How to Improve Your Facebook News Feed Performance

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  • Jul 12, 2017

Getting into a News Feed on Facebook means that your page is visible to someone directly. When they log onto their Facebook page, your post sitting there on their screen is what every social media marketer is after in the long run. Facebook’s updates with the News Feed makes it easier to be seen, but there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done.

If you’re a social media marketer looking for ways to improve the overall performance of your campaign, here are some tips to help you boost the number of News Feeds you land in with your content.

Vital Tips for Improving Facebook’s News Feed

1: Target Online Fans

The best way to be seen by someone in their News Feed is to be seen quickly. In other words, your best bet is to send out a piece of content when the highest number of your fans are online. The first step here is to figure out when the biggest bulk of your fans are online. It won’t all be in the same minute, or perhaps even in the same hour, but what you want here is a time frame to release content.

Figure out when your fans are logging on and then submit your content. This step alone doesn’t help improve the number of News Feeds you will be visible in, but it does ensure that more of your fans will see your content.

2: Post Regularly

One of the best ways to improve the performance of your campaign is to release content regularly. Using the above tip as a guide on what time of day to post, you should try to release something every day.

You have to prepare for the fact that even some fans who see your content won’t actually engage with it. However, regular postings give you the best chance at earning higher engagement numbers.

3: Increase Your Viral Reach

Increasing your viral reach is a great way to show up in more News Feeds and to attract many more fans. One way you can do this is to actually allow your fans to post updates on your page. It’s a win-win advertising situation for both parties. For you specifically, a lot more Facebook users become familiar with your page.

Don’t worry about people spamming you here. Facebook allows you to configure your page so that certain keywords and profanity are blocked. Besides, you wouldn’t offer this feature to anyone; you would make sure there’s some level of trust there.

4: Hold a Comment Contest

The more comments you’re able to get on any post, the better it is for your overall News Feed performance. More engagement means your page is more heavily weighted. Not only will you appear in more News Feeds, but your messages will stay in a little longer.

You can get a lot of comments on a post by holding a simple contest and offering a simple prize. For instance, you can give out a free product to the person who comes up with the best caption for a photo. This could lead to a flood of comments, which in turn does your campaign a lot of good.

5: Tag People

Another great way to boost your performance is to tag people inside of a comment. As a workaround to Facebook’s rules about pages not being able to tag, you just have to wait until a user leaves a comment on an update. If you move in and comment on that same update, viola, you can tag that person.

When the tagged party revisits the material, it becomes public on their profile page, which should allow your page to pick up some viral steam by association. It’s not a tip that’s going to instantly bring you a ton of traffic, but it is a very easy way to increase performance.

6: Reply to People

With this tip, you’re looking to capitalize on the goodwill of other brands on Facebook. For instance, if you see a brand you like or a campaign you admire, Like it, comment on it, and send some type of positive shout-out. There’s an unwritten rule on the Internet (that most people follow, at least), and it’s quite simple: If someone sings your praises, return the song.

Replying to people in this fashion should prompt them to return the favor, and every little bit of positive engagement you receive is going to help your campaign in the long haul.

7: Pay for Advertising

The trouble with all the many organic tips above isn’t that they don’t work; they certainly do. What seems to be the issue here is that there’s only so far you can go organically. Eventually you’re going to have to spend on Facebook if you want to make a bigger splash. And one of the best ways to spend is on a format like a Promoted Post.

Using a great third-party ad management app, you can promote a post that was already popular, breathing new life into it and ensuring that it reaches even more News Feeds. The end results should be a big boost in your fans, your traffic, and in your News Feed performance.

8: Advertise Outside of Facebook

Another solid way to up your Facebook performance actually takes place offsite. With this tip, you want to link your latest post on another popular forum. For instance, you can link it on Pinterest, Instagram or send it in a tweet.

Increased traffic signals to Facebook that your material is worth keeping around, and when used in conjunction with some of the other tips listed here, your post is going to linger around News Feeds for longer, eventually bringing more people to engage with your page.

Building up your News Feed performance is a process. It’s also very cyclical in a sense.

Basically, you’re attempting to work on your overall engagement, which brings in more fans, allows you to touch more News Feeds, and allows your material to stay in News Feeds for longer.

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