10 Indispensable iPhone Apps for Developers

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  • Updated: May 19, 2015

The iPhone is an incredibly diverse tool that offers loads of functionality to practically any type of user, and this includes web developers. There have been tons of apps to surface on the app store to make the job of a developer just a little bit easier, and the following are definitely top applications that should not be overlooked.

These are 10 of the most indispensable iPhone apps available to users right now.

Typography Manual

Any web developer will see this app as a must once they begin to explore its contents. Because typography is such a huge part of web design and graphic design, this app is essential to any web developer looking for free apps to add to their arsenal. It comes loaded with resourceful tools such as an easy-to-use Em calculator, short guides on typesetting, history of typography, and more.  It even includes a type anatomy glossary. No developer wants to go without this powerful app.

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Color Expert

Color Expert is a cool little app that helps match HEX codes to colors that you manually pick out. It will even import a photograph into the app, and users can pick out a specific color in the photo for analysis. Not only does the app provide these features and a swap book, you can even check out various color palettes such as the designer-friendly PANTONE colors, RGB, CMYK, and more. If you’re heavily into finding and matching colors for your projects, this app could become your best friend.

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Designers HQ

This app is the ultimate answer for any developer looking for inspiration, help, or tips in the world of design. The app is backed by a solid community that is constantly updating the “HQ” with new tutorials, tips and freebies for designers and developers alike. While the community supplies a solid amount of content to the app, a lot of its content also comes from major sources such as Smashing Magazine and others.

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WhatTheFont is a neat little app that allows you to use your phone to snap a photo of a particular typeface that you like. Once you’ve snapped your photo, the app will analyze the typeface pictured and match it to one in its vast database of various typefaces and fonts. Once the app matches your query with a result, you’ll get to see the typeface demoed, and you’ll even get a quick overview and history of it. Pretty nifty, huh?

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Analytics App

Think of this app as your gateway to keeping track of what is going on with your website’s performance. It is practically a mobile version of Google Analytics with the same functionality and features as you would get on the main website. Simply log into your Google account to stay on top of the latest with your website and check over 55 different reports available for your site. If you’ve got an iPhone with high speed internet and you’re looking for something to help you stay on top of your website’s progress at all hours of the day, even when you’re away from home, the Analytics App is the perfect solution.

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Regex Cheat Sheet

This is a wonderful app that will not only serve as a cheat sheet, but will even allow you to write and test regular expressions straight from your iPhone. The app provides you with syntaxes and commands that are also completely testable from within the app. The Regex Cheat Sheet also provides cheat sheets for PHP, Perl, Java, and so much more. This is definitely an essential tool for any web developer.

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SQLite Database Console

Have you ever wanted to access your SQLite database straight from your iPhone? SQLite Database Console now allows you to do that with providing features for creating tables, querying, and inserting data all straight from your iPhone. This app doesn’t require you to be at the desk or computer to make changes or query your database, you can do it straight from your phone with loads of other great features such as automatically storing recently executed statements for easy re-use, an SQL console, creating lists of favorite commands, and so much more. Any web developer with a high speed internet enabled iPhone definitely needs this tool.

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With ServersMan, you can instantly start using your iPhone as a flash drive. Additionally, the app can act as a true portable server by giving users access to the internal web server engine. Even if you’re just interested in using the app as a personal data backup utility, it is certainly not a bad trade-off for a free price.

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Sketches is great for the web developer who needs a great tool for quickly and precisely executing good ideas before they happen. Sometimes, a pencil and sheet of paper just aren’t enough, and that’s where Sketches comes in. With this app, you can place clipart, arrange text, draw with various different types of brushes, and even add fun effects. This is definitely a great tool for any web developer who always finds himself sketching or coming up with ideas on the fly.

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Developer’s Tool Kit

Lastly, but certainly not least, the Developer’s Tool Kit is a great multi-featured app for the web developers who are constantly in need of knowing UTF-8 characters for their projects. This app is a really great help for coding websites, or needing to know a specific code for a character. What’s even better is that the codes are alphabetized by their descriptions, and not their codes! For example, the character of a snowflake is relevantly labeled as “snowflake” for easy searching. The Developer’s Tool Kit even comes with extra tools such as a color wheel for color buffs or even an extra calculator for easy calculating on the fly.

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