Ten Easy Ways to Amass Wealth and Friends on Facebook

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  • Updated: Jun 29, 2013

Facebook (URL: http://www.facebook.com/) is one of the most popular social networking sites in the online world and honestly, 9.5 out of 10 of my friends have a Facebook (FB) account these days.  Even me, checking my FB became a part of my daily routine – From the moment I greet the online world ‘good morning’ to the time I say ‘goodnight world’ – I know, it’s a sin for wasting this much of time.

I enjoy a good number of Facebook friends.  With Facebook, I can gain new friends or enhance existing relationships and you can, too. Take, for example, an acquaintance you met during an event or during a party of a common friend, Facebook can link you to your new acquaintance and enhance your relationship with him or her.  More so, you can even use Facebook to increase your sphere of influence and gain business success, but only if you know the right ways to do so.

How To Get Popular (And Rich Too) On FaceBook

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So here you go, following up on my previous How To Convert FaceBook Into Your Most Powerful Advertising Tool, I present you 10 easy ways to amass wealth and friends on Facebook

Create a Compelling Public Profile. If you are aiming to increase your sphere of influence that could positively affect your business, then ease a bit on the security setting and create a compelling public profile.  This way, you can let strangers stay informed and updated of your activities since in the long run, your public profile will be your stepping stone in creating and nurturing a relationship with people outside your social network. 

Use Tags Sparingly and Only When Your Friends are in Their Best Behavior and Look.Tagging your friends in photos is one way to connect and reconnect with them. Yet posting unattractive photos of your friends may not get the positive result that you will want.  Rather than thanking you, the tagged photos may become an annoyance. 

Make Your Facebook Page Popular and Interesting for the Advertisers.  Having a good number of friends and establishing an influence over them is one way to help you make money.  Whether you are selling your own products online, you can always earn money by attracting advertisers. 

Spare Enough Space for Advertisers.  Knowing the different applications in your Facebook will help you customize and make your page attractive for your social network and possible advertisers.  Also, spare enough space where your possible advertisers can advertise. 

Explore the Marketplace in Facebook. You can participate in Facebook’s online business activities.  You can sell or buy different products or items.  Great thing is, items on sale are with corresponding photos, brief descriptions and other pertinent information that the buyer may want to know.  So, whether you are buying or selling, you can take advantage the Marketplace.

Group Your Friends’ List. You can tweak your privacy settings depending on the set or segment of your friends.  Managing your privacy will help you filter the contents that your particular set of friends can and may view.  This will also help you set the levels of priority and help you wisely spend your interaction time.

Maintain a Regular Facebook Visibility.  It is not enough that you successfully created a Facebook account and gain some friends.  Rather, maintaining a regular Facebook visibility added with interesting posts or updates will help you increase your social influence.

Post Interesting Stories and Updates; Don’t Brag in Your Posts, Too.Updating your status is not simply posting what you are doing, plan of doing or thinking like “Will go to the market,” or “Planning to read a book.”  Don’t you think seeing and reading status like that is boring?  It is.  So, post witty status updates and interesting stories rather than becoming a boring annoyance. Post more thought-provoking status like “Paolo Coelho’s novel, Veronika Decides to Die, will truly make you appreciate life and living more, right?” Furthermore, ask questions in your FB status because this will surely get feedback or comments. Also, don’t brag in your posts. The more you brag, the more annoying you become.  So, instead of giving personal validation on how good you are, let other people say so. 

Leave Interesting Comments on Your Friend’s Stories and Updates.  Leaving comments in your friends’ status or stories will make them feel that you are interested and attentive on what’s going on with them.  It is also a way to let them know that you enjoy what they share. Your simple, short and polite comments will help you establish a relationship and reconnect with even a long lost friend.  Your comments also reflect how sensible you can be; yet be wary of going overboard since commenting too much might spell that you ‘stalking’ someone. 

Post Public Compliments and Greetings on Special Days or Birthdays. Complimenting your friend privately is heartwarming, but posting your compliments in public holds greater value.  Public compliments are like your testimonials; however regularly complimenting your friends will somehow lessen the value of your compliments. It is also equally important to greet your friends or those in your social network during their birthdays or other special days.  But if time allows, spend effort calling or even perhaps visiting your friend.

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