Roundup: 23 Best Flat Icon Packs in 2013

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  • Updated: May 08, 2019

I'm a big fan of minimalist designs; and without doubt, I love flat design icons. With 2014 just couple of weeks away, I thought it'd be cool to run a roundup post and showcase some of the best, free flat icon designs in 2013. So here we go, 23 sets of some of the best flat-designed icons in 2013, enjoy!

Note: Click image for free downloads and more info; all links open in new windows.

1. Flat Icon Pack by Buatoom

flat icon set - buatoom

2. Flat Icons (Vol.3) by Pixeden

flat icon set - google inspired

3. Snowflakes by FreePik

flat icon set - snowflakes

4. Flatilicious by Pixel Fabric

flat icon set - Flatilicious

5. Flat UI by Design Modo

flat icon set - flat ui

6. Cosmo Mini by IcoJam

flat icon set - cosmo mini

7. MMII Flat by Stalker 018

flat icon set - mmii

8. Leaf by WHSR

flat icon set - leaf

9. Flats by Mike Clarke

flat icon set - flats

10. Flat Icons by Dan Vineyard

flat icon set - dan

11. Free Flat Icons by Zizaza

flat icon set - zizaza

12. Free Flat Icon Set by Barry Mccalvey

flat icon set - barry

13. Flat Icon Set by Pinto

flat icon set - pinto

14. Flat E-Commerce Icon Set by Smashing Magazine

flat icon set - smashing

15. Flat Icon Set by Elegant Themes

flat icon set - elegant

16. Square by WHSR

flat icon set - square

17. Web Icon PSD by Web Design Hood

flat icon set - web design hood

18. Flat Icons (Vol.2) by Pixeden

flat icon set - google inspired 2

19. Ballicons by Nick Frost

flat icon set - ballicon

20. Flat Icon Set by Icon Shock

flat icon set - shock

21. Long Shadow by Web Icon Set

flat icon set - long shadow

22. Building Icons by Eric R. Mortensen

flat icon set - building

23. Free Flat Icon Set by Studio 4 Creative

flat icon set - studio 4


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