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WHSR Twitter Chat Recap: Blog Growth Hacking and Make Money Tips

Did you take part in a Twitter chat recently? If not, what's holding you back?

Twitter chat is an underrated marketing arsenal every business should be on. It is proven as an essential strategy to build trust, increase brand awareness, and enhance the relationship with your audience.

If you are wondering how to start your own Twitter chat, here and here are some great guides to follow.

WHSR has started our own hashtag #WHSRnetChat, reaching out to bloggers, influencers, individuals, brands, organizations, etc. to collect their views and feedback on topics related to blogging.

We started this Twitter chat campaign with a purpose – to help our readers build a better blog.

Let's begin with our first Twitter question.

#WHSRnetChat Q1. What is your no 1 tip(s) to grow your blog in 2016?

2016 continues to be a challenging year for the blogging industry. With new guidelines from Google on how to rank better in searches, bloggers are expected to put in more hard work to achieve excellence.

One of the important element is the need to add a true level of authority to the content.

A blog should focus on providing better and more useful content to readers. In another words, bloggers may need to do more research and writer longer posts.

Here are some of the responses WHSR received to the question posed in our first Twitter Chat tweet:

Several of our Twitter chat participants suggested consistency and hard work remain the fundamental keys to growing a blog.

Having a unique tone of voice when blogging is equally as important as writing good content.

Tone jumps off the pages and connects you with readers. The closer you are to your audience, the better you are in understanding what they are looking for and it is a smart way to grow your blog, too!

Recently, Jerry @WebHostingJerry, wrote a guest post for Problogger to help you keep up with blogging tasks. Check out these 5 blogging strategies he is betting on in 2016.

Here are some points to conclude our first Twitter chat question:

  • Produce helpful, in-depth original content
  • Be active on social networks to engage more with your audience
  • Put in more hard work and remain consistent

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Let's move on to our second Twitter chat question.

#WHSRnetChat Q2. What is your go-to tool(s) for social media management?

It's well know that a blogger has a hectic daily routine.

You have to read articles, do in-depth research, plan your blog post, promote your blog, etc. Your schedule is packed! As such, you need tools to help you to do things better, especially to manage your social media.

Managing social presence is one of the important parts you can't afford to lose. It is also true that managing social presence will consume much of your time and energy. We have @mentioned this question to bloggers and marketers and here are highlighted answers.

We have come up with some unofficial stats on this question. Take it as a reference if you have yet to decide which social media management tool to choose.

As you can see, most of our participants recommend Buffer, Hootsuite and Socialoomph as their go-to tools for social media management.

Hootsuite and Buffer are the two most popular social media management tools among our Twitter community. You can see the rest here.

In case you need some quick hacks, here's what you need to know when you are using them.

1. Hootsuite

You can link up all your social media accounts in one place and schedule your posts. Let Hootsuite work out when to send them out. You might want to save the useful posts to re-use later.

2. Buffer

Buffer allows you to add RSS feed to your Buffer social profiles and share links directly from your blog. You can also optimize your Buffered timings with Tweriod in order to create a customized posting schedule.

3. Socialoomph

It is a great tool when you manage multiple Twitter accounts. You can create a queue reservoir for your tweets. It helps you to schedule the same tweet written differently each time it is posted.

The interesting part to me is there are a lot of great tools worth mentioning. Most probably you don't have enough time to explore them all.


Let see what other social media management tools the Twitter community is recommending.

Here are some great social media tools to explore:

1. Crowdfire

A powerful online website that helps you to grow your Twitter and Instagram account reach. From the website, you can see who has engaged the most with your account. It also helps you to find relevant users to follow.

2. Commun.it

It is a robust Twitter management tool to boost engagement and generates potential leads. You can track all your important interactions in your community within a dashboard. The best thing is, you can set and run different campaigns according to your own schedule.

3. Meetedgar

It is simple to use. Just add all your updates to the library and create a posting schedule. Edger will use the updates in your library to create a queue. The best part is, it will “automagically” fill and refill itself and your updates is not going to waste.

Here are some points to conclude on our second question

  • Social media game is changing and your blog needs one or more. Adapt to it or die.
  • Depending on your niche, you may consider those unusual networks to reach your audience.
  • Use tools wisely and spend some time to look into your followers and metrics.

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Moving on to our final question for our Twitter chat

#WHSRnetChat Q3. What is the best way to make money from your blog?

Making money from blogging is always the hottest topic around the Internet. When you look at Google search trends, it is one of the most popular keywords of all time.

google trend make money blogging

What does this tell you? Obviously people are looking for some real answers.

In January 2016, Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income made $106,492.27. He is making (almost) as much as a small-cap public listed company.

But, where and what to begin with?

According to some of our participants, the best way to make money from blogging is affiliate sales.

Using a blog to provide a solution to your readers is also a popular way to make money. Here's how you can do it

Some of them may use blog as a leads generation tool to increase sales for products or services.

Gael Breton from Authority Hacker has analyzed how bloggers make money from blogging and came up with 3 major categories where the money comes from (which appear quite close to our survey):

Source: Authority Hacker

Here are some points to conclude our last question:

  • Many bloggers are making good money online. It can be done.
  • You can always begin with one of the three categories above.
  • Take action and learn from the pros along the way.

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This is our WHSR Twitter chat recap on #WHSRnetChat. I hope it is useful to you.

You are welcome to give us your feedback on our next Twitter chat question. Tag us on #WHSRnetChat to share your experience or ask your own questions.

Before I end my post, credit to those who have given us feedback. Let's connect @WHSRnet

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