10 Web and Marketing Trends that Dominated Jan’14 (and are Likely to Stay Around)

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  • Updated: Apr 03, 2017

As a new year begins, everyone in the web verse was anticipating what 2014 will bring for the online marketing realm. For those who didn’t have their ears and eyes pointed to the ground, there haven’t been many surprises. The trends, though have remained same, but have noticed bit more urgency, and a slight shift in the dependence on certain aspects of social media – swinging upwards.

Let’s take a look at what January 2014 was about, and what it brought for the digital marketing aficionados.

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1. Social Media Continues to March Ahead at a Ballistic Speed

What did you expect anyways! For the souls who found themselves lost in the world of digital marketing, and who had little or no knowledge of SEO, social media has come as a savior. Rather, it does more than just saving the day. Social media has let even the novices of digital marketing perch their websites on the top of their potential reader’s mind through some simplest of techniques to promote their content. That is not say that social media marketing can be mastered by anyone and everyone, but even the lack of experience can deliver incredible results. The Facebook groups have opened new avenues where you can post a link and can be assured that it will be seen by a multiple number of visitors – relevant visitors on top of that.

2. Quality Content Isn’t making an Exit, Not Yet

And why would it! It is not just your visitors who love to stumble upon a piece of content that in full of insight and intrigues them, Google has its own biases (for good). The fresh and unique content has been the buzzword for quite a while and I wager the focus is only going to get deeper. More and more business owners are understanding how content can totally transfigure their marketing stratagem and bring more results to it.

3. Guest Posting Continues to Breed (despite the unsettling buzz)

An amazing way to attain authority juice for your website content is through posting articles on established third parties. You manage to grab more eyeballs when a piece of content, accompanied by the URLs that link back to your website, gets published on websites that receive heavy traffic.

4. Guest Posting Will Get More Fraught with Risks

That said, the practice of guest posting may very well turn out to be a nasty burn for you if you don’t play to the rules Google has set. Writing a guest post for an arbitrary website that is full of spam, has zero page rank and accepts anything and everything can really make you crawl into a mud pit. Google punishes websites that have their links posted on low ranked and spammy websites.

5. Sponsored Posts Will be Given More Attention

While guest posting in its more elementary sense (and in the context of the way they are referred to ), means writing a post on some topic that relates to your business and including a link or two at the bottom in the author bio. Sponsored post is however direct marketing, where you contact a high PR website and ask them if they can accept a post that talks specifically about your company and its line of products. This is an entirely promotional post which needs you to pay a considerable amount.

6. Mobile apps are Even More Welcomed

It’s not an age anymore where fancy gadgets and phones were meant for teenagers. Today, you would find those in the hands of anyone between 10 and 60, and beyond that. And that’s where the need to market your products through mobile app emanates, and flourishes – as we are seeing of-late.

7. Content Seeding Remains Haywire

Not every business that has concentrated its resources on content seeding has benefitted from content seeding. While you may post comments with links on popular blogs and forums, one is never sure if they will remain there. Even if the forum and blog admins don’t delete them, the conversion rate is under a serious clout of doubt.

8. Video Marketing Keeps Getting Bigger

We had a Doordarshan age where a handful of advertisements made their way to television. Then we had the cable TV and the Digital TV era where there is a plethora of brands creating far more interesting advertisements for their TV audience. And then, there is Youtube and the likes of it where brand ads play before specific videos. As and when the concept is great, the videos turn viral and spring times are in store for the brands.

9. More Investment in Paid Online Advertisement

This is a derivative of video and social media marketing. Marketers will keep investing more and more on pad advertisement son platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, (through those banner ads). Posting banner ads on websites that sync with their brand will also continue to head north, despite the high charges associated with it.

10. Responsiveness of Websites Will Be Sought-After

For the fact that a large chunk of your audience accesses your website on their mobile devices, you need to make your sites mobile ready. When the website you have been constructing and pushing upwards for months does not harmonize well with the tiny devices that are getting popular by the day, you are doing a great disservice to your business. Slow loading times because of fancy features or a layout that isn’t designed to play out well on diversified operating systems will only increase the bounce rate on the site.

Web marketing is a concoction of far too many ingredients. It hardly serves a purpose for the tunnel-visioned folks, but those with a clever acumen, know how to use it to give their business a velvet touch.

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