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7 Online Tools to Help You Write Faster and Better

Writing can be easy to some but a pain to others. If you are into writing, the technicalities of different writing forms make it difficult without the need to outsource for improvement. Hence, if you want to improve the quality of your work, online writing tools are an excellent option. 

Here are seven tools that can help smoothen your writing journey:

1. Grammarly 


Grammarly is an all-rounder tool when it comes to perfection in writing. Implied by its name, Grammarly checks grammar and highlights spelling mistakes beyond what you could ask. Therefore, you can reassure your confidence in writing by Grammarly’s “overall score” feature in terms of performance, word count, readability, and vocabulary.

What Are The Features of Grammarly?

Grammarly has many options to offer if you’re a goal-setter. You can establish a target audience, formality of tone, and intent to inform Grammarly’s AI about your script. This way, you will ensure that your writing never drifts away from your goals. 

Grammarly gives you suggestions to correct mistakes such as improper verbs and wrong punctuations, and it reduces wordiness to increase sentence clarity. The tool is easily accessible thanks to its Chrome and Microsoft Word plugins.

Plans and Pricing

Grammarly offers a free version capable of giving your texts an error-free makeover. However, this version also limits the type of corrections shown. For example, you only get hints of what goes wrong in your content. You need a Premium upgrade for $12/mo to unlock Grammarly's full power.

2. QuillBot


QuillBot is a straightforward tool that helps you with instant sentence paraphrasing. I like this tool because it allows you to test various sentence structure possibilities and selects correct synonyms to replace poor choices of words. 

How Is QuillBot So Good?

Unlike many tools that take their sweet time to process requests, Quillbot is fast. The tool churns out alternatives in seconds and is a blessing to busy writers that need a fast-paced interface to articulate their craft.  

Quiullbot offers its users five modes from which to choose. Which mode you select will depend on the tone and style of your writing. For example, you can click on the creative option to rephrase factual sentences into creative ones. Meanwhile, selecting the formal option can do the trick if you need to paraphrase into a professional sentence. 

You don’t necessarily need to run the paraphrase in its entirety. Once there are portions you like, you can freeze those parts to avoid re-paraphrasing them. Using this feature is an art and needs practice, though.

Plans and Pricing

The free version only allows 125 words in the paraphraser, with one freeze per session. You can decide between the standard and fluency modes to paraphrase your sentences. The premium version at $4.17/mo gives you unlimited words and freezes with which to work each session. 

3. Hemingway App

Hemingway App

Hemingway App aims to simplify your writing into readable content for your readers. The app emphasizes keeping sentences short so that content is easier to read. This tool reminds me of times in English class when the teacher would stand behind wayward students with a cane.

What Does Hemingway App Do?

As you write, it will flag your errors along the way, drawing bright, colorful lines across the page. Anyone watching will have a good snigger at your ineptitude. The looming threat is the same as how Hemingway is particular in your use of technically correct English.

For example, it seriously dislikes writing with a passive voice and the overuse of adverbs. 

Hemingway also shows the reading time of your text. This “timing” can serve as a guideline to help you gauge how deeply into the content you can delve before your audience loses focus.

You can choose modes (write/edit) to switch between, a readability score, and a word count to keep you alert as you write. You can start writing in the “Write” mode to be distraction-free from Hemingway’s highlighting. Switch to the “Edit” mode whenever you’re ready for scrutiny.

Plans and Pricing

The free web version is all that you need if you need to save every cent of your earnings. For a one-time purchase, a desktop (Windows or Mac) version is available at $19.99 with free upgrades during new releases.

4. PrePost SEO

Prepost SEO

Article rewriting becomes easier with PrePost SEO. The tool is multipurpose and includes plagiarism checking and paraphrasing for original content. That, in turn, can help you work towards improving your search rankings.

Is PrePost SEO Reliable?

PrePost SEO helps by changing the right words to synonyms that fit into your narrative. Besides, the tool allows unlimited characters to stop you from repeatedly spinning smaller sections of your texts, all at once.

