Twitter Is Like A Cocktail Party

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  • Updated: Nov 09, 2018

If there is one thing that grabs my attention, it’s statistics. Thanks to creative designers and 21st century technology those statistics are often compiled into pretty infographics. The nice people over at Touch Agency created an informative infographic on Twitter that has some remarkable stats.

  • 200,000,000 registered Twitter accounts
  • 450,000 new Twitter accounts are created every day
  • 43% of people follow a brand on Twitter for special offers/deals
  • There are 18,000 search queries every second which is around 1.6 billion searches every day
  • 88 of the 100 Fortune Global Companies post daily news and updates
  • As many as 52% of users update their status every day
  • 67% of users are likely to recommend a brand they follow to others

Bottom line: Twitter has grown into a very powerful marketing medium and it’s only getting stronger. So the next question is how do you capitalize on this social medium and the uber-social culture in which we live?

Here’s the secret…Twitter is like a cocktail party.

Allow me to explain.

Meeting People/Followers

Just like at a party, you are able to meet new people on Twitter (it’s just called “followers”). There are three different “types” of people to follow:

People you know: If you were at a cocktail party with your friends you probably wouldn’t ignore them so why ignore them on Twitter? Ask friends and colleagues for their Twitter handle and start conversing with them through this medium as well as in person.

People you wished you knew: These are the people that everyone knows about, “the popular crowd/celebrities/industry front runners”. You could gain great insight from them at a party and the same is true about Twitter. But not only will you gain great insight on whatever interests you share, you can also learn from them on their technique. How often are the sharing information? How do they share? How do they interact with their followers? How often do they promote themselves verse just sharing their personality (funny jokes, situations, thoughts, etc.)?

People you don’t know yet, but could become great friends with. At the party, you could use small talk to meet new people and discover similar interests. In Twitter terms, you can find others with similar interests by using hash tags. For example, if you are a photographer, search #photographer and scour the results for interesting tweets. You can also use mutual friends. On Twitter, people with similar interests also tend to follow the same people. If you find a great Twitter user, look through their following for more potential contacts.


Not many relationships are sustainable without communication, both digitally and in person.

Produce Content: When you are talking to someone in person you are more than likely to share a new topic of conversation. For example, you may something like, “Did you see that touchdown in the football game last night!” or “Have you read that article on the effects of BPA in water bottles?” Do the same thing on twitter, converse with your friends based on your mutual interests. Share comments and/or links to videos, articles, and websites.

Interact: A mention (@) on twitter is synonymous with Hey! If someone starts a conversation with you, respond.

Share Stories: How many of you have retold a joke or story that you heard from a friend? On Twitter this is the “retweet” button. It’s like you’re telling your twitter followers, “Hey, my friend John just said…”


Continue to make new friendships and develop the ones you have in the same way. Before you know it you will have a solid only group of friends that you learn from, grow with, and love.

A few last tips

  1. Be yourself (nobody likes a phony or spammer)
  2. Have fun

Article by Danielle Towner

Danielle Towner is a simple, small town girl that has discovered a passion for all things digital. With a degree in marketing and several years of agency experience under her belt she has played a significant role in nearly every type of marketing for clients of all shapes and sizes. She has conducted extensive market research studies, developed marketing plans, implemented advertising campaigns, managed email marketing efforts, designed marketing collateral, composed press release and sales copy, as well as developed and implemented social media strategies. With her eagerness to learn, she strives to always be on the cusp of the next big thing.

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