How can web hosting help in your social media marketing plans?

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  • Dec 03, 2013

Don’t be surprise with the article title.

Yes, at first look social media marketing seems totally unrelated with web hosting. But think deeper, having a good web hosting is, in fact, crucial in your social media marketing planning.

For example: Blogging

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Well, we all knew blog is pretty handy when it comes to readership building (which then lead to social media marketing).

But installing a blog manually, for example a Word Press blog, is not that easy for a non technical person who wish to write about his expertise in gardening. Imagine if the person need to create the database and the users in MySQL, download unzip and upload Word Press installation package, rename PHP configuration files, edit PHP configuration codes… that would be pretty tedious for a person who’s passionate in gardening don’t you think?

Now that’s where a good web hosting service comes handy. With the fantastico features instealled in the web hosting control panel (cPanel), the blog installation can be done in just two clicks away and you can start writing your articles! Doesn’t that sounds much better (and reasonable)?

How should a good web hosting helps in your social media marketing plan?

The least a good web hosting can do is to have a easy installation features ready in their control panel. Features like Simple Scripts or Fantastico are the must-have basics in the hosting plans. Installation of social media marketing features such as forums, blogs, guestbooks, wikis, live chat, and customer interaction center (Help Center) should be done with just a few clicks away.

Also, a good web hosting should provide 24/7 live help on these features installation and maintenance. This will help you to focus in promoting your website via social media marketing, but not worry about the backend technical issues.

Who are offering such features?

Most of the web hosting companies in the market offer Fantastico or Simple Scripts features. However to be specified, I would recommend Hostgator for your web hosting. At the time of writing, they have more than 35 ready-to-installed social media features to be installed! PHPBB, WordPress, Joomla, Zen Cart, TikiWiki, FAQ, Image Galleries, PHPWiki, LimeSurvey – you name it, they have it!

And of course, their quality customer/technical support is as well the reason I pick the Gator as my recommendation. You do now want to be alone when the installation of your social media features screwed up, right?

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