The plagiarism detector compares your content to Internet searches and examines social network descriptions to ensure originality. That’s important since the rewriter tool spins text randomly. Even an accidental match is considered plagiarism.

Other features include 95+ sub-tools, with one that especially caught my attention—the readability checker. Educators, this tool is a boon to you. Try using the readability checker to see if your students can easily digest your texts. The tool provides a run-down on your sentences to identify structural problems and provide solutions to such errors.

Plans and Pricing

If you are interested in the paraphrasing tool, it comes in three price plans. The lowest tier is $50 per year and limits you to submissions of 5,000 words each time and a total of 50,000 queries. Opt for the Standard or Company plans at $150 and $350 per year, respectively, to increase those limits.

5. SpinBot


Spinbot is a free, automated article spinner and paraphraser that rewrites into new, intelligent, and readable text. With a single click, you can transform a previous blog post or website content into a brand new one. Taking the extra step is an excellent way to help you build website content of better quality.

Is SpinBot Any Good?

SpinBot’s software instantly identifies and replaces words that make your texts boring. Try spinning title texts before you publish your article to capture readers' attention. The tool allows you to spin, rewrite, or paraphrase a long paragraph up to 10,000 characters in length or 1,000 words.

To break out of a writing dilemma, all you need to do is spin one more time. The tool can also understand the context and purpose of the text as you type. SpinBot also offers a paraphrasing tool in which you may change the length of your rephrased text to make it shorter or longer.

Plans and Pricing

Spinbot is one of the few tools for content improvement that’s 100% free. There’s no limit to how much content you can spin. Developers can even use the Spinbot API to add Spinbot functionality to websites.

6. Wordtune 


Wordtune is a rephrasing tool that assists in rewriting texts in a short amount of time and makes it easier to convey a message. The tool, founded by AI21 Labs in 2018, uses advanced AI and language models to produce novel, rewritten sentences. 

Is Wordtune Any Good?

Wordtune helps by providing modes that help make your sentences more impactful. There are informal (casual), professional (formal), reduce lengthy sentences (shorten), and lengthen your short sentences (expand) modes to test out. 

Non-native English speakers get an added advantage from this tool. You can insert texts from a foreign language such as Spanish, Hindi, and Mandarin, then just click the rewrite button to receive rephrasing suggestions in English. You can express your ideas and thoughts in your language without the hassle of cracking your head for an English version. 

You can install Wordtune as a browser plugin or desktop editor. The latter is downloadable from the Wordtune website.

Plans and Pricing

The free edition of Wordtune includes the rewriting tool, and you are limited to 20 daily rewrites with this version. For more, you will need a Premium plan for $9.99/mo. There is also a Premium for Teams plan that covers multiple users.

7. SpinnerChief 7

Spinner Chief

SpinnerChief 7 is a paraphrasing tool that uses Natural Language Analysis to understand texts and rephrase them into unique content. The tool boosts sentence readability by offering various restructuring patterns to increase readability. 

What Does SpinnerChief Do?

Users of SpinnerChief can compare articles in batches, which helps them to detect any variations, ensuring that each paraphrasing is 100% original. The AI is capable of learning phrases and sentence patterns to generate human-like sentences with accurate grammar. There is a batch spin option to spin many articles at once easily. 

SpinnerChief’s keyword management is a boon to social media influencers, who can benefit by adding Google-ranked keywords to their articles. Perhaps best of all, SpinnerChief 7 has a Team edition that allows team members to create, manage or use a thesaurus collaboratively.

Plans and Pricing

The free version’s 20 spins per day and a 150-word limit are an excellent choice for small-scale writers. The Ultimate version at $57/mo allows batch spinning if you need to spin many articles in one go. Alternatively, pay a $307 one-time fee for lifetime use of SpinnerChief.

Final Thoughts

Everything today is highly digital, and content is the blade's cutting edge for anyone aiming for dominance in cyberspace. Thankfully, there’s help from these online writing tools if you aren’t Virginia Woolf or Stephen King.

If you’ve struggled to cope with writing, check out the suggestions above. Many offer a free option you can test extensively before making a purchase. These tools help save time and brainpower for better things than simply writing. 

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