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Where to Watch One Piece Anime Online

Any hard-core anime fan would have One Piece in their must-watch list. After all, it has circulated more than 490 million copies in various regions worldwide and is a best-selling manga series. If that perks your interest, have no worries – you can watch One Piece Anime online.

Watching One Piece Anime on Streaming Platforms

The good news is that One Piece Anime is available on several popular streaming platforms. However, you’ll be annoyed as you may not be able to access the episodes. You see, One Piece Anime is only available in certain regions. So, unless you reside in these specific locations, you won’t be able to feast your eyes on this excellent anime series.

This problem is where having a Virtual Private Network (VPN is useful. VPNs are essential tools that safeguard your privacy and protect your data. However, they’re also excellent for bypassing geolocation blocks.

All VPNs hide your actual IP address, replacing it with the IP of another server. Since VPNs offer multiple servers, you can “appear” to be connecting from almost any location around the world.

This trait helps you bypass geolocation blocks set by streaming platforms. No block, no problem – you’ll get to watch One Piece Anime online at any time.

How to Watch One Piece Anime on Netflix From Anywhere


When it comes to Netflix, you know you can never go wrong. After all, the brand ‘Netflix’ rings mighty bells as it is indeed the leader in media streaming platforms. Boasting hundreds of millions of faithful subscribers all around the globe, Netflix built its wealth of libraries on licensing content from others.

However, Netflix decided not to rely so heavily on such distributors; they kicked off producing original content, referred to as “Netflix Originals.” Due to their great success, they decided to release more.

Netflix Regions Where One Piece Anime is Available

Content distributors know that different regions have different demands for specific titles. The price naturally goes up when there is a high demand for particular content in some locations. Netflix pays more, causing them to pause and rethink their strategy.  

Due to these fees and licensing issues, Netflix adopted a region-specific restriction on some titles. So, if you happen to reside in the country with streaming rights for that content, you’re in luck. For example, a limited release of One Piece Anime is available on Netflix Canada and US.

However, if you wish to view ALL their episodes, you’ll need to install a VPN and connect to a Japan-based server. Netflix Japan will be releasing all One Piece Anime episodes – but it’s a work in progress. 

Now that’s out of the way, here’s how to get access to those One Piece Anime episodes;

Using Surfshark to Access One Piece Anime On Netflix

Surfshark Homepage (visit)

If you’re all charged up with your bag of potato chips, ready to binge-watch the many episodes of One Piece Anime on Netflix but find that you can’t – calm down. Here’s your solution:

Step 1. Subscribe to a Surfshark Plan

Surfshark is a solid value-for-money choice. Three paid plans are available, as low as $2.21 a month. Do note, though, that this low price is only available on their 2-year plan. I think this plan is a fantastic deal since you can connect an unlimited number of devices, which is seriously cost-saving!  

Step 2. Download and Install Surfshark App

Surfshark supports almost every kind of device under the sun. So, choose the platform you need it for (e.g., Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) and download that app. Once downloaded, launch the installer and go through the step-by-step instructions. 

Step 3. Clear Your Netflix Cache

To be on the safe side, do clear your Netflix cache. This step is possibly necessary since Netflix sometimes keeps your past location information. That might disrupt you from accessing One Piece Anime episodes. 

Step 4. Launch Surfshark

Caption: Choose a region where One Piece Anime is available on Netflix.

Run the Surfshark app and log in using your Sufrshark ID and password. Connect to the US server (for example), and you’re just a step away from accessing those One Piece episodes.

Step 5. Launch Netflix

Login to Netflix and search for One Piece. Help yourself to a jolly good time!

Other Popular Streaming Platforms to Watch One Piece Anime

If you’re not a Netflix fan by chance, it’s cool. There are other platforms where you can watch One Piece Anime. Take note, though; you’ll likely still need a VPN to bypass any geo-restrictions. 

1. Hulu


Hulu remains a solid contender for Netflix as it offers consumers a more affordable means to stream their favorite shows and TV channels online. However, its number of subscribers pales compared to Netflix. 

That said, Hulu remains a solid alternative to Netflix because you pay less to access its massive library of movies, TV shows which are there for your viewing pleasure the day after they’ve aired. Yes, you won’t have to wait long. 

Also, Hulu has been expanding its original content with The Handmaid’s Tale, which has won tons of accolades. Hulu is the first among all streaming services to have ever won an Emmy.

Adding to the ever-growing list of original content comes other popular shows like Modern Love, Normal People, The Great, and others. 

You can catch your One Piece Anime episodes in Japanese with English subtitles on Hulu.

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2. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll started rolling in 2006, and like Netflix and Hulu, it is a popular streaming platform. The apparent difference is that they focus primarily on Asian content, more towards anime series and movies, including One Piece Anime.

Sony recently acquired Crunchyroll in 2021, tapping into its 5 million subscribers, not forgetting their huge database of 120 million registered users. Crunchyroll claims to have around 30,000 episodes of anime. They also offer live-action dramas and games. 

Its user interface speaks more of a forum layout. As such, it can look rather cluttered. However, the great thing about Crunchyroll is that you can sign up for free to enjoy One Piece Anime, although you’ll have to sit through ads. 

3. Funimation

Another great place to catch your favorite One Piece Anime is Funimation. There are in total 14 seasons along with a special, all for your enjoyment. Like Crunchyroll, this is also a highly rated streaming platform specializing in East Asian anime. Since 2019, Sony has taken over most of Funimation’s running.  

Both Crunchyroll and Funimation share the same parent company. However, Funimation has far fewer titles in its library, standing at over 600 than Crunchyroll. Being a well-known anime distributor in the United States, Funimation offers many popular shows such as Dragon Ball Z, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and others.

Funimation is known to dub anime shows with English voiceovers. While some may be fine with this, most die-hard anime fans prefer anime with the original voices and relevant subtitles. Many find their library limited. 

You can opt to use their free service, but watching any content will come with ads as expected. Also, you’ll get access to only a part of their library, which is disappointing. All the paid plans give you ad-free services with the cheapest affording you to only two simultaneous streams. 

One Piece Anime in a Nutshell

Eiichiro Oda’s obsession inspired this highly explosive One Piece Anime series with pirates from his childhood days. The manga series was published in 1997 and remained a current-day hit. Being in production for so long did not cause its popularity to wane. Anime fans are still hungry for more. This popularity speaks volumes of the series’s quality to the anime world. 

One Piece is a simple yet highly intriguing story about a vibrant little boy named Monkey D. Luffy who unknowingly consumed a Devil Fruit and inherited rubber material properties. He puts together a crew of pirates called the Straw Hat Pirates. Together, they set off from the East Blue Sea to begin adventures. His mission is to claim the title of “King of the Pirates.” To do so, he needed to find the “One Piece.”  

So far, there have been 20 seasons, and out of these, fans have voted Season 20 – Wano Country Arc as the favorite, followed by Season 13 – Impel Down Arc. 


One Piece is a masterpiece in its own right. Demand remains high for this title today, and it shows no sign of waning. It is not surprising that it has reached its 1000th episode. Unfortunately, you can only watch One Piece Anime in selected countries. 

Those pesky distribution rights are annoying, especially since most streaming platform subscribers pay similar rates worldwide – albeit in different currencies. 

Don’t worry, as you can now watch all of One Piece Anime episodes by connecting to a VPN, and it is the easiest solution to bypass such restrictions. Feel free to peruse through the above streaming platform options. You’ll get to enjoy the upcoming end-of-year holidays by binge-watching your favorite anime series – One Piece. 

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