Triberr Marketing: Inside Tips from 25 Experts + Exclusive Interview

Updated: Oct 26, 2020 / Article by: Jerry Low

Are you on Tribber yet? You might be losing tons of marketing opportunity if you haven't – according to Abrar Mohi Shafee, owner of Blogging Spell. Quoting Abrar's words –

Influencer marketing is the next big move in digital marketing. The value of it is getting higher day by day since marketers are looking for more smart approaches to get visible.

And that, is where Triberr, a dedicated social networks for bloggers, comes into the picture.

Based on the motto “you share mine and I will share yours”, bloggers on Triberr build “Tribe” and share their “Reach” with tribe members by promoting each other posts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. With 20 out of 50 Forbes' Top Influencers are now onboard, Triberr is a new social media force that bloggers can no longer ignore.

Triberr Marketing Tips from 25 top influencers

If you are just starting out at Triberr – today is your lucky day.

Abrar has interviewed 25 top influencers on Triberr (each with hundreds of millions of reach!) for their Triberr marketing tips. You can check out the full post here or pick up the key points real quick from the infographic below.

Moreover, I did a short, exclusive interview with Abrar to gather more information and inside tips. Check it out!

Exclusive Interview with Abrar Mohi Shafee (the originator of the infographic)

Hey Abrar, thank you for sharing your article and the infographic with us. The article is a great piece and extremely valuable for bloggers who wish to expand their reach. Tell us what brought you to the idea of doing a crowd posting on Triberr at the first place?

It was most probably January this year when I joined Triberr and started digging into their features. I was impressed with their “Reach” system. It is unlike other platforms where you have “x” number of followers and your updates have the potential to reach maximum this number.

In Triberr, it increases as you step into new Tribes (niche group of bloggers) as a member. And their system will automatically pull contents from your blog and distribute in front of the total audiences. So it was the first thing that ticked my mind.

After signing up for Triberr, I noticed when I make a new post on my blog, Triberr drives significant traffic and social shares (especially tweets) up to next 4-5 days, even though having a low number of connections. That was advantageous and made me realize it can be turned into a very effective content curation tool utilizing our practices.

So that is what inspired me to do a crowdsourced post for Triberr and hand in some tips from Triberr influencers to ensure the maximum benefits from this platform.

Like I said – the post is extremely valuable. But in the same time I believe it's extremely hard to produce (~5,000 words, 25 bloggers!). How long did you spend on this post? Please tell us more about the preparation of this post.

To be honest, it took me a whole month to get all things together. I know that was a lot of time but I wanted to make sure everyone one is getting sufficient time to response. As I already made up my mind to collect tips, I didn’t need to think what to ask about.

To put it into a line, I first made a list of 35 Triberr top users along with their emails though I only needed 25 (I knew not all of them were going to make it due to time constraints), made a personalized email outreach template, sent them emails steadily, changed email texts every after 3-4 emails to avoid getting into spam, gave them more than enough time to response (15 days) declaring the deadline and that’s it.

That’s how I outreached them and prepared my roundup post. Though, I have a plan to write a detailed post later on how I conducted this roundup (as I already saved the data) and got results.

This is great stuff, I truly admire and appreciate your hard work in this. Before we end this – If you could only give us three key takeaways from this post, what would that be?

That three would be:

  1. Join more tribes in your niche and create some of your own to invite others.
  2. Make your post title irresistible and so do your content to convince extra shares.
  3. Share others contents and you have the chances to get shared by them for Triberr’s Affinity Algorithm.

[Infographic] How to be successful on Triberr

triberr expert roundup infographic

Note from Jerry Low: You can signup and start your Triberr tribe here

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