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  • Apr 30, 2015

SEO chartToday’s first and foremost information source is the Internet. Owning a website and optimizing it will make your business bloom and be noticed among the abundance of information present today. In such circumstances, you would want to make your customers notice your website and start trusting your judgment and techniques. That is why it’s always good to have someone by your side who knows his way around SEO and Social Media.

The success of your website depend on both on-page and off-page factors (including Social Media). We will try to help you gain a better understanding of these factors and assist you and your team.

How to Improve Different On-Page SEO factors

On-page factors are perhaps being less talked about nowadays, but they still remain a crucial factor when it comes to SEO. The most important on-page factors that you should work on are:

The quality of the material

Revise all the content you have on your website. Who wrote it? How much did that person know about you business? How proficient in copywriting was that person? If you own a blog, also ask yourself whether all the articles were properly structured and written to be helpful.

Content is one of the most important on-page SEO factors. Your content needs to be written by someone who is familiar with copywriting techniques and who knows a lot about your company and your field of business. Also, it needs to be well structured into smaller paragraphs with titles, subtitles, and bulleted lists, and it needs make use of bold letters where appropriate. And finally, if you do not see it usefulness, no one will.

The frequency of posting

If you own a blog and you want to earn real money, you cannot simply post whenever it pleases you. If you must hire more writers, but make sure you stick to a schedule your audience can follow.

The amount and optimization of visual material

Customers should trust your knowledge about business, so websites are the best place for you to show what you can do and what is their benefit for trusting and allowing you to run your business with them. Use your website to showcase everything you have. Images, video, animations, it all comes in handy.

What you need to do is pay attention to whether your images are optimized with an alt tag, and make sure you are not using flash excessively. Both of these help search engines find their way round your website and pick up all the signals it is sending, which makes search engines happy and ready to improve your rankings.

The structure of the URLs and website structure

What is of paramount importance here is that you have a clear website structure and that all of your URLs are static, taking the form or

As for the website structure, you need to have a clear way of connecting different part of the website into a whole. For example, if you own a blog, the best way to organize it would be into different thematically based categories, which would be interrelated every time you link an old related post to a new one across categories.

What to Do With Off-Page Factors and Social Media?

The two most important off-page factors are link building and social media. The lines separating social media marketing from SEO are blurred due to social signals being a ranking factor, so I’m prone to regarding both as parts of SEO techniques, so here they will be dealt with at the same time.

What is the Importance of Off-Page Factors and Social Media and How Can a Website Owner Make Use of it?

Making your brand and company name known all over Internet

Making your brand noticeable on the net is very important when it comes to marketing and that is when SEO and social media techniques for creating different types of links come. Through guest blogging and social media marketing all that is possible.

What you need to do to harvest this potential is to create a concise strategy that will employ writers, link builders and social media marketers. Writers create useful content which is then distributed to different websites which accept guest posts and then shared and re-shared through the usage of social networks.

Your blog and website content also need to be distributed via social media.

This way, people will hear, read and talk about your brand and your company name will become more noticeable both for people (social media) and for search engines (quality links and social media signals).

Bigger is better – Internet traffic and ROI increase

Internet traffic in not as important as are the conversions it brings. SEO makes sure that internet traffic is big enough to reach the targeted number of people, through the usage of their knowledge about this topic.

Now, all SEO efforts are aimed at increasing traffic and ROI. Once the previously mentioned brand visibility is achieved, it should bring about an increase in traffic. What you need to do now is measure.

You need to set up Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools as two basic tools. These two tools will help you parse your traffic to know exactly which SEO activities bring most of it. Then you should work on increasing the numbers by improving the use of those techniques that bring most traffic.

Problems and Difficulties that Can Occur

I will now try to explain what types of problems can occur when it comes to using the experience and knowledge of an SEO team. These are not difficult to resolve problems and there shouldn’t be too much worry about them, because they can be easily overcome with just a little effort. Also, be aware that these problems may arise even if you are doing SEO on your own.

Your goals must be reasonable

SEO is knowledge that can give your business power and ROI, but nothing happens overnight.  No one should expect that and any SEO team that gives you any kind of promises about making you the greatest in one week or less, is lying.

You must remember that, because this is a long-term process and the sooner you begin accepting this, the better will it be for you and your SEO team. They know what they are doing and if you just let them do their job, I’m sure the results will be noticeable.

Don’t be so cheap, it’s still your business

With SEO comes great knowledge, but that knowledge is not cheap. If you plan to invest in your business, this is great way and at the end you will see it too through ROI.

All this CANNOT be done in a split second

SEO is delicate work and it requires time. Also it needs to be done properly and constant work is needed. Before you can earn money from SEO you must take some time and try to be patient.

The competition is fierce

Big websites often have their own SEO teams that have been around to help them. So, it is only logical that, if you want to have a great website, start searching for your own team. If successful people say that it is so, why not trust them?

So, to conclude, when you have a well-formed and well-established SEO team, or you know well what you are doing, it is only a matter of time before you start seeing concrete results. Just be patient, and all will be well.

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