Track Your Twitter Influence: 6 Must Know Twitter Analytic Tools

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  • Updated: Mar 03, 2017

When using Twitter for business, the second most important tasks, next to actually being active, is measuring how you are doing. If you have spent any time researching Twitter analytics resources you are well aware there is quite a plethora to choose from.

Let’s break a few down so you can make an educated choice about what tool (or combination of tools) will work best for you.


Klout screenshot

Gaining a lot of publicity, and rightfully so, Klout works great to measure your social media influence (your ability to drive action). It isn’t limited to just Twitter but rather takes all of your social media accounts into consideration. Scoring you on a scale of 1 to 100, Klout specifically measures:

  • Your reach: How many people you influence
  • Your amplification: How much you influence them
  • Your network impact: The influence of your network

They provide really easy to read graphs that track your score. My favorite feature of Klout is the “Klout Style”. They have developed several different social media styles and, based on how you rank within their algorithm, they place you into a 4×4 matrix. This gives you a visual idea of where you are at and how to get where you want to be.

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Peer Index

Peer Index screenshot

Peer Index is very similar to Klout, but not quite as visually appealing (in my opinion at least :)). Peer Index ranks your social presence (again, not just Twitter) using a different algorithm, so it can serve as a great complement to Klout to give you more of a complete picture of how influential you actually are.

I have two favorite features of Peer Index: 1) It shows your fingerprint of influence is a variety of benchmarks (8 to be exact) and 2) you can compare yourself to others giving you an idea of where you stack up to others in the industry.

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Twitalyzer screenshot

Twitalyzer offers a lot of great information (impact, engagement, generosity, followers, reach, and several more), but all of the information can be a little overwhelming. If you are a friend of statistics this may be the tool for you, but if you just want someone else to do the calculating of where you stand in the Twitter world, one of the other tools will probably be best for you.

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Tweet Grader

Tweet Grader screenshot

Unlike the previous tools, you don’t need to sign into Tweet Grader to retrieve their report on your twitter influence. However, this means it doesn’t track your history either. If you are looking for a quick report on where you stand, this is a great option. If you want something that tracks how your rankings change over time this isn’t the best option for you. The site ranks how well you are doing on an algorithm that takes followers, influence of followers, updates, engagement, and a few other elements into consideration.

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Tweet Reach

Tweet Reach screenshot

Like Tweet Grader, there is no need to sign up for an account with Tweet Reach. It’s a very straightforward tool – type in your Twitter handle and they will populate the reach of your Tweets. The coolest part of this tool is that you are able to download a report of the results so you can track your progress.

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Tweet Stats

Tweetstats screenshot

Tweet Stats has a lot of room for design improvement, but that’s not the main reason we are using it, right? Once you enter your Twitter handle it populates several graphs visually depicting your Twitter usage. This information could serve as a great compliment to another tool but doesn’t provide a lot valuable information for a standalone tool.

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So, how do you track your Twitter influence? Make sure to leave your handle, I’d love to follow you.

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