Mobile World and Mobile Marketing in 2013 – Tips and Tricks for Revenue Increase

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Just look around you – smart-phones and tablets are virtually everywhere, used by everyone, from those aged 5 to those aged 70. Ignoring m-commerce is not an option. Since mobile search has changed the way people search for websites, a mobile website, responsive design, a cool app, or a combination of all these is necessary for a chance at success.

However, it is often not enough just to go mobile – you have to think mobile and create campaigns which support the idea that the world has gone, well, mobile.


The Stats Prove What We See

Nearly 60 percent of all activities on mobile devices are search related, and 4 out of 5 consumers will use mobile search and their smartphones to shop. Twenty five percent of consumers shop online only when they are using their mobile devices.

This is a significant portion of the market left unattended by those who do not keep up with the latest trends. Engaging this part of the market with your online shop requires adapting to the mobile.

By 2016, nearly 60% of all consumers will own a smartphone. (Source: ). A good question to ask yourself at this point is whether you want to reveal the hidden potentials of your business by going mobile. Let’s see a case study which speaks in favor of this motion.

A Case Study – Domino’s Pizza

After a scandal which inflicted severe damage on the company’s image, the leading pizza delivery service from the United States, Domino’s Pizza, recovered swiftly with the aid of new technologies. Namely, the overall number of online orders increased, and the weekly revenue reached £ 1 million, 50.6 % percent of which was due to online commerce.

What we are interested in here is the fact that Domino’s Pizza has been using a number of mobile platforms for smartphones and tablets, relying both on these platforms and a mobile-optimized website. This company presents their services using a mobile app named Blippar, which, apart from giving the customers the opportunity to order via a mobile device, offers a connection to Domino’s Pizza Facebook profile, their menu, store locator, as well as the company’s own app.

Reference link, here.

Mobile Search, Websites and Apps – Changes and Recommendations

What Has Changed?

Mobile search is not a passing fad, but a direction in which your customers are going. Nowadays, mobile devices are used for doing the actual shopping, while desktops and laptops are mostly used for doing the pre-shopping research.

You need to take advantage of this fact.

Furthermore, you need to know that SEM is becoming increasingly focused on the mobile, as well. Mobile ads now represent 20 percent of all spending on paid search advertisements, and the competitiveness grows accordingly, since the screen of a mobile device can show fewer advertisements, thus making the visibility race harsher.

The Recommendations

So, what is the recommendation for e-commerce stores? Develop a new website which will use a responsive design. You can develop a separate mobile website, but then you need to introduce switchboard tags, and, overall, we would not recommend a separate website.

A responsive design enables your website to adapt itself to mobile devices such as smartphones and it is becoming more and more popular due to the fact that it will soon be a requirement, since adaptation is required for different types of displays as well, and not just for mobile devices.

Check out these examples of responsive designs used by e-commerce stores, and you will be able to see things more clearly.

Another thing you should consider is developing an app for your business, especially if you are selling clothes or objects for everyday use. In the previously mentioned case study, an app was used to boost revenue, among other things, and many other companies are doing the exact same thing.

Amazon’s got an app store, so why wouldn’t you have it as well?

Mobile Marketing – The Recommendations for 2013

Developing a responsive website, suitable for mobile devices, or a great mobile app is only a part of the work that needs to be done.

The next thing on your to-do list should be mobile marketing, which is another important aspect of keeping up with your audience, and you need to pay attention both to search advertising and to other types of mobile marketing campaigns.

Mobile Marketing Tips

The first thing you need to consider as far as the search advertising is concerned is the potential ROI, which will determine your budget for mobile advertising, and you need to do this by reviewing the habits of your target group (or groups).

What you also need to keep in mind is the traffic you are actually getting from mobile devices. There is no point in creating a mobile campaign if your audience is somewhere else.

If you decide that mobile advertising pays off, structuring your campaigns specifically for mobile devices adds to the potential of your overall campaign. Separating mobile campaigns from desktop campaigns is definitely cost effective, since mobile campaigns outperform combined desktop-mobile campaigns by 11.5%.

You will get even better results if you separate the smartphone campaign from the tablet campaign keeping in mind that the ad positions are highly relevant because there are only 5 slots for ads on mobile devices, and, what good will your ad do if it is not clearly visible, that is, if it is not located in one of the first two slots? The ads should not be your only strategy. What happens with mobile devices is that they open some channels of communication with the potential customers you probably didn’t consider. Turning to SMS marketing or mobile coupons could boost your ROI significantly:

  • SMS marketing – Targeting and segmentation of the audience is vital since there are only 160 characters for delivering a message.

  • Mobile coupons – There are four ways to offer mobile coupons – banner ads, mobile apps, QR codes and SMS. Whichever way you choose, keep in mind that a good deal is a powerful incentive for buyers. Just remember Black Friday…

So, whatever you choose to do, always keep in mind that your mobile website needs to support each one of your campaigns. Special landing pages are often necessary, because if your potential customers do not land on whatever they were searching for when they clicked your ad or a link to your website, they are just going to move on.

The same thing goes if the payment procedure is too complicated for them, so make sure it is clear and simple.

The World Has Gone Mobile – Will You Follow?

We introduced the most important things you need to know about going mobile. Now it is up to you to decide whether what we were talking about is worth your attention. We would recommend that you start working on going mobile immediately, since, if you haven’t considered it yet, you are already falling behind.

Keeping pace with the technological development is not always easy, but everything comes at a price, and we think it will cost you much more if you choose to ignore the current mobile trends.

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