10 Surefire Ways to Market Your Products on Twitter

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  • Updated: Jan 05, 2014

Twitter Marketing

The internet paved way to another opportunity for marketers or sellers. Through the internet, I’ve seen that any marketer could make his product known and visible without spending a fortune or without breaking the bank. Some cost-effective online approaches I’ve known and tested are online advertisements, email marketing, article directories, and search engine optimization. But apart from the usual online marketing strategies, I saw that you can promote your products in a social networking site like Twitter.

Tweeting is fun and somehow addicting. Anyone could access Twitter since it is a free social site and registering for an account is easy. Once registered, you can search for friends, acquaintances or even those people who share the same interest like yours. They can become your followers and it means that it will be possible for them to receive updates or Tweets from you regularly, while you also can receive Tweets from your Twitter friends.

But since Twitter is foremost a social networking site, your followers then would expect you to post social messages rather than product advertisements. Otherwise, you will be losing followers than gaining more. So, advertising or making your product known and visible in Twitter should be approached properly and cleverly.

To do this, follow the 10 Surefire Ways to Market Your Products on Twitter.

1. Make use of Search.Twitter.com to build contacts that could be your prospective clients.

Twitter Marketing

For example, you are selling environment-friendly products, then look for an environment conscious group or search for forums or Tweets that mentions anything to do with environment, green earth, etc. You can search for Twitter friends using their names, and email addresses.

2. Disguise your advertisement through Tweets.

Twitter only allows you to post 140 words at a time, then make use of it to mask or disguise your advertisement by asking questions about a particular product or sharing your experience with it. Rather than Tweeting a direct advertisement like “Buy Green Bags and help save the environment,” rephrase it in a question format that could entice participation from your followers. You can also add a link that can direct your followers to your product Web site – after all, tweets with links are more likely to get more retweets.

3. Tweets for Feedback.

If you feel strongly about saving the environment, then ask for feedback on how Green Bags can help your cause. This way, you are enticing your Twitter friends to leave comments and eventually visit your product Web site.

4. Use your Tweets to create awareness about your product.

This is what many web hosting companies are doing nowadays. Posting updates about your company, sales statistics, promos, interesting stories like client testimonials or even funny stories could attract more followers. The interesting short anecdotes you Tweet will help get recognized by other Twitter users thus expanding your network of potential clients.

5. Offer incentives for those who belong to your network.

If you are selling, then offer incentives to your Twitter network of friends when they buy your products. It creates a sense of exclusiveness and that you regard them specially.

6. Personalize your online offer.

Adding a personal touch to your product offer will create an ambience or feeling that you do not only want to sell them your product but you also want to help them save money. You may experiment on Tweets like “Only for my friends in Twitter: Enjoy 25% Discounts at Green Bag by attaching the promo codes I provided.”

7. Run an online contest and Tweet it.

Any Twitter follower or any person for that matter will want to have something free or will want to win something. So, if you’ll run an online contest with freebies for the lucky few, it will not fail to generate Web site traffic and it could eventually generate sales.

8. Do not spam your Tweets (advertisements).

It is given that you can mention your products or services in your Tweets but mentioning it more than five or seven times a day will look spamming. So, place yourself in the shoes of your followers. Wouldn’t you be irritated if you are receiving 5 or more messages about the same product or service in day? So, be subtle, discreet and keep in mind that it is a social networking site.

9. Cleverly use the @replies.

Avoid posting 10 or more Tweets about your product even though it only answers inquiries of 5 people. Rather, use the @replies to avoid seemingly spamming Tweets that could possibly irritate your other followers. Thus, it is important to know the right timing when to post your product advertisement.

10. Use Twitter to build your contacts with complementary businesses.

Your social networking site is not only for building a list of possible clients but it can also be your venue to build a network of other businesses that complements what you sell. Thus, you may have some Twitter friends who can be your suppliers, while some can be product researchers that could help you further develop and improve your products.

Bottom line: You can’t go wrong with 190 million users

So, with more than 100 million Twitter users in the U.S. alone (190 millions in the world), Twitter holds opportunities for you to make your product known, increase your sales and income. Just properly position yourself within your targeted group and keep in mind the 10 surefire ways. Lastly, understand Twitter’s Terms of Service (TOS) to avoid possible inconveniences.

Article by Jerry Low

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