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  • Updated: Dec 16, 2013
Social Media Marketing

I can’t get enough of what the worldwide web can offer. From my academic researches to simple entertainment, it’s all in the web. But another fun and great thing about it is the creation of social media. It paved the way to faster online social communication and sharing of information with people in the online world. However, social media is not used simply for social messages alone. I can utilize social media to market and promote my products and so you can too. With social media marketing, you can generate leads and sales thereby increasing your profits.

Although social media marketing may seem simple, it is not.

Don’t be like those other social media marketers who failed simply because they lack the understanding on what social media marketing is all about. Thus for beginners, you need to have the right understanding on the different aspects like what social media site to register, what group to join, what and how to post messages and advertisements and many more.

So, to give you a right start on social media marketing, consider the following points.

Determine the benefits or advantages you will get out of social media

If your goal is to publicize your new online company that promotes environment-friendly products, then think about the possible social activities that you will regularly perform and determine the possible benefits or advantages you will get from each activities like when you:

1. Create a blog

If you are fond of writing and sharing your experiences about helping the environment and using ‘green’ products, then you may consider creating a blog. It will allow you to reach out and communicate. You may become a marketing affiliate for another company that complements your business or you may place products ads to other complementary companies. It will increase the traffic in your blog site that could eventually result to increase in sales, yet you should also be an expert in your field.

2. Create a micro-blog

Micro-blogging could be your venue to create noise or drum roll about a certain product, company or idea. You can post links to your micro-blogging and this will direct your prospective clienteles to your product Web site.

3. Join forums

One way to establish yourself as an expert in your field is by creating a venue for forums that could show your expertise in a particular brand, company or topic.

4. Photo sharing of your products

Post online images or photos of your services or products. Doing this will help your company come up in the ‘universal search’ using any search engine, thus making it easy for customers to locate your Web site.

5. Create a video sharing

Showing a video excerpt on what you can offer or what your product can do is a good way to make your message cut across your targeted market. Remember that video presentation is an effective medium even before it was confined in the boobtube.

6. Create a compelling profile about you and your business

Registering for a social network account that could serve your purpose is easy. But you also need to take time in creating and completing a compelling profile. This is simply for the basic and obvious reason that your profile is what your readers or your prospective networks will first see and read. So, it is better to create a credible profile since ‘first impression lasts’ and this often holds true.

Understand your social network community

It is not enough that you joined a group, but your regular visibility and active participation in the group will help you create a name within your community. This will help you make known your expertise about a particular field or product and in turn, you can use this to your advantage by directing the other members of the social site to your product Web site.

But aside from this, knowing and understanding the Terms of Service will save you the inconvenience of getting booted out of the social network site.

Enjoy your social network community

Joining a social media network is a great fun. You can connect with your social network fast and with ease. You can receive immediate feedback too, lest to say that it is somehow addicting. But business-wise, it can be your most powerful tool in publicizing your product or company.

So, explore different social media sites that can cater to your needs and wants.Most sites even incorporate three or more features like you can post blogs or you can do micro-blogging. You can also post photos, videos or it can also be a venue for forums. More so, social networking sites are not only venues wherein you can connect with friends and family. Social media marketing can help you generate traffic that could covert to sales and better income.

Conclusions and More Readings On Social Media Marketing Strategy

I hope this post drew your attention on the latest web marketing trend – the social media. And, if you still think social media sites are only for kids with too much time to spend, think again! Social media is bigger than porn already.

Social Media vs Porn

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