hosting plan that includes a website builder or choose WordPress hosting. These will help you build your pet website even if you don’t know how to code.

Reputable hosts good in these areas include;

Step 2: Find the Perfect Domain Name

 NameCheap is one of the bigger names in the industry
 NameCheap is one of the bigger names in the industry. (visit Namecheap)

Domain names are the addresses people type in the web browser when trying to visit your pet website. In 2023, finding the perfect .com address can be a challenge. Too many of them are already out of circulation.

Many web hosting plans will include a free domain name but consider getting an alternative domain name extension instead of .com. 

Pet lovers can grab a .pet domain name available for pet-related websites. However, note that this extension won’t be available everywhere. Some places you can get a .pet domain name include;

Also available are domain name extensions like .cat and .dog.

Step 3: Build Your Website

Wix Pet templates
Website builder templates give you a quick launch point to build your pet website. (visit Wix)

If you’ve chosen web hosting with a website builder or WordPress, then putting things together can be simple. These tools often include templates you can modify to fit your needs. Since pets are a popular topic, you’ll find no end of pet-centric themes and templates.

Once you’ve modified your pet website to fit your needs, you can open it to the public and start working on getting some web traffic. Remember – it’s not all about cute images. Build some decent content to let search engines know what your website is doing.

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to get lost in the moment when seeing these cute pet websites. However, starting a website for your pet is a long-term commitment – just like your furry friend. Yet if you put in the effort and stick to it, owning a pet website can be rewarding in more ways than one.

Aside from being a talking point and giving you a sense of achievement, your pet website can be financially independent. You can potentially earn money from advertising, subscriptions, and merchandise sales. These are all big earners for popular websites.

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